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Jolie's Bodyguards Thrown Behind Bars

11/17/2006 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina's bodyguards: Click to watchLooks like Angelina's protectors do their job ... a little too well.

Police in India arrested three of the star's bodyguards today, for allegedly roughing up parents and students at a school where Jolie was filming scenes for "A Mighty Heart." Her guards also caused controversy by reportedly calling the people of Mumbai "bloody Indians" and "bloody Muslims" during the standoff.

Though the ruffians were jailed, they were eventually released on bail and asked not to leave the country for a week, and to report to the local police office every day. If convicted, they could be jailed for up to three years!

Since arriving in India, Angie's bodyguards have had a string of run-ins with locals and paparazzi. An AP photographer alleged he was threatened with a gun, and another photographer was choked by a member of her entourage.

Protection is hard work ... in this case, it could lead to hard time.


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I love that people whine about the rights celebrity have. It's natural.. they make more money than the president. When you make more money than them, then maybe you can start banning them in countries. How about that?

And as for everyone who's saying how retarded the bodyguards were.. well have you ever been in India? I went to India a couple of years ago.. I was 16 at the time. I saw a little kid asking for money, so I have him some coins I had in my pocket. Before you know it, there were seriously about a dozen kids with really dirty faces (which made it really intimdating) tugging on my shirt, pinching me, and tugging on my bag. I'm not Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt.. I just gave a kid some coins that probably didn't amount to dollars. How much more if you're a freaking star?

No offense, but I've been in those situations when people are really really dumb and they don't understand they're freaking you out. And when they come in hundreds because they want to see a star cause they're excited.. that's pretty scary. What if one of them wanted to stab them just for being Americans?

2822 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

This bitch thinks she should be treated like a goddess, Screw her!

2841 days ago


They should lock her ass up for being skanky.

2841 days ago


In his first interview in India, Brad Pitt told NDTV that his bodyguards did not make racial slurs and that it was a horrible misunderstanding.

“This is not what Angelina and I wanted. This contradicts the message of the film we are trying to make.

“Angelina and I have a multi-racial family, we want them to respect and understand different religions,” he said.

“Maybe we should have explained our intentions when we first got here. We would not hire anyone who is racist or who would hurt or push a child,” added Pitt.

2841 days ago


I am so glad they were arrested. I'm sick of celebrities thinking they or their bodyguards are above the law. They do what they want and then they lie about it and then they "get off" the hook. I hope they send Brett's bloody white ass to jail. He has no right to choke people just becuase he wants to. He is really a loose cannon. Lock him up.

2841 days ago


Where's the video? Where's the pics? I mean i saw plenty of paparazzi camera's & video camera's at the school but NONE of them got any of this on tape? Hmm........because it never happened!

Just another example of TMZ covering up the actions of the PAPARAZZI!

2841 days ago


They should have thrown whorlina in jail with her pack of thugs! Those guys have been causing problems for a while, evidently Vagalina and Armpitt really don't care who they hurt!

2841 days ago


These celebrities are a bunch of liars. They lie when it suits them. They lie about not having a relationship with each other even when they are sleeping with each other. They lie about TONS of stuff. This is another example of how they lie to get what they want. I think Brett would make such comments. He is a thug and acts like one doing whatever he wants whenever he wants. These local parents are upset and I don't blame them.

2841 days ago


Angelina and Brad are two of the nicest people I've ever met. You don't have clue folks. And by your tone, I doubt you care enough to find out who they really are. Why spend your time filled with hate for two people that don't even know you exists? I guess you come to this blog to see how nasty you can get? Well you're doing a great job of it. But it makes you all seem a tab bit pathetic.

2841 days ago


I will agree that at times the paparazzi goes too far, however, that "Mr. Toughass bodyguard is going to attack the wrong person one day and be shot dead where he stands. Not everone is going to stand for being attacked. No amount of martial arts training or being a" bad ass" is a match for a .45 !!

2841 days ago


Girls girls girls. Enough with the jealousy, why do women love to bash each other? Isn’t there some kind of sisterhood thing anymore? Guess not. Sour grapes comes to mind ladies. Watch out you'll get old and ugly if you hang on to those vile thoughts. Keep in mind Angelina is who your husbands are thinking about we they're in bed with you. Is that why you're all so bent out of shape?

2841 days ago


get the story right guys, check out just jared. Mickey brett is a badass and thank god b/c the media don't allow this family to even go on a rickshaw ride with their kids. He did what he had to do, did not use ANY racial slurs and apoligized with Brad and Angelina right their sticking up for him and clarifying what REALLY happened. Mickey Brett rules!!!!!!!!!!!

2841 days ago


Not all women are threaten by Angelina's beauty. Apparently the ones that are come here to post. LOL I'm a women who can appreciate another women's beauty without feeling threaten. You girls need to chill out. It her body guard that got arrested not her. If the security guard in my office (who is posted to protect us at work) were to rough someone up, I would hope I would not be blamed.

2841 days ago


This is all B***S***!! they just want money...these people are hungry for it and will say and do what they can can to get it...If they do it in the U.S.A they will do it anywhere. I mean who is tupid enough to attack a person half their size...c'mon people. Stop getting all mad...I think Angie is a really good actress and she does not walk around thinking she is a goddess is just the way paparazzi makes it seems. We are all getting brained wash... that is why these sites are called on the entertainment site...cause 60% of the things they say is BS!!!!!!

2841 days ago


To #9 . I agree with you about the jealousy and all the caddy remarks on this board, howver, to be truthful, I'd choose Jennifer Aniston personally. Yes Angelina is attractive, but, doesn't "Float My Boat" so to speak like Jennifer. Her petite hard little body does it for me. Different strokes for different folks I suppose . I'd choose Jennifer Love Hewitt over Jolee too any day !!

2841 days ago
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