Mother of Jackson's Accuser Pleads Not Guilty

6/21/2006 4:51 PM PDT

Mother of Jackson's Accuser Pleads Not Guilty

Janet Arvizo pled not guilty in an L.A. court Wednesday to charges of welfare fraud and perjury.

Arvizo, the mother of the boy who accused Michael Jackson of sexual molestation in 2003, looked happy as she left court today despite all the bad press, telling TMZ, "Today is a new day!"

Arvizo's lawyer said Janet hopes to resolve the welfare fraud charges without a trial.

As Arvizo left the courthouse after her arraignment, she told TMZ she was on her way to see her husband, United States Army Major Jay Jackson, who was returning from serving in Iraq today.

Arvizo is charged with fraudulently obtaining roughly $8,000 in welfare payments by allegedly lying about her financial situation. She invoked her Fifth Amendment right under oath during the Jackson trial when asked about why she took welfare when she had more than $30,000 in her bank account.

Arvizo is due back in court August 7th.