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Jackson Innocent; Accuser's Mom a Criminal!

11/13/2006 6:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Janet Arvizo, the welfare mom who instigated the mother of all child molestation trials, pled no contest to a welfare fraud charge in Los Angeles today. She will not have to appear in court for sentencing next April if she completes 150 hours of community service and pays $8,600 in restitution. During Jackson's trial, Arvizo invoked the Fifth regarding welfare fraud.

In June, 2005, moonwalker and baby-dangler Jackson was acquitted of all charges of child molestation and intoxication of a minor -- Arvizo's then 13-year-old son. Jacko then abandoned Neverland for Bahrain.

Time for some Jesus Juice!


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jackson should go to hell. why is he still famous? he obviously doesnt sing anymore, and he is freaky to look at. WHAT IS THE DEAL TMZ? HE IS NOT WORTH IT

2898 days ago


Just means Jackson picks good victims...the guilty kind. Kinda like rapists who rape loose women. They get off because people think an accuser's statement should be built on character rather than facts.

2898 days ago


Wow. o.o Never expected that.

2898 days ago


Michael Jackson is a freaking pedophile and I hate him.

2898 days ago


I don't appreciate tmz using the all important media buzz words like wacky,weird,bizzar etc, Michael was found not guilty so let him be his great entertainer self for people who don't have a mind of their own and believe every thing they hear and read back off you don't like him leave him alone. Everyone knew that the accusers mother was a liar why is this shocking?

2898 days ago


How much money are these welfare cheats stealing from the TRULY poor?

We the public need to turn these people in, and DEMAND that the gov crack down on the fraud

2898 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Why do they insist on using THAT pic of MJ???

He looks so freaking CREEEEEPY!!!!!!!!

2898 days ago


They should send her azz back to Mexico! I'm sick of them leaching off the system! I pay taxes damnit and not for ppl like her!

2898 days ago


Number 8

Hey... I would just like to let you know that even people from Mexico pay taxes. its true. Illegals pay their fair share of everything... surprise. surprise.

2898 days ago


Being found not guilty does not mean one is innocent. MJ was guilty as hell. He is a freak and deserves to be called weird, wacky and much worse. Yeah the mom is a piece of sh*t, but that changes nothing concerning Michael. I suppose you see nothing wrong with a 48 year man sleeping with little boys? I hope you don't have kids. BTW- he was ONCE a great entertainer, no one gives a crap about him or his music anymore.

2898 days ago

4 Real    

This woman is not a mother, she's a pimp. She should go to jail for a long time so she can think about how she distroyed her son's life for a few bucks! MJ told the world that he sleeps with young boys. Tell me, do you truly believe that this is normal? Would you allow your child to sleep in the same bed with a 40 year old man? I believe MJ moved out of the US because everyone knows the children he calls his own have not one drop of his blood. Debbie Rowe is no better than this woman who pimped her son to MJ. She was a brood mare and gave him a those children to pleasure himself with. He realized that the good people in the USA no longer believe he is the father and fled with the children to a place where abusing a child is common place. God Bless Those Children!

2898 days ago


#7 what do you mean "tha" picture makes him look creepy? ALL of his pics make him look that way. Retarded wanna be white loser.

2898 days ago


.............#5 what freakin' planet are you on; the same one michael is?? i totally agree with she's not mother of the year........SHE wasn't on trial, michael was, and they were trying to divert attention away from the fact that HE IS A SICK PEDOPHILE!!! and like all pedophiles, he preys on the most vulnerable, AND the ones people are less likely to believe. he gives me the creeps every time i see him, doesn't matter what picture it is.

..............aren't they still a bit 'backward' in bahrain???? don't they still traffic in human slavery, especially young boys? no wonder michael went over there, the sick f**k.

2898 days ago


I find it interesting that both kids (make that both kids' parents) that accused Jackson of molestation happened to have criminal histories for suing people for false claims (the boy from 93's father was a Bev Hills dentist who sued patients fraudulently and this current woman sued JC Penney and got six figures for saying that their security guards sexually attacked her). Instead of buying into the hype and BS people should use their heads for a millisecond and see what's going on here. Not to mention, what pedophile molests two children - nonetheless one every fifteen years ago?! The day a kid can get up on that stand and tell a story straight and come from a credible family, I'll buy it. It sucks for Jacko because being eccentric or having a Peter Pan complex doesn't mean you're a pervert. And I feel bad for these kids because frankly they are being abused, by their money hungry leech-parents.

2898 days ago


#9 Nellie good post. Michael has been unhappy in his own shell most of his life. He made good music, beginning with the Jackson Five. Unfortunately, his grotesque appearance bred from abundant plastic surgeries (I heard that his nose is disintegrating due to over-removal of cartilage), combined with all the pedophile charges, have overshadowed his career.

2898 days ago
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