Willis to Paps: "Stop Following Me, F**kheads!"

11/8/2006 2:25 PM PST

Willis to Paps: "Stop Following Me, F**kheads!"

Warning to paparazzi: Stay away from Bruce Willis ... unless you want to get soaked!

The cueball screwball was spotted exiting Bristol Farms Market in Hollywood yesterday, where he was immediately bombarded by two photogs. Willis, who has a history of butting heads with the paparazzi, was armed and ready for them. His weapon: A bottle of water.

Willis ran after one of the photogs, flinging water at him before retreating to his car. He then told the group of shutterbugs, "Stop following me, f**kheads!" -- Um, what was the name of his last picture? He may get his wish.

His warning for future run-ins with the group -- "I'll bring a bigger bottle!" And if that doesn't stop 'em, he added, "I'll bring a bigger guy!"