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"Glib" Lauer Takes a Shot at Cruise

11/17/2006 2:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Lauer joked on "Today" this morning that he received an invitation to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding in Italy this weekend. Yeah, right.

When asked if he'd gotten his invite, Matt said, "I did. It was addressed to 'Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt.'" Hehehe.

Last year, in a highly publicized interview, Lauer and Cruise got into it over the use of prescription drugs and psychiatry. Besides uttering Matt's name over and over again, Cruise also gave us the memorable line, "Don't be glib."

It's good to see that Matt and Tom have buried the hatchet... where it belongs.


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I would like to apologize to the posters I bashed. I found God today and I am sorry. I think I am the Dickhead for sure. Please accept my sincerest apologizes.

2895 days ago


tom cruise is pretty fyad

2894 days ago


First of all, Cruise said to Lauer: "You are Glib". You guys should be careful when quoting.

Second and lastly, Good for Matt Lauer to find some humor in all this.

2894 days ago


Tom Cruise needs to take some of those psychiatric drugs he is so against. They might keep him from jumping on couches, making a F'ing fool of himself and marrying so many women (#3) and getting divorced . They might even help his acting and help him make better movies!

Scientology = cult and a very dysfunctional one at that.

2894 days ago


# 10,


Scientology is not a cult. ( a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious) to some it may seem that way, but there is a differance. It is a recognized religion (commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance) in the United States as is Wicca. Scientology is indeed an interesting religion with it's past life conotations and such. Check it out. Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health is an interesting read. L. Ron Hubbard is the author.

*** Scientology ~ In 1993, the Church of Scientology gained tax-exempt status as a religion in the United States after a long-running legal battle with the Internal Revenue Service. Source:

"""Witchcraft is a legally recognized religion in the United States,as declared in 1985,Dettmer V. Landon (617 E Supp.529) the District Court of Virginia pursuant to rule 52a of the Rules of Civil procedure. Reaffirmed in 1986 in the Federal Appeals Court, Fourth Circuit, Butzner J. (592 F. 2d. 934) Henceforth, Witchcraft and Witches are protected under the United States Constitution (Amendment I;XIV) """

2875 days ago


What is wrong with everyone? Tom Cruise is a fine actor - his pictures always are well attended.....And he is entitled to his opinion as well as other people are entitled to theirs. Just look at this discussion. I don't know who feels better saying bad thing about others.

As for Katie Holmes - I've seen her in movies and she is a fine actress - if she decides this is her life style then let her. As for Suri she is a doll.

2875 days ago

gordon mc    


2873 days ago


Can I ask a question here ? Well I'll hope your answer was YES and proceed. Why is it when a celebrity practices an alternative religion people go INSANE about it ? If He was a CHRISTIAN and talked about " God" the way he talks about Scientology this would be NO big deal..matter of fact he would be admired. BUT since he is a Scientologist and people do NOT accept Scientology as a " Normal" religion everyone has used THAT against him.
I am a Pagan and this infuriates me, I feel for Tom and Katie and all the Scientologist out there. I also feel BAD for anyone who is Not the " NORM" . If you believe in ANYTHING other than this WONDERFUL Christian God...LOOK OUT becasue The American people will NOT accept it and they will destroy your reputation and have preconcieved opinions of you. I myself have NO PROBLEM with Christians, Muslims, Jews, People who practice Khabala, Wiccans, Pagans ( There Is a difference in Paganism and Wiccans FYI ) Nor do i have a problem with ANY lifestyle choice ..... Why can't we ALL get along ? I mean is it NOT what makes this world such a WONDERFUL PLACE....all the differences I mean. WHY is it that everyone has to live a certain way...the acceptable way to the masses or they are WRONG and INSANE ? Take a LOOK IN THE MIRROR people....Followers NEVER make anything of is those of us who step OUTSIDE the box and actually see the BIG picture who live to our fullest and are TRUE TO OURSELVES.
SEEK YOUR OWN TRUTH and ALLOW others to do the same.
So Mote It Be, The Witch in Alabama

2866 days ago

Torshion Bar    

Now that is funny!

2900 days ago



2900 days ago


Why does Tom have custody of Connor and Isabella?

Does Nicole ever see them?

Do you think Tom had some kind of micro-surgery to retrieve his sperm and to create an embryo with Katie's egg? As one who tried forever to have a baby, I know there's new technology added all the time to enhance the chances of pregnancy.

I think Suri is adorable! I can't imagine why anyone would have something negative to say about a beautiful, innocent baby like her.

2900 days ago


So where exactly is the hatchet buried? In Tom's forehead?

2900 days ago

Mad Balls    

Other reasons why Scientologist did not invite Matt to the Wedding !!
1. Matt once refered to scientology as " The religon of Rich gay Hobos' "
2. NBC ?!? isn't that the station that sucks?
3. Shouldn't have dished Letterman in the Leno deal .
4. Fat Club ?!? More like Fathead Club over at NBC .
5. Can feel Matts eyes staring holes in the back of their skulls
6. Matt looks way too much like baby suri for it to be coincidence
7. Matts' drunken orgy with Ron and The Mcguire sisters sealed it
8. Sceintology has defined rules against wearing Sear-sucker suits
9. Printing " MATT MATT MATT MATT MATT " would have cost to much
10 With that haircut he looks way to much like K-fed

2900 days ago



2900 days ago



2900 days ago
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