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Willis to Paps: "Stop Following Me, F**kheads!"

11/8/2006 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warning to paparazzi: Stay away from Bruce Willis ... unless you want to get soaked!

The cueball screwball was spotted exiting Bristol Farms Market in Hollywood yesterday, where he was immediately bombarded by two photogs. Willis, who has a history of butting heads with the paparazzi, was armed and ready for them. His weapon: A bottle of water.

Willis ran after one of the photogs, flinging water at him before retreating to his car. He then told the group of shutterbugs, "Stop following me, f**kheads!" -- Um, what was the name of his last picture? He may get his wish.

His warning for future run-ins with the group -- "I'll bring a bigger bottle!" And if that doesn't stop 'em, he added, "I'll bring a bigger guy!"


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Kick their asses Bruce. Loser photogs. Too bad it wasn't acid in the cup.

2913 days ago


When celebs do things like that there just giving the photogs. what they what! These people are always trying to get a rise out of the celebs it makes there picture worth more!

2913 days ago


Right on Bruce, paps need to learn to be respectful, no lie.

2913 days ago


Brucie kinda lost it. But I still love ya, baby.

2913 days ago


Bruce Willis is a fag p***y. I will make a claim right here on TMZ. If he can kick my ass I will give him a million bucks. If I win, I wanna shove a broomstick up his sloppy ass.

Bring it Bruce you homo!

I live in Chicago, but would gladly make the trip to LaLa land to kick your non exsistant ass!!
Call me.

2913 days ago


I can understand. The red carpet or Rodeo Drive is one thing but you shouldnt be bothered just doing your grocery shopping. I'm a super gossip-addict but even I am not interested in seeing those photos so I dont understand why they even sell.

2913 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

cmon bruce kick these wussy shutterbug's asses.

tmz - about the crack at his career - at least he has one and does not have to chase other people around in an attempt to have one.

2913 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

#5 Fuck*nuts:
Just as I suspected after the way the Bears played last Sunday, Chicago is filled with men shall I put this..."alternative lifestyles"?
Not that there is anything wrong with it!
(Well the broomstick part seems a little over the top...)

2913 days ago


I knew there was a good reason I love Bruce. I adore passion in a man.

2913 days ago


Bruce is a street thug at heart...full of himself and always smirking. Too bad his homely daughter looks like him instead of her beautiful mother..same smirk and all.

2913 days ago

wtf over    

Gotta wonder if the photog told brucie that aston was going all "woody allen" on the stepdaughter.

2913 days ago


WHat is the matter with the celebrities these days?
Hey BRUCE! Go back to Hailey, Idaho and bask in your obscurity.
You make millions of dollars even for crappy movies. The paying public PAYS to see you do the same movie over and over. YOUdon't work for some charity or non-profit or private firm.
You chose a public profession. You can't have it both ways.
You are so ugly and boring I am surprised the photographers want to follow you. BUT GROW UP. Act like a gentleman. I'm sure you kids are so proud top see their Dad lost his shit over such a silly thing. Good example.
If you aren't caught picking your nose or doing drugs ...just grin and bear it.

2913 days ago


Leeches live in water, right?

2913 days ago


I would imagine he was familiar with this stalker and that is why he pursued him like that. I think paps can be obnoxious and I really don't care for all of those "out of focus" and "running" pictures.
You go Bruce!
I am for any celeb who doesn't want the extra attention. Go find Cruise and Holmes..they are more than willing to pose. Maybe try McPhee..she is always looking for attention. Lohan is everywhere....maybe Mr Spears would like some attention. Oh...I hear Madonna will be in front of her window playing with her new
child on Fri am...she wil pose.
You want to takes pictures go to some poverty areas and really show America how some of our people are living while others are feasting on a $10,000. steak dinner.

2913 days ago


why is it that you guys have nothing better to do than stick your noses into there lives. what your such losers in life that you want to know everything about theres so that maybe you can show some resembelance in your own lousey life. jeeze people leave them be and let them live there lives just like any of us average people.

2913 days ago
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