Kirstie Alley: Junk OUT the Trunk??

11/6/2006 1:27 PM PST

Kirstie Alley: Junk OUT the Trunk??

It's the biggest thing since Oprah fit into jeans -- or maybe we should say the smallest? Maybe not.

Almost a year ago, Kirstie Alley promised Oprah that she would show off her body on Winfrey's show, when she got it down to a bikini size. That moment allegedly arrived this morning, when Kirstie dropped her wrap and showed the world her newly "hot" bod. You be the judge.

The crowd went wild and Oprah was clearly proud of the Jenny Craig spokeswoman.

Kirstie wrote on her blog that she "spent most of her life in a Speedo," so she must be thrilled to be back in a skimpy suit, although you may not be.

Take a look at the video, if you dare, and tell us what you think.