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Rosie and Elisabeth -- Lez Miserable?

11/10/2006 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck"The View" co-hostesses, Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselblech, are usually bumping heads -- but last night, the two couch-sisters were all lovey dovey. Rosie and Elisabeth attended last night's Broadway opening of "Les Miserables" together.

Rosie, with a handycam, was filming her own footage of the event. She took a break to pose for pics with Miss Lizzie. While Elisabeth's smile seemed genuine, Rosie looked slightly 'miserable.'


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Who's the big ugly dude with Elizabeth?

2902 days ago


I agree with Robyn. I think Rosie is great for the show....I've always liked her. AND the show is getting WAY more publicity than it ever they say "There is no such thing as 'bad' publicity". I also agree that Elisabeth is just young and hasn't quite learned that her opinion isn't the ONLY opinion. Then again....from reading some of the posts on TMZ....there are quite a lot of people who haven't realized that their opinion isn't the only one that matters. I think after that last time she just wouldn't shut up and pissed everyone off, she's a little gun shy. Personally, Joy is still my favorite because she never seems like she's trying to please anyone and she just is what she is.....and has a "take it or leave it" attitude.

2902 days ago


I like Elizabeth! If you guys want to get rid of her, then replace her with Ann Coulter! Go Ann!!!!

2902 days ago

Hello Kitty    

WTF ! So Rosie gets to bring a camera in with her ?

2902 days ago


I love Elisabeth ! She makes the show worth watching. She gives the show her view, which we need more of on that show. If she goes then so do I.

2902 days ago


I'm with sourapples on this one , I didn't think people were suposed to bring cameras to record Broadway shows :o/

2902 days ago

Donna Wallace    

I don't care for either actually I don't care for anyone on the View. Everyone of them are a know it all. Barbara thinks she is God and has to crack the whip, they all need to get over themselves.

2902 days ago

Robert B.    

Is it just me ,or has Rosie now become the Co - Owner of the Show.

2902 days ago


Elizabeth a.k.a. Gestapo Nazi, is the biggest waste of human flesh there is. GET HER THE F**k OUT ALREADY!! It's bad enough senile Babba Wabba brought in Moon-Pie Rosie to replace ousted Star Jones, but to keep The Nazi on is a waste of the viewers time. Please replace Elizabeth with Friday's guest host, African-American Crystal the Lawyer. With her The View can finally regain its credibility as well as some grace and dignity. If Gestapo Liz and Moon-Pie Rosie continue to 'perch' the stage...the view of this show is glumb and cloudy, at the very least. I don't predict a 'rosie' outcome for The View in the near future. BABBA WABBA GET A CLUE!!!!!....America does not want those two BEEOTCHES on the show anymore!!!!!

2902 days ago


Get Rosie the heck off the show. She has slammed Oprah and other people. How much more are we going to put up with? Now Elizabeth and Joy are going at it. When Barbara is on the show it seems all the more fake. Bring back Meredith and Star. Then you can get rid of Rosie and Barbara. When ever Rosie opens her mouth it makes her all the more fake and phoney. Whenever I am changing channels and I see Rosie on that channel, I immediately change it. There hasn't been this much discord on the show till Rosie appeared. PLEASE Barbara get her off the show. The longer you keep her on it the more viewers you will lose.

2901 days ago


I am on Rosie's side --

2901 days ago


Elisabeth has more class than anyone else on the View.

2901 days ago


Why in God's name is Rosie "ON" the View ??????? She "NEVER SHUT'S UP".She doesn't get it, the show is "NOT HER"S " !!!! When I heard she was coming on the show, I said, "O NO", Miss. ,my view is the only view, so every one shut up and listen to me, and no one ele's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rosie, just shut up!!!!!! I stoped watching your talk show, because, all you talked about was "ALL YOUR" so called friend's, and for got about the people, who got you there, us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do us all a favor, put tape on your mouth, and just sit there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2901 days ago


my total time spent watching "the view", does not quite reach 10 minutes. In that time; I felt like I wasted 10 years of my life. TV viewers would be better suited to watch re-runs of "the munsters," in order to be more informed and entertained. God help us if this is what has become of us: Bloggers of a worthess tv segment. Note to self:... KILL SELF: for even being involved.

2901 days ago


#39 take an anger management class, Rosie is great and makes the show interesting! Now Elizabeth is young and immature and and grew up a sheltered little rich girl. Reality tv got her the job.

2901 days ago
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