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11/11/2006 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The day before Britney dropped the divorce bombshell, she showed up at "The Late Show." Looking hot and not wearing a wedding ring, Britney told Letterman she was a huge fan ... of Will Ferrell's.

Carrie Underwood should watch her back at any event Faith Hill attends. Video of Faith's less then sporting conduct has to be seen to be believed. Maybe Faith and Kanye should take some humility classes together.

Britney Spears
What takes the edge off filing divorce papers and removing a huge leech from your life? Ice skating! Super hot single mom Britney hit the rink in New York, presumably to celebrate her newfound freedom from "he who can not be named." Party-on Brit!

That thud sound you heard on Tuesday was stunned Oprah viewers' jaws hitting the floor as Lindsay Lohan proclaimed "I'm not a party girl!" Uh, what?


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Donald Barraw    

I watched Faith Hill's reaction towards Carrie Underwood taking the honors. I was somewhat irritated by her reaction. I guess one can take it both ways. I don't know Faith's character but it seemed to me that she acted like a poor sport. Once again, she may have been joking so I don't hold it against her. If she starts acting out in public about Carrie Underwood then I will know she actually meant it. I tip my hat to Carrie Underwood. She has come a long way and is reaping her rewards of hard work. Faith had her moments and now its time to move on to other stars hitting the music scene. Life is ever evolving and you have to accept change.

2794 days ago

Donald Barraw    

To say Faith is a phony takes away from her talent and attacks her credability. We all react differently. Faith is human like all of us. Just because she reacted like a poor sport or jokingly doesn't mean she is a phony. She is human. I have a daughter who is going to be a future Nashville star. She is a very good natured girl. But I know she will be ridiculed as well. But I know my daughter inside and out and when others accuse her of being phony I will sit back and brush it off because I know my daughter. Like Faith Hill, I don't know her personality so I reserve judgement. She may have been joking, I don't know.

2793 days ago


What's going on with Faith Hill lately. She looked like an old maiden on the awards show. Her songs are yawn-yawn. She's lost her edge. She use to have that hotness, now just looking and sounding drab. All those peaks into her private life on Oprah, etc., gives us a glimpse on just how boring she is; she shows no character, no wit, no sense of humor, no sexiness, no intellect, just drabbiness.

2818 days ago


TheseDays hits it right on the nose- not only looking like she has been through the wringer, she has an attitute - Also she is a LIAR- now she knows how it feels to lose - besides her music is really bad - Think she needs a shrink

2818 days ago


I am not a FAITH HILL fan, but her reaction was clearly exaggerated and intended to crack up the people around her. Sure, it was a huge miscalculation and inappropriate, but NOT mean spirited.

2818 days ago


I just want to say there is NO WAY Kirstie is 145 lbs. Not with those thunder thighs. But she still does look good since the weight loss...I'm just sayin' tell the truth Kirstie.

2818 days ago

Faith Hill was just messing around people damn get it through your heads.

2818 days ago


I didn't see it as a jealous or angry reaction. You could tell that she was just joking around. It was blown way out of proportion. I think Faith's record sales and her wonderful personal life speak for themself.

2818 days ago


Faith Hill was NOT playing around. She was extremely serious. No one will tell me any different. If it was a joke, most of us didn't see it that way. If it was a joke, why would she ruin Carrie's moment? If it was a joke, why did the camera zoom away from her as soon as she freaked out?

Don't believe she was joking for a second ! She has lost one fan here.

2818 days ago

Stevie Nicks Fan    

On CMT they showed Faith Hill doing that same thing when her and Tim
McGraw were up for the same award ( Best Song) a few years ago.
They were back stage and they announced Tim's name and CLEARLY joking
she mouths " What?! That's ridiculous!" And Tim McGraw and her were
jokingly pushing each other. I don't know , you would have to see it.
I knew right from the start she was just joking, she has a million
awards already.

2818 days ago


Faith Hill was clearly joking---lighten up!!!
There is no way Kirstie is 145---she should take a scale on Oprah... Congrats on the weightloss, but cmon..there are a lot of 5'8 145ers out here and we don't look like that....Her first claim was her weight started at 205 (lie), now her claim is she has dropped 80 lbs...sorry... lookn like another lie. No need to stretch the truth there...we are all rootn for ya!! :)

2818 days ago


Oh please. You ran this Faith Hill story 4 days ago. Why bring this up again TMZ? Slow celebrity news day?

2818 days ago


Kirstie Alley well I don't know what to say. She seems so full of herself. When she was on Oprah a year ago she so very seemed bitchy. I don't know what it was but she rubbed me the wrong way. She just seemed arrogant.

I am not a fan of country music, but if all it took for you to turn against Faith Hill was her mock exasperation at the CMA awards then I guess you were not a fan to begin with.

2818 days ago


Kitty...she has lost a lot of fans. I don't believe it was a joke, but if it was, it wasn't funny. It was TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE.

2818 days ago


Kirstie needs to tell the truth about how much she weighs now and how much she has lost. She does NOT weigh 145. Her thighs and bottom are huge. She weighs over 155+ now and she weighed well over the 200 lbs she at first said she weighed. NOW she says she weighed 220. Which is it.?? Be HONEST Kirstie. Don't be like Star Jones Reynolds who had surgery for weight loss and lies about it. Don't these stars realize how much of a role model each can be for those of us who struggle constantly with weight loss and food addiction and each star can help us by being honest about their chosen methods of weight loss. Kirstie looks GOOD with her weight loss and should be PROUD. It is not easy to lose weight with Jenny Craig or any weight loss program. Star Jones Reynolds looks awful. Her personality went bye bye along with her weight loss. The lbs. come back 10X easier than they come off. I hope both keeps the exercise and restricted diet up or the lbs. will come back PLUS more. I like Rosie O'Donnell's "View" about Kirstie and Star.

2818 days ago
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