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K-Fed's Scrappin' For Food - Literally

11/15/2006 10:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don't tell us that K-Fed isn't a scrapper – now that's he about to enter the poorhouse, Kevin Federline will take just about whatever leftovers he can get, solid or liquid, even if he has to sneak them out in his coat.

The Fed-Ex and his boys were at a Manhattan burlesque spot for dinner right around the time the news of his divorce became public, and K-Fed already knew his credit cards had been snipped and phone shut off by Britney. He had his $1,200 meal comped by the restaurant, and then, according to Us Weekly (via Page Six), asked the staff to pack up the leftovers so he could munch on them in the clubs later.

What's more, according to one witness, he "started putting napkins in the tops of the tequila and vodka bottles" and tried sneaking them out under his coat.

TomKat Wedding: Brooke In, Oprah Out, Beckhams Perplexed

The BFF-ization of Brooke Shields and the Cruise family continues. Not months after Tom Cruise publicly slammed Shields for her use of antidepressant drugs during post-partum depression, now, says Page Six, Shields will be a guest at the upcoming TomKat nuptials. Recently, of course, Shields and Katie Holmes were spotted yukking it up at a party, and Shields has forgiven Cruise, enough apparently to attend the wedding in Italy. Maybe she can bring Oprah, who won't be attending, one of the expensive towels Cruise plans to give out – even though O endured Cruise's couch-trampolining antics last year. Meanwhile, erstwhile BFFs Victoria and David Beckham are still, says People, scratching their pretty heads over a gift. And Posh is choosing between "six or seven" different outfits to wear to the big event. Finally, in case you really wanted to know, E! Online's Marc Malkin reports that Tom will be wearing some pricey drawers -- he got six pairs of GrigioPerla briefs for $315 the other day in L.A.

OJ: I Would've Made a Bloody Mess

Can you believe this guy? Just when you thought he'd disappeared, there he is: OJ Simpson is set to tell FOX in an interview later this month "how he would have committed the murders if he were the one responsible for the crimes," according to a network statement. For some reason, Simpson has decided to tell the world what he would've done in the slayings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, which took place in 1994 and for which he was convicted in civil court. "I don't think any two people could be murdered without everybody being covered in blood," says Simpson in a clip of the interview. The two-part sit-down airs Nov. 27 and Nov. 29.

Party Favors: Paris Hearts Harry? ... Nicole Beats Down Bypass Rumors ... Queen Goes to Bond Preem

Could Paris Hilton be stealing Harry Morton's affections – and getting Lindsay Lohan mad as hellfire in the process? Life & Style says that hotel heir Morton slept over at hotel heiress Hilton's house recently, and that Lohan hit the roof when she found out ... Nicole Richie took to MySpace yesterday to refute rumors that she had gastric bypass surgery reversed, thus explaining her (very slight) weight gain. She called the reports "ridiculous" and pointed out that the surgery is only recommended for people 100 lbs. overweight or more ... Queen Elizabeth II graced the premiere of the most recent James Bond installment, "Casino Royale," with her royal highness. It was just the third Bond premiere she's attended.

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No Avatar


PAris doesnt even like sex
She only bangs people to irritate others
If it wasnt for all those wigs could you imagine what the skanky ho looks like?

2869 days ago

car videos    

is this the beginning of his starvation??? lolz

2869 days ago


Kevin who?

2869 days ago

Torshion Bar    

Federline is pure white trash, 1200.00 dollars meals? No wonder he's kicking horse turds down the road. But, I must say, OJ Simpson is far worse... listen good OJ, Iv'e said this for years, If I ever end up with a terminal illness, I will hunt you down and have revenge for the families of the people you killed.


2869 days ago


Paris Hilton is a skank, her family are also skanks. If they had any shame or pride, they would smack the crap out of her and show her how to act like a lady. That said, I wish that your site would just ignore the plastic bitch.

2869 days ago


gastric bypass is for people 100lbs overweight or more, but money + Mexico = anyone can get gastric bypass. Only explination.

2869 days ago


Oh please! Kfed is FAR from scrapping, he hit the jackpot with dumb ass Britney, he's just waiting for payday. Leave the guy alone. Britney knew EXACTLY what she was getting when she married that loser.

Oprah probably doesn't want to take part in that faux ceremony. I'm still curious as to what Catholic Priest will marry a man in a Catholic ceremony, when Tom has been married twice before.


Paris is a human toilet! Guess that's why Lindsey called her a c**t. LMAO!

2869 days ago


LOL number #4! k-fag is such a pathetic loser! paris needs to learn how to close her legs and stop chasing other people's boyfriends. What does she want to be known as sloppy seconds??

2869 days ago

in the know    

Nicole went into the hospital for 3 days, a miracle happened and she is now able to gain weight? It is reported at another reputable sight she had a band removed from her stomach not gastric bypass, they are two totally different things. She definitely did something with her so called "team of doctors". She looks good. Why would that restaurant comp K-fed and his friends anyway? Oprah wasn't invited because she did not defend Tom in an interview about the couch jumping incident. Why on earth would the invited guests to Tom's wedding want towels with his and Katie's intitials? He wasted 8k on them.

2869 days ago


Damn that Mr Spears is one ugly dude! He should have shoved the liquor bottles up his ass not in his coat!

2869 days ago


Paris better grab a man while she can.... have a few babies.... then she can go back to her sad socialite lifestyle.


I really hope Brook doesn't go to that sad wedding in Italy.

OJ is innocent.

2869 days ago


Good! Hopefully if he is scrappin for sh*t we won't have to hear about the clownish poser anymore! OJ is bats and Paris has sawdust in her pea- sized brain.

2869 days ago


So the Free-Loader ordered himself a $1200.00 dinner, vodka and tiquilla bottles !! How big of him !!! O course, that was Brittany's dime paying for the free-loader ! I hope she took the plates off the expensive cars and motorcycles she bought for him !! Cut and chop those cards up ! Now let's see how big he is in paying his own way !! ha ha HA !!!!

2869 days ago



2869 days ago

duh...totally !    

Paris = Sloppy Seconds !


she is sooooo Pathetic !

2869 days ago
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