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Clooney: Obama Didn't Drop Presidential Bomb-a

11/10/2006 10:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

george clooneyGeorge Clooney is disputing an OK! magazine story that Senator Barack Obama told the actor he's a go for a Presidential run.

Stan Rosenfield, Clooney's publicist, quotes Clooney as saying, "I said I talked to the senator and begged him to run. And I hope he does. There's no news scoop from me. He'll make up his mind on his own schedule."

The OK! website quotes Clooney as saying, "I just spoke with Barack and he is going to run. I just hung up the phone with him."

Clooney says, it ain't so.


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Don't care too much about the story (I'm from Canada - you guys are on your own with your politics) but thanks for the eye candy! More George Clooney, less Paris & Lindsay PLEASE!!

2840 days ago


Clooney looks a bit old. He trys real hard on pretending he is the new Carey Grant. This is the first time I have seen him so 'relaxed'.

2840 days ago

Mad Balls    

Yeh , Yeh Clooney is a fox but so is Micheal J. Fox but he shakes way too much
and if I where i woman I'd like to see Brad Pitt and K-fed wrestle .....just being honest , Guy don't DooGay me out .
I'm gonna' waste my vote on Powell ...screw you guys !

2840 days ago

Mad Balls    

HEY HEY HEY don't pop a ricket here rocketman ....I will waste my Vote on Powell too but you don't see me making a big whoop de doo about it .
ANd as far as wrestling goes I would love to see Catherine Zeta Jones slip and slide with that partner of Jeoys' on " DANCING WITH THE STARs' "
, Edyta I think, she/he is russian ... . It just me !! Being a hermaphrodite makes for strange urges .....

2840 days ago

Mad Balls    

Put the Tv0 on pause .....

If I'm not mistaken that's P. Diddy and not George Clooney ....

He is in " Whiteface " That performer AL Jolson used to do so well ....

HEY ! is that the hot Nerdy Chick from "24" next to him , CLOE ?!?!?!? P. Diddy gonning to be on "24"???????

....Well he might not get blowed up as Bond but He still has a Chance on "24" !!!!!

2840 days ago

Mad Balls    

Hello my fellow americans . I being your humble servant , pooped on by both the democrats and republicans do solemly swear to uphold the meritous name of the president of this united states . I also pledge to kick whoevers ass thinks this young pup would be considered before a proven politician like me . I too will vote for myself ...and waste my vote . Oh and Kudos' to you on your one year in the ...the .... WHATEVER THE HELL YOU DO !!! Now get out of here as I am working on the exit plan to Iraq......Didn't seal the borders ...underarmored.......who was running this war ??? K-fed ????......

2840 days ago


I hate Clooney. Someone put a voodoo hex on him for me. Basturd.

2840 days ago

just wondering    


2840 days ago


Barack Obama is colluding with the corrupt Nigerian government.

Nigerians steal BILLIONS from Americans in internet fraud schemes.

And their government is involved!

So what's Barack doing? HELPING them?

(Anyone out there- if a Nigerian contacts you with a sales proposition, RUN! It's all fraud.)

2840 days ago


I also love George. He is so charismatic and handsome.

2840 days ago

Heaven Nose    

Isn't he dreamy? If I were a woman or gay I definitely wouldn't say no to this fine piece of masculinity!!!
But I'm not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I think.

2840 days ago


I use to love Clooney The more I see him the more I think he is a big phony big time. What happen to Darfur project. Now he is begging Mr. Obama to run. Begging? Is that necessary. What a word to use. He is a jerk. If Mr. Obama wants to run he will. He is intelligent and knows his stuff and he has a good mind. When he talks of Iran, he talks with a head like Senator Joe Biden from Delaware. These are the types of people we need in government.
Next we will hear Clooney is running for something...what a jerk.

2840 days ago

Travis Bickle    

some rumor is going around that Clooney likes to give people herpes. Question is is MEN or Women that's he's supposedly giving it to? POPBITCH.

2840 days ago


Kate - you mean to say that Americans actually fall for those phony Nigerian e-mails??!! Wow, we Canadians really are smarter - everyone up here knows they're a hoax... lmao!!

It's interesting what comments come out of a posting on TMZ with a political edge to it - certainly more entertaining than the juvenile name calling that shows up for Paris or Lindsay postings... same level of illiteracy though :-)

2840 days ago


Depends what's his platform? Let's hear what he has to say. No one could be worst than Bush. Our President received a clear message, we want change. I'm not worried about him givng me anything, uh just say no.

2840 days ago
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