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K-Fed: Playing With Pennies

11/11/2006 10:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline is apparently already worried about life after Britney, at least money-wise. The soon-to-be cash-strapped rapper was seen buying some briefs at a Wal-Mart in Maryland, and according to one report was staying at a "cheap" motel near Washington, D.C., where he's making appearances on behalf of his album. According to pictures taken by Splash News the FedEx was spotted by a lensman shopping at Wal-Mart.

Meanwhile, the aspiring rapper's last weekend in New York may have been preparation for the single life. Page Six reports that Federline hung out at hotspot Marquee all night, after being nixed from P. Diddy's birthday party, and sat at a corner table until 4 a.m., closing the place down and inviting some female acquaintances back for "a private after-party."

Eva and Beyonce – Lady Lovers?

Pop princess Beyonce Knowles and "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria might well be getting it on – on the big screen, that is, if Sofia Coppola has her way. The two beauties are in talks, says the New York Daily News, to play the lead roles in a film version of "Tipping the Velvet," the graphic Victorian tale of a love affair between a dance hall star (to be played by Knowles) and a fishmonger's daughter (Longoria). "We've had 'Brokeback Mountain,' so the time is right for this divine novel to get the same treatment," said Beyonce last week. And Longoria confirmed that she's angling to do the movie. Coppola has yet to get the green light, but is actively trying to get the movie made.

No Booze on Stage for G'n'R, Says Maine

Rockers Guns 'N' Roses were forced to cancel a performance in Portland, Maine this week, after officials told the band they couldn't booze on stage. According to a spokesman for the Maine Public Safety Department, the band had wanted to drink beer, wine, and Jagermeister on stage, but state laws prohibit it. And as a result, said a band rep, it would have been "impossible for the band to perform their show to the usual high standards that their fans deserve," so Axl Rose and the boys cancelled their gig. Rose, in his own statement, called the rulings "draconian" and said the band would try to play again in the state some other time.

Party Favors: Scarlett and Josh on the Outs? ... Crispin Glover Not Close to Marriage ... Fox's "Justice" Gets Axed

Scarlett Johansson and her boyfriend Josh Hartnett might be close to calling it quits, says Page Six. "Scarlett is always mad at him," says one source, "and they are always arguing." Another reason for the possible rift might be the fact that Hartnett hasn't been in the country for weeks ... Crispin Glover – and how often do we get to do a Crispin Glover item? – says that he doesn't want to settle down with a woman, now or ever. "I don't know if I'll ever get married," says the former George McFly to "I go out with women that don't want to get married ... Fox's legal drama "Justice" has been given the 86, effective immediately. Fox reps says it's been "pulled" from the schedule, but the show's ratings had been flailing. Meanwhile, ABC's "What About Brian" got picked up for a full season.

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No Avatar


At least K-Fed is playing it smart. He's getting acclimated to his roots and not overspending money. P Diddy didn't waste anytime in cutting the losers from his party list though did he? That was cold but that's entertainment.

I hope Knowles and Longoria do it on the big screen because Beyonce will catch all sorts of hell from the black community for that. LOL. She doesn't seem to care anymore, which is cool. Coppola is a good director so it sounds interesting.

Axel is getting too old to be needing a drink on stage, he's lucky folks still want to see his manic depressive a*s!

2881 days ago

Heaven Nose    

AXL ROSE IS SO PASSé! He's such a has been. He should stop boozing and lose some weight.

2881 days ago


Why is everybody picking on K-Fed. Yes he is a loser but leave the man alone. What about the woman who despite knowing that he had a pregnant woman back home flaunted her relationship to the world just because she had money. Now the white trash is getting a taste of her own medicine except she was forced to make that decision when she realized everything was not so rosy. And PLEASE get her out of my face. The media is just forcing us with news about someone who is really so outdated.

2881 days ago


With regards to Guns n' Roses... "usual high standards?" This is the same idiot (Axl) who was bombed in a hotel bar in Stockholm, Sweden and then kicked a female employee in the stomach and punched a guard in the face when they cut him off. He was arrested and charged with assault. High standards? That should read, "standardly high". Are these clowns ever sober??? Fools.

As for Eva and Beyonce. Yuck. Those women are nasty who constantly publish their sex lives meanwhile hanging on their men. Beyonce wouldn't have a career if not for Jay-Z and Eva says that she taught Tony everything he knows. Right. I'm sure that Frenchman knew a thing or two before he met her but even if he didn't she sounds like a trollop. It makes me wonder how many men she's been with.

2881 days ago

in the know    

K-fed should have been banking the money he has made on his own, thru CSI, magazine gigs he had etc. I sure hope the guy was smart enough to have his own bank account. If he was smart he would just take the money Britney offers him and start his own life. If he continues to fight for money and custody he won't see money for a long long time, and most of what he sees will go to his attorney.
Spousal support is usually for a spouse who has given up their career to take care of the family at home. Not only didn't he take care of his family, he never was home or even was supportive of his wife during her pregnacies. What a shame, his ego got the best of him and now he lost everything, apparently even his pride.

2881 days ago


Federline shopping at Wal-Mart? Wow. That's a step up for him, isn't it?

2881 days ago


lol it's funny how K-Fag is fighting for the custody of his children he had with Britney, but he didn't even care who had custody of his kids with Shar Jackson. Wow, his first two kids must feel so wanted. I feel sorry for them. K-Fag got what he deserved.

2881 days ago


You have to have booze to perform? No wonder Axel's entire band left him what a loser. Not that I'm a big Guns 'N' Roses fan but to say you can't preform unless you can get drunk is asinine.

2881 days ago



I ran across that show "Justice" playing a rerun(already)...BUT, I'm in school AND working AND mom----I thought it was it was a pretty good shore---for me, it beat the crap out of the fifteen different Law & Order's or CSI's! Man, when I DO have time to watch TV, it's usually Discovery, History, A&E, music channels & gossip b.s.! That other lawyer show is supposed to be better , having James Woods as "Shark". I've seen both----& still love James Woods! He's a great mean character! But Victor Garbo(?) was/is a GREAT jerk on that show! Oh well....back to flippin' channels again..........

2881 days ago


Yo FedEx everybody is dogging you out but I'm gonna give you some advice. And this is sincere, unlike folks around you , I don't want nothing from you!
First don't fight the prenup or battle for custody. No judge in America is gonna give you custody of a newborn baby. Personally I wouldn't trust you to water my plants if I was gone for the weekend much less take care of a kid! All of your money will go to your lawyer and it sounds like you need every penny.
So try to get a settlement with Britney in the $5 mil range and keep your Ferrari and walk away. No tell all books or ugly interviews. If you think people hate you now, dog Britney out, you'll really feel the hate!!

Second. It's time to go back to the real world. The days of cristal flowing like a river are over. Whatever money you get, SAVE IT!! Stop going to high end stores and buying $500-$1000 jeans and shirts. Those days are gone.

Third. The rap career just ain't happening!! Why don't you concentrate on acting. You weren't half bad in CSI. Or maybe modeling , if those contracts haven't dried up with the divorce. Just know life without Britney is gonna be very different. You're no longer gonna get $20K just to go to a club. With Britney you were on the A list , without her you're on the E list. You should thought about that before you messed things up, but you didn't. Point is, there is life without Britney you're just gonna have to readjust to your new lifestyle!!

2881 days ago

Good for k-fag maybe he will learn value of the leftover money he has.

2881 days ago


After hearing Justice got axed I decided to called Fox and asked them if Justice was canceled and they told me no. He told me that late last night a decision was made by Fox to put Justice on hiatus until December. The Justice website also says that it will be back December 11 at 9:00pm. I hope this is true because I really love this show.
I also told him that people do like this show and if he does not believe me he should go to Justice website and see that there are over 2700 messages posted.

2881 days ago


Pathetic is all you loser's responding to this crap, get a life.

2881 days ago


In a few weeks no one will know who KFed is anymore.
Why are we still talking about him?. He's a no-talent, baby making,
leech and will fall off the media planet shortly. Adios.

2881 days ago

Lenn K    

How much fun would it have been to be there when K-Loser put that ATM card in the machine and they kept it. How about the American Express Black Card, when it was declined. Then to tex-mail him it's over. Man does she have balls.

2881 days ago
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