Tom's a Mismatch in Three-Piece Suit

11/16/2006 5:00 PM PST

Tom's a Mismatch in Three-Piece Suit

With TomKat's big fat Italian wedding two days away, Tom, Katie and their soon-to-be legitimate daughter Suri enjoyed dinner with the Mayor of Rome on Wednesday.

Katie carried baby Suri, while Tom, decked out in a pinstriped three-piece suit, kept his protective arm around Holmes' waist. By the way, it seems to us that his burgundy tie and brown shoes don't go well with the grey suit. Just our opinion.

Meanwhile with Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey and Brooke Shields among the attendees for the ceremony, helicopters have already begun circling the fortress-like Castle Odescalchi.

Time will tell if the wedding site will be able to keep the paparazzi from crossing the moat.