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Gunshots Fired at "Dukes of Hazzard" Star

11/2/2006 9:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John SchneiderTMZ has learned that '80s TV heartthrob John Schneider, who played Bo Duke in the classic "Dukes of Hazzard" TV series, was shot at (but not hit) on the way to a screening of his new movie in Enterprise, Alabama earlier today.

According to Schneider, who currently co-stars in the TV show "Smallville," he and a stunt coordinator were towing three vehicles used in the his new movie "Collier & Co.," when a deafening blast forced the men to pull over.

The two men were shocked to find that a bullet had ripped through the wing window of a Dodge Charger they were towing, which had been used as a stunt car in the film.

Despite the scare, both men were unharmed and still managed to make it on time to the sold-out premiere.


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mary poppins    

I wonder if someone was deer hunting...

2861 days ago

white lorelei    

He's not on Smallville anymore; he was unceremoniously killed off last season.

Thankfully, life does not imitate art in this case!

2861 days ago


You mean they're STILL pissed off in Alabama because he left "The Dukes of Hazzard"?

2861 days ago


Schneider is a notorious right wing, pro gun kind of guy. I wonder if he'll change his mind now about gun laws and "the right to bear arms."

2860 days ago


IF he was really shot at, he can be sure it was by either a) a right-wing conservative, or b) someone in the military. [That place is near the largest military heliport in the world.]

I find this story hard to believe.

2860 days ago


To #4, I am by no means a pro-gun kind of person but I believe we should be able to bear guns to defend our selves IF and only IF we're willing to deal with the consecuences. For example: being shot at. -Aldana-

2860 days ago


Did you all read # 4's comments. Can you believe the anti-gun libs out there. The only thing Mr. Schneider needed at that moment was a Glock to FIRE BACK! You libs are such panzy losers. Always wanting to destroy our American, God given rights! the constitution. Idiot.

2860 days ago

J Doe    

i had the WORLDS BIGGEST CRUSH on him at 11 yrs old and i stil do at 36.
id of been devestaed if a bullet had pierced him and killed him.

it was so sad when his smallville character died..
but thats what happens to the character joh kent in the series.

2860 days ago

Sammy Davis, Jr.    

I will never own a gun, because I do not need one. If I do not own a gun, no one can ever steal it and use it in a crime. Times change wake up fools.

2860 days ago

Not again !    

Come on people , this story is about him getting shot at , Do you think that the person who was shooting was thinking , hmmmm wonder if he is packing ? No ....
Our country , Our constitution , Our guns...Please leave it alone, I was in the military, I manage my guns in a safe manner , kept in a gun safe, I use them for target practice and also for hunting , What this country needs is not taking guns away , it is a mandatory class on how to properly handle them ...and store them ...Locked up and clip out ..

2860 days ago


Too bad they missed. Hopefully they won't the next time.

2860 days ago


Hey, #7? Our "American, GOD-GIVEN" rights?!? Where the hell does God say "Let there be light and let all those moronic web posters in Alabama have guns". Separation of church and state? Ever heard of it, buttmunch?

2860 days ago


I don't believe he was shot at. Had to be a stry bullet from someone shooting in the woods along the road - it happens. And for you pathetic Libs taking advantage of every opportunity to put down Republicans --- get a life! Stop drinking the Kool Aid - grow a brain - read the papers - educate yourselves - instead of being blindly led by the liberal media and the Libs in government. Boy, they got patsies in you all - all they want is power and you all are playing into their hands.

2860 days ago


I am a pro gun guy but believe in gun safety. The best way to put it is with the saying you have probably all seen at one time or another.

"If we out law guns, only criminals will have them."

2860 days ago


look how the ploy worked. like he was really shot at, ha. how else would john has-been schneider get media attention? genius.

2860 days ago
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