Hottest Videos -- Week of 11/05

11/11/2006 2:03 PM PST

Hottest Videos -- Week of 11/05

The day before Britney dropped the divorce bombshell, she showed up at "The Late Show." Looking hot and not wearing a wedding ring, Britney told Letterman she was a huge fan ... of Will Ferrell's.

Carrie Underwood should watch her back at any event Faith Hill attends. Video of Faith's less then sporting conduct has to be seen to be believed. Maybe Faith and Kanye should take some humility classes together.

What takes the edge off filing divorce papers and removing a huge leech from your life? Ice skating! Super hot single mom Britney hit the rink in New York, presumably to celebrate her newfound freedom from "he who can not be named." Party-on Brit!

That thud sound you heard on Tuesday was stunned Oprah viewers' jaws hitting the floor as Lindsay Lohan proclaimed "I'm not a party girl!" Uh, what?