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TomKat's Wedding Circus

11/16/2006 7:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Let the frenzy begin! Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and a jetload full of stars have arrived in Rome, and they're hungry! The A-list group set out to enjoy their first Italian dinner, recover from jet lag, and kick off the TomKat wedding celebrations.

A million cameras were on hand to catch the chaos. Here's some of what they got.


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It sounds like a certain percentage of people posting here have never had children themselves or even been in close proximity to babies.

Suri is a very cute baby, yes. why wouldn't she be? Look at her parents.
She does not have a third eye. Gimme a break.
Suri has a common rash that a lot of babies get when they are little. Similar to cradle cap. For the unenlightened--go look it up.

Young baby's skin is fragile and some babies are allergic soap, creams, clothing, etc, when they are little and they can get those rashes. it's actually very common.
She looks like both her parents and they want to get married, excuse me they are obviously already married. they made a trip to Civil Court to do that I believe.
Life is way too short to worry yourself over whether Tom and Katie had a biological child together. I think we are way past that....don't you?

2866 days ago


I think the baby is very cute. Who cares about who's married to who, they have a happy healthy baby. I do however feel that the baby is adopted, and whether or not she looks like Katie or Tom, she still looks Asian.

2866 days ago


I think Suri looks exactely like Tom. I can't stand that man but he sure did help produce one of the cutest darn babies I've seen in a long time (except for my own). I hope Suri stays out of show business and doesn't have to suffer for being the child of one of the creepiest men on the face of the earth. I wonder if he's immortal yet.............

2866 days ago

Baby Lover    

This baby looks too old for her age.

2866 days ago


The baby is not cute, and it is not mean to say that. It is amazing how quickly Tommy-boy is winning you all over by using his child for publicity. He is a raging lunatic and Katie is a zombie. No baby in the world can change that no matter how much they use the child.

2866 days ago


I don't see how you people think this baby looks like Tom, he's sterile has been for years, the baby and this marriage is just for publicity, cause Tom is really gay plain and simple he is too scared to come out of the closet.

2866 days ago

phyllis diller    

I am glad that baby is rich, cause she sure is ugly...looks like a baby Liza Minelli.

2866 days ago


A miracle. We finally get to see Suri sorta up close and what first struck me was how fair her skin is and how she looks like Katie. Loved her smile. It seems her hair style in these photos is very much like her dad's. Wonder who's styling his - hmm. Still think Shiloh has it in the looks department, but some children with the most gorgeous parents seem to lose out in the long run. I think both of these babies have done well in the genes department.
I just can't imagine why Katie is marrying him - money or no - it's what goes along with him. His controlling nature, Scientology and who knows what else!! The whole circus, maybe?

2866 days ago


That is an ugly kid!

2866 days ago


To post #70, BJ:

"Third eye" as in a birthmark in-between the eyes, not an actual third eye. Give ME a break. And I am enlightened. Some babies are born with a slight birthmark that disappears as they get older. I was. You might want to look it up.

2865 days ago


I GOT IT!!!! She looks like Scout from To Kill a Mocking Bird, it was driving me crazy to think who she really looked like now I know.

2865 days ago


If Tom is sterile then how come Nicole kept going on and on saying that the baby she miscarried was his? HUH??? Explain that. She surely would not have said that if she thought he was sterile for goodness sakes.

Tom could even have low sperm count due to a childhood illness, but I am speculating.... With technology today, you would be shocked how drs. help parents who think they can't father a child eventually have one. I am sure it is extremely expensive, let's just put it that way.

People--grow up!!
Tom is talented actor and good looking and rich. Those people can get pretty much what they want. He wants a beautiful wife--and beautiful children with her--and he got it-- Exactly how they did it who in heck cares.

There are a lot worse things a person can do in life than be a Scientologist...a lot worse things.
Maybe Kate wants a famous actor for a husband and father, a great boost to her career and money for the rest of her life...let me see-- I can think of a few actresses who have done that.

I plan to go see their movies ---But bottom line--If they are stinkers I will stay away. Just marrying Kate and having cute babies won't make a career, he better make some decent movies.

She is their child, but if it floats your boat, believe otherwise.

2865 days ago


what a gorgeous child. you people who think this kid is not tom and katie's are nuts. she is a perfect mix of the two. I am no fan of cruise, however, calling this baby names is idiotic. i hope they are happy.

2865 days ago


OMG....she has a "strawberry patch" on her forehead people!!

This shall fade as she gets older! Third eye..come one..some of you are rediculous!!

2865 days ago

Allred Tree    

#46 Taylor - I bet you are about ten years old and have seen about that # of babies in your short life!

2865 days ago
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