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TRL and the Little People

11/15/2006 4:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robin Williams and Elijah WoodIt was a big day for little men yesterday on TRL, elfin funnyman Robin Williams and tiny Elijah Wood. The pair were making the rounds promoting the animated hit, "Happy Feet," and as always, Williams was more animated than most toons. Snoop Dogg took time out from his legal troubles to push the penguin flick, along with Panic! at the Disco.

Robin, not to be outdone by his own shirt, which said, "1001 Insults, Putdowns, For all Occasions," clowned it up as usual. Elijah Wood appears to be wearing a pair of jeans from Baby Gap.


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I hope that's just a bad angle! What's wrong with his head???

2899 days ago


Elijah Wood manages to look like all his clothes are too small for him. How is that possible?

And scared of the camera to boot.

2899 days ago


come out of the closet already elijah....don't you know it's the thing to do these days!! you kinda freak me out...

2899 days ago


Elijah is beautiful! Leave him alone. He is an amazing actor if any of you care to go back to Avalon. Good things come in small packages...wink wink ;)

2899 days ago


Elijah is such a cutie. I just wanna carry him around in my pocket.

2899 days ago


I havent figured TMZ out. You're good at getting out news stories, but then minutes later you post Op-Ed pieces and then the next, you're making blog-esque mean-spirited polls about genuinely nice actors who are just out doing their jobs, promoting films. (And HAPPY FEET happens to be a friendly, green-themed movie.)

You cannot be all things to all people, TMZ. I suggest your Editor-in-Chief make a decision about which tone you choose to set and try sticking with it for a while.

How can you rail about your perception of Elijah Wood's looks and call yourself a NEWS site? Same thing with yesterday's slanderous take on Elisha Cuthbert's "tantrum," which was clearly misrepresented once we saw the accompanying video. (Or was that just a ploy to make us sit thru your advert?)

2899 days ago


HEY TMZ, gossip is one thing, but some of the things you are posting on your website (like this article) are just plain cruel. Come on!!! Is that how you want to become known? For making nasty comments? Stick to gossip.

2899 days ago


Please people. I do not buy the nicey-nicey bull-oney. If you want flavorless soy-based gossip read the mainstream medial bites and leave perez alone. Gossip os ALL ABOUT being mean, toherwise, it wouldn't be gossip.

Personally, P, I think you guys are a riot.

2899 days ago


Robin looks really good. I'm glad to see him out and about and just having fun. God bless him. I love the shirt too. Hilarious!

2899 days ago


I love how when it's trashing on someone like Paris or Lohan, it's okay to be evil, but pull it out on Elijah and how dare anyone say anything mean? Is it because it's a kiddie movie? Please.

PS: Does Robin have to go potty? (Since we're being non-mean and kiddie-themed today)

2899 days ago


Come on numbers 6 and 7 (same person I bet) lighten up! I don't by your nicey-nicey bull either. If you think it's so mean don't read gossip web sites! DUH!

2899 days ago


Jesus crow! That Wood boy looks like a tiny little worm! His eyes look like he is totally wasted! How old is he 14? Crap!

2899 days ago


YAWN! These two stool samples are news?? Come on TMZ!

2899 days ago


He has a bobble head ding dong as well!

2899 days ago


Lolita, I enjoy gossip as much as anyone. But you need to check your definition of gossip. Saying 'Elijah wood looks like a bobble-head doll' or that he has 'jeans from Baby Gap' is NOT gossip. That's just plain mean. It's obvious that it's the angle of the camera shot, it NOT gossip worthy. If you think it IS, then baby, you need to get a life. And I am NOT a fan of Elijah wood, I haven't even watched one of his movies from start to finish. I just don't think the above article about a bad picture angle is interesting. All they are doing in the article is MAKE FUN OF THE BAD CAMERA ANGLE!

Now if Eljah came out of the closet with Tom Cruise.... THAT WOULD BE GOSSIP!!!

2898 days ago
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