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TomKat's Wedding Circus

11/16/2006 7:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Let the frenzy begin! Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and a jetload full of stars have arrived in Rome, and they're hungry! The A-list group set out to enjoy their first Italian dinner, recover from jet lag, and kick off the TomKat wedding celebrations.

A million cameras were on hand to catch the chaos. Here's some of what they got.


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Sane In a Small Town    

To #59: Oprah certainly has more class than to call them "TomK**t" unlike you. And IF she called them that, how would YOU know. You certainly seem to have some kind of delusions of grandeur.

2888 days ago


The baby Suri is adorable! Now , to me she looks more like Kate with her eyes having a slight turn down in the outer corner of her beautiful eyes.
Clearly Asian? Adopted? I seriously doubt it!

2884 days ago

ya dig!    

yall need to be ashamed talking sh*t on a baby that is very low i hope none of you guys have kids cause what you say will come back to you .you gonna f*** up and have a baby and she or he gonna end looking like a spider monkey .i think suri is a cute baby. some of you are just some sad ass people grow the f*** up .

2873 days ago


That baby sure looks like her daddy..Chris! anyone else see it?

2906 days ago


What a plain looking kid...guess they cant have beautiful babies like Brooke Shields and Angelina Jolie. Thier kids (Brooke & Angies) make this one look as homely as UGLY BETTY. What a goofy looking BASTARD Suri Is

2906 days ago


1. That baby sure looks like her daddy..Chris! anyone else see it?

Posted at 5:42PM on Nov 16th 2006 by bibs

and I wouldnt be too happy about that, might turn out to be a p***y like her daddy

2906 days ago


Suri is a cute kid!!! I don't think she looks like Chris Klein. She looks like Tom.

2906 days ago


Suri is Soooooo cute, but is it just me or does she look like she really needs a bath in this pic? Maybe it's time to focus on the child instead of the wedding!!

2906 days ago


now that is one beautiful baby.

2906 days ago


Yeah!!! Baby Suri is out of Exile. I guess the NON WOGS have not given permission for her to be with Baby Mamma. But it seems she is a daddy girl.
Interesting to note the other kids have to turn up seperately and are nto photoged with the happy kid sand spawn. Isnt it a little wierd. I thought parents with kids are always anxious to make the previous kids feel a part of the new family etc.
Where are the Dawsons creek Alum.....................Come on Katie at least you could have sent one invite to all cast members to this non legal spectacle of Alien meet.

2906 days ago


Is it possible to be jealous of a baby #5? Your horns are showing.

2906 days ago


Cute child. Who knows if its Katie's and Tom's though. What I'm stil lconfused about was WHY Oprah was not invited to the wedding? It all started on her show... Tom jumping around and acting like a freak! Oh well, I'm sure Brooke Shields is having a lovely time taking her place!

MORE PICS of that BASTARD child!!!

2906 days ago


Suri is just too cute....................Screw you people who call her a Bastard, that is just hateful and mean. You should not ever talk about a kid like that. What you say about other people's kid will come true to your own child!!!!!!!!!!1

2906 days ago


Wow number 5, Insulting a baby who doesn't know whats going on. You're a great excuse for a human. NOT

2906 days ago


You know, I think Tom is as weird as can be and Katie has turned into a glassy eyed robot, but you people really need to shut the f*ck up about the baby. That kid didn't get to choose her parents and it isn't right for you dumb sh*ts to say she's homely like Ugly Betty...give the poor kid a break and get back to talking smack on the baby daddy.

2906 days ago
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