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Martha Bitchslaps Rachael Over Barry

11/2/2006 4:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Martha Stewart threw rival talk-show diva Rachael Ray into her wicker-and-jute ring this morning, and, in her inimitably patrician way, gave her a verbal smackdown for daring to air her show with Barry Manilow at exactly the same time Her Martha-ness did.

At 10 am in New York, both Martha (on NBC) and Rachael's (on ABC) shows featured the ageless crooner Manilow as a musical guest, and Martha was none too pleased. "I've never actually met Rachael Ray," said Martha during her opening monologue, with a rather unmistakable chortle. "I think she's very fun...lively...uh...young woman," continued the domestic queen, racking her brain for adjectival possibilities. "She has Barry on her show today ... Now that's kinda weird."

Martha went on to claim that Rachael had originally scheduled the Manilow show for tomorrow, but for some reason moved up his appearance to today, and then wagged a stern verbal finger in Ray's face, saying, "I don't know ... I think it's not ... great for the artist." Stewart also pointed out that her show was a live broadcast, and show producers flashed the fact that the show was live several times on-air.

A rep for Rachael Ray tells TMZ, "Barry was a fantastic guest, and we wanted to lead our sweeps with the best show we had in the can, and that was Barry Manilow." A call to Martha's rep wasn't immediately returned.


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Brigitte Sands    

Rachel Ray is over exposed,she hasnt been on television long enough to develop a sound fan base,she needs room to grow and placing her in the ring to early will undoubtly bring her to her knees.As for Martha she knows what shes talking about when it comes to show business and hooray for her tapping Ray on her hand for being over zealous over airing her show the same time as Martha...R.R has got Oprah behind her and P.R people pushing to hard...she will never garner a warm family name until she earns it...her first step is to learn how to cook,talk and dress,that I bet Martha Stewert can teach her.....

2853 days ago


Rachael was cute and fun on the Food Network shows, but she's become an immediate victim of her own success. Oprah put a spell on her and now she's just another two bit goon with a TV show and absolutely no skills or credibility as an interview. Martha could (literally!) make mincemeat out of that chubby cheerleader.

2910 days ago


Martha needs to get off the playground with the rest of the kids and act her age. Rachael might have an annoying voice but she is the younger Martha but at least we wont be seeing Rachael in jail or on house arrest anytime soon :).

2910 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

Ooh, ooh
Bra and Panties pillow fight?

2910 days ago


Martha go check yourself into a nursing home you old hag.

2910 days ago

blah blah blah    

get over yourself martha. you don't hold a candle to rachel. your dull boring and self absorbed in yourself. rachel is bubble witty and entertaining. I bet she would never land herself in jail from being a stock thief like you are

2910 days ago


I love Rachael but have to say I'm getting tired of seeing her every where, every place, all the time. She's way over exposed. Absolutely could never stand Martha, have never watched her show or bought one of her endorsed products.

2910 days ago


Martha is so pathetic. People can air their show when ever they want.

2910 days ago



2910 days ago

Allred Tree    

RACHEL is REPULSIVE!!! Her voice, looks, personality - everything about her and she is getting fatter by the minute. I guess between her and her husband's cooking she is really PIGGING OUT! Maybe she can ask Star Jones to make a guest appearance. Star could give her a few tips re. dieting and marriage!

2910 days ago


oh martha, relax-- you'll always have a special place in our hearts. rachael ray is cute but I don't go for the super-bubbly types.

2910 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Leave Martha alone, she is a Dumbe Blonde Middle School alumni and boardmember. It is Rachel that needs to put the protective helmet on and come back to the playground. Sure Martha has done some hard time at Club Fed, but that happens when you take off the protective helmet and start cloning around with the Wall Street Sharks. Just look at fellow alumni Donald, he wears his protective helmet all the time, though it is a customized helmet, he still wears it. Sure we are not talking Julia Child here clones, but little Rachel needs to be more than a cloned cooking show talent to be the young wanna-be Padawan apprentice, that the evil Darth Oprah wants her to be. Martha has done her time and was an original riders on the short yellow bus, before Little Rachel was conceived on one of the old bench seats in the back. To set the record straight, the cloneology records show Martha begat the cloneheads coming out of the Cooking Network, not the other way around, so respect needs to be given to the old school clones. In other words Rachel may be cute, but not cute enough to hold her own in the Clone Wars.

2910 days ago


#7 yeah her voice is quite loud but she beautiful and not fat, especially not near Star Jones used to be. Some people are so shallow...

2910 days ago

Ava Rose    

I love Rachel Ray and Martha old ass Stuart needs to go back to jail!!~~I can't stand her hag ass~~The only reason she's saying anything is becuz she knows that her show sux~~If her show was worth anything she wouldn't be worried!!~~NBC, please do us and yourselves a favor and check that old hag into a nursing home!!~~It would benefit all of us!!!~~I love Rachel~~Yummo~~

2910 days ago


I think it's tacky she scheduled the show the same day. I'd be irriated as well, especially since Martha's show is live. And puuuulease. Rachel Ray is in no WAY the new Martha. Martha is no angel but at least she knows when to shut up on her shows. Rachel just blabs on and on and on and on. It's exhausting.

2910 days ago
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