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Kirstie Alley:

Junk OUT the Trunk??

11/6/2006 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's the biggest thing since Oprah fit into jeans -- or maybe we should say the smallest? Maybe not.

Almost a year ago, Kirstie Alley promised Oprah that she would show off her body on Winfrey's show, when she got it down to a bikini size. That moment allegedly arrived this morning, when Kirstie dropped her wrap and showed the world her newly "hot" bod. You be the judge.

The crowd went wild and Oprah was clearly proud of the Jenny Craig spokeswoman.

Kirstie wrote on her blog that she "spent most of her life in a Speedo," so she must be thrilled to be back in a skimpy suit, although you may not be.

Take a look at the video, if you dare, and tell us what you think.


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Yes, compared to her "before" body, it's much better now. But it was definitely not a tasteful showing of her body.

Plus, I can't stand all those commercials where she's talking so full of herself, & even on commercials, she acts rude to others. She thinks she's the only one who's been able to accomplish this weight loss & she's the only one who can, & everyone will have to respect & follow her. But there's plenty of people who've accomplished similarly but don't need to go on television to flaunt their bodies.

2859 days ago


75 pounds is good. She doesn't look 145 though. I'd say between 160-170, & lots of fat on the thighs. The one thing is, that I notice, is people don't really work out or lose weight the right way. Even with Jenny Craig. People don't really work out hard enough, so they lose weight sloooowwwwwwwwwlyyyy. I lost almost 40 lbs in about 3-4 months. I could've lost a lot more at the same rate afterwards too if I still had the free time (like some actresses), but I've been able to lose much more anyway, regardless of the time issue - just by working out hard. And this was without going on some boring vegetarian diets, but rather getting to enjoy fast food or junk food every now & then. You just eat the amount your body asks for, & stop. And when you need a "treat," give it to yourself.

2859 days ago


I didn't believe Kirstie when she said her starting weight was "around 200" and I still didn't believe the later admission to 219 pounds, although I think it was halfway to the truth. She's 5'8" and there's no way she still looks that heavy if her true weight is 145 as she claims. I also would not have worn that silly seamed body suit under the bikini; if she needed it, like the size of those thighs, it was another sign she wasn't quite ready. To be fair, she's doing great, and I wish I looked half as good and half as beautiful, but she's got another 25 pounds with gym work to go an an apology owed to the public she's duping.

2833 days ago

Mark Jackiw    

"My God! - If Kirstie Alley were my wife! ... [?!?] ... I'd be the happiest man alive!! ... "

2813 days ago


I think she looks good CONSIDERING her age.
You go girl!

2874 days ago


She looks awesome! Wonder if she had some kind of flesh-colored suck-in thing on?

2874 days ago


She looks dang good for being 400 lbs a year ago. Whether she did all of the work herself, or had a little extra help in the end to tighten the skin. Go girl!

2874 days ago


talk about thunder thighs!

2874 days ago


Wow! I think she looks amazing for how big she was! Her thighs are fine. IGive her some credit, I am sure she isn't done with the diet. She worked hard and it has paid off!

2874 days ago


She looks really good!! I'm 30 years old and I guess I'm hitting The Firm and TaeBo when I get home today. What an inspiration :-)

2874 days ago


Thank God she didn't sjow that HUGE ass that is undoubtedly hiding back there!!
And the 83% of you who think she's 'good' are either blind or 'heffers' yourself....
And don't yell at me. She's the one who put it out there for inspection.

2874 days ago

nobody special    

She looks amazing and kudos to her for her courage and tanacity. No matter how much weight I would have lost, you wouldn't catch me parading on TV in a bikini - that takes a lot of guts!! You go girl.
I do have to say though, that her top looks more like a bra than an actual bikini top.

2874 days ago


OH man...i think she looks great!!! Why are u putting her down. It took a lot of gut to go out there and get into a bikini. She is trying, give her that at least.

2874 days ago


She looks great!!! Considering how big she was a year ago. She has lost 75 pounds and that takes so much hard work no matter how she did it.

2874 days ago


she certainly has come a long way from this time last year; she could lose another 50 and still not be thin though, so she should keep going.

at this point its not even as much about looks, as it is about health. obesity is the number one killer, from heart disease, diabates, and on down the line.

2874 days ago
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