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Danny Bonaduce:

Trick or Treat?

10/30/2006 4:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

danny_bonaduce_wi_240-1We're not sure what he was supposed to be, but a shirtless Danny Bonaduce channeled his inner cheeseball at Dave Navarro's Halloween party on Saturday.

Perhaps not wanting to let his long hours at the gym go unnoticed, Bonaduce ripped his t-shirt off, which nearly revealed his 'red carpet,' upon arriving to the costume ball.

No matter how ripped your body may be, that's still no excuse for coming up with such a lame non-outfit. Boo!


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Gee, you've got to be pretty pathetic if you think you have to go shirtless to be noticed. But then again, this guy has never cared what kind of attention he gets; just as long as he gets it. Getting caught with a transsexual, being a drug addict, whatever; he loves talking about his favorite subject -- himself. This photo is just sooooooooo gross! I mean, it just shows what a loser he is. A truly HOT guy would so not have to do this! YUCK!

2885 days ago


I am sorry that his wife did not bail out on Danny Bonaduce sooner. I mean, for awhile, he was working on an LA morning radio show. I guess he just had to crash and burn. I hope that he comes to his senses BEFORE he dies.

2885 days ago


Is he starring in that new movie "Flushed Away?" AvaJanelle's (#40) post got me to thinking that this kind of sludge is exactly what thrives in the sewers.

2885 days ago

the wise old owl    

I saw this guy walking down Hollywood Blvd. about a year ago. He was instantly recognizable from BEHIND . I mean how many people do you recognize from " Behind " No one I can think of. HIs neck was so thick and his sholders were so large he looked Mal- porportioned.

He is such an addict that he just moves from one addiction to the other. 1st it was alcohol....then it was it's weight lifting. My goodness...can this guy do anything in MODERATION ?????

I don't know what in the hell he is trying to prove. He must have a compulsive disorder. Working at that 6 pack night and day. Maybe he should work at taking bettter care of this kids and FOCUSING on his CHARACTER. These other bloggers are 100 % correct. Who wants to see him..............YUCK !!!

2885 days ago


hey wise old owl: did you say "Danny Bonaduce" & "character" in the same paragraph? That's a total oxymoron. If he cant show it off; he doesn't do it. Period.

2885 days ago


Okay....he's gross to look at, but for some sick reason..I can't stop watching the show!!! Gretchen!!!! You really need to let him go ruin his life without bringing you down with can't fix him. He's CRAZY!!!! And, he does kinda resemble a bobblehead :)

2885 days ago


What a disgusting, nasty, pitiful, horrible, ugly piece of human trash. I am appalled he breathes the same air as us. He is nothing but a disgrace to the human race. Yuck!!

2885 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post #46 Andy Karter : Excuse me !! You are right. How could I possibly use the word " character " in the same sentance with Danny. Thanks for calling me on that one. VERY GOOD POINT !! Getchen must be a SAINT. Or else hanging in there for the kids. Can you imagine this guy " On top of you ??? " Can we all say ..........."FANTISIZE " together ??/ LMAO.......xoxox

2885 days ago

Mad Balls    

Boy , are all you wrong , WRong , WRong , WRONG !!! Mr. Bonnie has several costume ideas in mind when he toke this picture ....
1. Redneck on Crack asking a Policeman for directions
2. Poster boy for Nubly private parts WAX AND CLEAN
3. Gay Pride Parade Chairman
4. trying out for that cross scene Madonna does
5. Trying to get K-fed out-of-the-closet
6. Looking for Paris Hilton -- to avenge the Barker pride !!
7. Wondering when the drugs will kick in
8. Clean and Sober ....Boy I miss that raging drunk
9. Page costume for Rep. Foley
10. Brad Pitt after 40 days in the desert

2885 days ago


Oh Danny 'Sweetheart" are you going to deny knowing me baby, remember when we did it back in- your dreams but really you are not a bad guy you know ive always thought so. Hi! --one of your fan's

2885 days ago


Who's the pecker telling Bonaduce to deny knowing of me? You will get your's my friend!

2885 days ago


hey Kevinbgood -- Great list! i put my vote in for #3 "Gay Pride Parade Chairman." He SO looks it. #1 describes him well, too. #11: Hey everyone, remember me? Look at me! Look at me!"

2885 days ago


Danny Bonaduce GROSSES me out!! His show is like a train wreck....and he's exactly like my own ex-husband. If Gretchen has any wits about her...she'll just let him go OR make sure he doesn't come back. He's got some serious psychological issues and frankly could be a danger to more than just himself. Hopefully he'll just self destruct and never get to the point of hurting someone other than himself!

2885 days ago


Hear you saw me when I was in Cali gosh would have loved to see ya wouldnt wanna be ya lol Danny has been very nice to me for years havent met in person but he's a very supportive person don't you all recall that. and he was kind of cute when he was on the Partridge show Bye now

2885 days ago


#51 Lori -- Hey, you nailed it! You gotta have more than a face, and despite the fact that he has been working out, the body still doesn't do a damn thing for me. Twerpy little creep. He is honestly one of the ugliest people I can think of! And ugly inside and out. The way he stands in that photo is like he thinks he's posing for some sculpture -- like the statue of David or something. All I can say is thank God he left his pants on!! Now THAT would be nasty!!!

2885 days ago
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