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Danny Bonaduce:

Trick or Treat?

10/30/2006 4:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

danny_bonaduce_wi_240-1We're not sure what he was supposed to be, but a shirtless Danny Bonaduce channeled his inner cheeseball at Dave Navarro's Halloween party on Saturday.

Perhaps not wanting to let his long hours at the gym go unnoticed, Bonaduce ripped his t-shirt off, which nearly revealed his 'red carpet,' upon arriving to the costume ball.

No matter how ripped your body may be, that's still no excuse for coming up with such a lame non-outfit. Boo!


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he's an insecure child - trying to act like a man - but so so far from it - it's really very sad- someone should help him

2863 days ago


Danny, ill beat your ass lilke the red headed step child you are, then ill show your wife what a real man feels like ! HOMO

2843 days ago


35. I know Danny is totally a wacko..due to his bi-polar condition, aggrevated by steriods..(no way a fat, endomorphic little kid could grow up & be that ripped without steroids),.........

This man needs of these days he's going to piss off the wrong person or harm himself...either way he's a total train wreck... maybe I'm foolish, but, I pity him.......... randi (girl) , miami

Posted at 7:19PM on Oct 30th 2006 by randiwynn

Randi, my exbf was a bodybuilder, won 4th in the National Heavyweights, and yes, you can look like that without steroids. Last season it was clear Danny was using steroids because they showed him injecting himself. But I know he isn't doing them right now. And I know Gretchen is glad that weights and martial arts are his addiction now. I wouldn't care if he went to the gym 3 times a day, as long as he kept up with staying clean, sober, and dedicated to his family.


59. #58 -- DeeDee -- Yes, Gretchen DOES have some serious psychological issues. I do not say that cavalierly or to be catty. She DOES have some serious problems. What kind of normal person marries the way she married him to begin with? Someone else wrote earlier about a co-dependent relationship and that's what it is.

Posted at 12:58AM on Oct 31st 2006 by Eddie's Girl

Gretchen is a devoted Christian, and she's devoted to making her family and marriage work. She is a very good soul, and she was ready to leave Danny and she didn't, she took her vows seriously. Yeah they married after 7 hours and all that, but that long ago, I was making some pretty f'd up decisions as well. Grow and learn. Danny clearly does love Gretchen, Isabella, and Dante, but he was VERY emotionally abused as a child, and became an addict at a very early age to "escape". Your emotional growth usually stops when you start becoming an addict, and that's definitely true with Danny. But he and Gretchen are trying very hard to make it work. All marriages are work, with their own skeletons and ups and downs.


66. I only watched one episode of his VH1 show and was sickened. Gretchen has become a professional victim. She should have left him long ago. She is not thinking of the best interest of her children. I worry that their daughter will end up in a relationship that mirrors her parents. Then Gretchen will sit and wonder "Why is my daughter subjecting herself to this"

The fact that this so called "therapist" that they have on the show didn't see them at all during the "off-season" of the show just goes to show that they aren't serious about getting help or making it better. If they were they would have continued therapy off air.

Posted at 3:00PM on Oct 31st 2006 by Terry

Gretchen has more inner strength and faith than most anyone. She truly wants their marriage to work, as does Danny. They talk to Isabella and Dante and are very open with them about their problems and how they are approaching them. If anything, their kids will know that marriage is work and be very choosy finding a spouse. And Isabella knew of her mom's struggle with the whole staying/leaving thing, she knows her mother was staying because Gretchen had faith in Danny.

And you are wrong, they continue therapy, and still speak to a minister.

No one knows what REALLY goes on behind a couple's closed doors, and although they had their show - the cameras weren't running 24/7. I admit that I, myself, would have left, but Gretchen has a very deep faith she relies on. I give her credit for that. Considering divorces are SO quick and easy in Hollywood, the fact that these two are going thru such hurdles and haven't filed for divorce is a miracle. I'm always impressed with strong people, and Gretchen is one of the strongest you'll ever meet. Danny does have a bizarre personality, and he's definitely someone who needs a therapist for the rest of his life, but as a family, they are working with what they have.

FYI, I'm not a Partridge Family fanatic, but I do happen to know some things about Gretchen and Danny. I feel bad they put their problems out for all to see, but I know finances were part of that decision. Danny wants a "normal" family so bad, but unfortunately, with his inner demons, he will always have something to fight for to get that.

2843 days ago


I was never really a fan of Danny Partridge. He was too much of a wiseacre for me.

2892 days ago


I am sorry Danny but you are the biggest psycho path I have ever, I mean ever seen in my life.
I think your wife should take your poor babies and RUN RUN RUN!

2892 days ago


he's still a freak

2892 days ago


Oh my goodness, I can feel chunks of my lunch rising in my throat after seeing that picture. Gross.

2892 days ago


Yeah the body looks okay fro some old ass has been, but the face is what looks years older than the body...are we sure this is not another put his head on someones body. This dude is too creepy for me, hes a walking time bomb waiting to go off.......ANOTHER PYSCO

2892 days ago


this guys needs to up his meds something serious

2892 days ago


Danny, you are one of the slimiest PIGS to ever walk the earth. U are so freakin' FULL of yourself -- except you don't know that you're completely full of shit. U R a complete narcissistic sleaze. You don't respect women AT ALL. I SO would LOVE to post what I know about U here but out of respect for your family, (Mom B, Aunt J, Sis C, Bro J & A), I'll keep it to myself.)

Just wanted to tell everyone: if you think this guy is arrogant POND SCUM -- U don't know a fraction of it. One of the most detestable human beings i've ever had the displeasure to meet (and it was NOT by my choice!)

GAG ME!! U suck, Bonaduce!!!

2892 days ago

Easily Bored    

Can you say homer-sexual? That's what the gay guys wear on Bourbon St. Turn him around and I bet he has a bandanna in his back pocket. (No offense gay guys. Y'all are cool shirtless.)

The guy has major issues with wanting people to see how ripped he is. I, for one, am totally grossed out. Who wants to see that? Somebody get him a belt, stat.

2892 days ago


My appetite is gone for a week.

You could put THE ROCK'S body on this guy and that face (they don't MAKE Halloween masks THIS UGLY)! Hey redheaded wrinkle-faced conceited useless POS -- you could live in the gym and nothing would make you attractive. You are such an ugly piece of scum on the inside and it shows on your face. One thing you got right though -- you did find the ugliest thing possible to wear to a Halloween party.

GET OVER YOURSELF you piece of crap!

2892 days ago


#5 Joey M...come on pretty please spill the beans on this pond scum sewer scavenger...we won't tell the family...puhleeeze.

2892 days ago

Mike C.    

I'm convinced it's not an act and that he's crazy.

2892 days ago


Hey Nellie, believe me, I would SO love to do it. Every fiber of my being wants to do it, but I DO like his family and betraying their trust would make me the scum he is. I just can't do it on a public board but would love to. He's just worse in a thousand ways than has ever been reported. Just trust me on that. All I can do on a public board is spew my disgust for this horrid piece of slime. and I can say that he cheats on wifey b/c i heard that from sources outside of the family.

2892 days ago
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