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Mills Will Spill It

11/16/2006 4:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Mills is set to break her silence in an exclusive interview with "EXTRA," her first time talking on-air since her split. Mills set off a paparazzi frenzy after landing at LAX last night.

Sir Paul's estranged wife arrived stateside amidst a messy divorce from the former Beatle. Earlier this month, London tabs leaked what they claim are court documents from Mills' camp, detailing alleged physical abuse by McCartney, who vigorously denied the allegations. The sparring Brits have a daughter, Beatrice.

In a recent BBC Radio interview, Paul said he hopes a "certain dignity" will be maintained throughout the divorce. A little late.

Miss Mills' "EXTRA" interview will air next week.


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Heather Mills had a plan from day to get rich quick.

2857 days ago

Jennifer Spengler    

"It also makes you look like an illterate jerk...get a life asswipe. whats the d for dumbass mumsie."

Not that I don't agree with you, but when criticizing another's literacy, you might want to check your own. You see, "illterate" (as you spelled it) should be spelled "illiterate." Also, don't forget proper punctuation and capitalization! "whats the d for dumbass mumsie" is better represented as, "What's the 'D' for? 'Dumbass' Mumsie?"

See what a difference that makes?

Insults are better when delivered in the appropriate structure. ;)

I'm incredibly sorry to go off-topic, but I felt the urge...


2851 days ago


Can you say "Rebound"

2863 days ago


Does anyone else view this chick as a scheming, gold digger that had a master plan all along?

2863 days ago


And I won't watch it nor do I believe anything she has to say. Poor Paul !!! This woman is a gold digger !!

2863 days ago


Totally a screaming Gold Digger out for herself ALL the way. Now if she really loved him ever, she would be respectful and not go there..but I have absolutely NO respect for her. Poor me, I cry bullsh*t and hope she crawls back under the rock she came from, stupid bitch.

2863 days ago

Ms Kris    

Are we in it for the money?

Sure has been.

What is this person going to do without the spotlight on her for all these causes she is supporting.

Without Paul flipping the bill there that goes.

Why does she not go out & get a job?

2863 days ago


i'm surprised that so many paparrazzi were swarming this trashy woman...........must have been a slow night at the airport.

2863 days ago


Gold Digger!

2863 days ago


Show some class, Heather. Oops, too late.

2863 days ago


Okay here comes some more lies, this gimp legged bitch needs to stop all she wants is money the golddigging one legged bitch.

Hoppidy hoppidy hoppidy hop hopp? What is this?

Heather Mills going for her Bed Pan!!!!!!!

2863 days ago


When Heather first came on the scene, I had really hoped Paul had found true love, especially after the tragic death of Linda.. (I'm a child of the late 50's and 60's and grew up with the Beatles). Although she could never replace Linda, at least Paul would have been happy hopefully for the rest of his life. Everyone deserves that.

Now that we've turned the page to the divorce, it's quite obvious the one who is showing dignity and who is not. I guess it should not be a surprise, though. Every move she makes, she digs herself lower and lower into that hole she originally came from. Let's see, carrying that video camera everywhere, what is she looking for? (Is she really expecting Paul to jump from behind a bobby and assault her?) Having someone hop that wall at Paul's mansion when he had the locks changed (way to go Paul!!). If she thinks that all of these little stunts is going to get her custody of their daughter, she'd better think again or fire who is giving her advice to act this way. She's playing right into Paul's hands. Of course she will get a lot of money, but when the divorce is over, she's old news and a rich bitch, no man on this earth will want anything to do with her. She will be a lonely young lady. She'd better start thinking of putting that child first. Hopefully Paul will prevail with full custody; who wants a mother like that raising your daughter?????

2863 days ago


Oh, Mr McCartney may be called a 'Sir' but that didn't make him much smarter.. Hahahaha!

2863 days ago


Huh mum? She is soo devious, wow and she definitely not worth the press, i suppose everyone wants to see what an ass she makes out of herself, thats it !

2863 days ago


she's a hooker...poor paul

2863 days ago
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