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Ashley Judd: Naked Hypocrite

11/15/2006 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley JuddAshley Judd is full of it. She was on the radio in Minneapolis last week, and when asked what she thought of being named one of the sexiest woman alive by FHM, she said, "Gross ... wouldn't the world be a nicer place if that magazine didn't exist?" And this week she's on the cover of Marie Claire -- stark naked!

The article focuses on her work as the Global Ambassador of YouthAIDS. We're not sure why she didn't wear a shirt to work the cause, but it's not gross!

Perhaps Ashley likes being naked on mags for girls, but not for boys?


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Movie Ticket Buyer    

Ashley Judd is one of God's better creations...the woman is drop dead gorgeous, naturally! And, the woman has brains to go with.....nuff said

2901 days ago


Here in Kentucky, we hear about this bitch constantly. I grew up near her, and I can assure you there is NO NEED for her to act so condescending. Also, she's always at various events for University of Kentucky (she left the year before I started there), and they always refer to her as a UK grad. As of a few years ago, she had not graduated (her claimed date of graduation is 1989 I think). She was 9 credit hours short according to some digging a friend in the dean's office did for us. I worked for my degree (not hard, but I worked!), and it drives me nuts to hear her claim to be a graduate. I hate Ashley Judd!!!!

2901 days ago

Mad Balls    

Seems most of you have confused sex with being naked . Many Europeans are more advanced than we are in our attitudes on Sex . Nude beaches are everywhere --without much restriction . The lumping together of nudeness and Sex is wrong . Just 'cause I'm naked does'nt mean I'm going to or having sex . I can see Ms. Judds' point although she did not come right out and say it -- do I agree -- hell no I love FHM and I think Ashley Judds' face is starting to Look like Frodo from TLOTR . Just thought I'd point that out .

2901 days ago


I think all their problems began with their Mother. She began her married life with a LIE. She married Ashley's dad letting him believe she was pregnant by him with Wynona and then letting Wynona believe he was her father for YEARS. No wonder Wynona has problems. Not sure why Ashley has so many except that she was bounced from pillar to post with her Mother going from coast to coast on a whim.. She had everybody believing her "poor" story. Maybe if she had stayed still long enough to grow some "roots" they might not had so many problems.

2901 days ago


Being on Marie Claire is completely different than being on FHM. FHM is all about sex and how good you look...Marie Claire is a tasteful magazine, and it focuses on her work with AIDS organizations so I have no problem with her... She's right...

2901 days ago

Lenn K    

This is a strange one for me, she seems kinda funny acting, but I'm really not sure. I do know that her movies suck. I think I agree with Angie.

2901 days ago


Ashley just wants publicity. She is a publicity whore just like the rest of those skanks (we all know who they are)

2901 days ago


shes got beauty and brains ! so people stop hatin'!

2901 days ago

Not a fan    

I don't post on these kinds of forums very often unless I have a strong opinion about a topic.

Ashley just annoys the pure HECK out of me, as does her Mother and sister. The old saying "if it's too good to be true".......well that sums it up for me regarding the Judd's.

I could never really put my finger on why these gals annoy me but now I get it! They all appear to be hypocrites. They all have such a homegrown, "real" persona but nothing could be farther from the truth.

For instance: talk about AID'S while flaunting your sexuality? Yeah, that's a good role model for you.

And just what WAS Ashley's "mental condition" she wanted treatment for? I have no issues at all for those who need/want help with personal problems; but, it appears Ms. Ashley has gone a tad overboard. She's a walking contradiction to herself!

2901 days ago


I recall in 1996 Ashley Judd was nude in an HBO bio-pic of Marilyn Monroe.
Mr. Hefner lets have Ashley Judd in Playboy it might help the sales.

2901 days ago

may helena    

Jude Law is not a hypocrite. she is a smart and brilliant woman who expressed a valuable insight. FHM is degrading and insulting to women. We are treated as sex objects and commodities by that magazine. She is right to say the world will be a better place without it. However, her pose in Marie Claire is tasteful and artistic. There is a world of a difference between the two. So bugger off people!

2901 days ago

Semere Befekadu    

very great keep it up to tell the truth i dont have any coment.

2900 days ago


i have always felt sympathy for the judd family.
being adopted myself, i can see how all of the secrets have really torn
the family apart. i'm a country fan...i like wynona, don't care for the mom
and really don't care at all about ashley. craving attention, perhaps?

2900 days ago


one of the FUNNIEST LINES IN A MOVIE, is in Kiss the Girls and she asks the killer to "please pass me the LARGE SHARP CUTTING KNIFE"

this broad is the all time lamest actors on the planet. and because of this, we are forced to see her movies on local tv FOREVER.

2900 days ago


To Jeff ! The anal retentive A**hole of America. You did not mention if the time spent in minnesota was for business? Pleasure? Or for serving time?

2900 days ago
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