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Victoria Steals TomKat's Thunder

11/18/2006 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Victoria Beckham: Click to watchThe end of days is here... well, at least the end of Katie Holmes' days as a free woman.

Today is the day Tom and Katie get married - finally - and the A-list guest-listers are going all out for the lavish ceremony. While guests like Will Smith, wife Jada Pinkett Smith and Brooke Shields looked classy and gave their well wishes to the couple as they left their hotel for the wedding, Victoria Beckham turned the paparazzi crush into the "Posh Show."

The former Spice Girl exited the Hassler Hotel with what can only be described as an oversized black plate wedged precariously on her head, posing for photos and turning the entranceway of the hotel into a fashion show.

With other guests like J. Lo, Richard Gere and Jenna Elfman in attendance, it sure sucks for them if they were sitting behind Beckham!

And in case you're wondering -- Cruise and Holmes have tied and knot and are officially husband and wife, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.


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#19 - I agree. Tom and Katie don't even know most of the invitees and vice versa. These people were specifically chosen; they're not friends. This is the continuation of one of the biggest publicity stunts ever.

2805 days ago


That spice girl wore the hat to get attention -- and it worked.
One doesn't wear a hat with formal evening wear
even in England.
The wedding started at 6 p.m.

The international media are saying Jada Pinckett is Halle Berry.
Fog rolled in and people in the streets can't see the castle.
So the street crowds are leaving for home.
Fireworks can't be seen.

After all this, Tom and Katie better make an appearance.
If they hold out for a photo buyer,
I hope major media passes.

All the hoopla is just to "show" Sumner Redstone and
try to salvage Tom's career.

2805 days ago


"And in case you're wondering -- Cruise and Holmes have tied and knot and are officially husband and wife, their rep confirms to PEOPLE."

But they're reps are Scientologists.. like Cruise's sister. I thought I read that the wedding isn't exactly legit.. and that they're not REALLY REALLY married.

2805 days ago


That hat looks stupid as hell. The "wedding" is stupid as hell also. Tom really wants to marry a man. He really wanted Chris Klein not Katie.

2805 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Is there anyone out there who knows anything about the gossip making the rounds to the effect that Tom Cruise practices caprophilia? (That's someone wo plays with human feces the way kids play with Silly Putty.)

2805 days ago


Unless the mayor married them that scientology wedding is not legal. That shit was just a big show.

2805 days ago


American citizens are risking their lives in Iraq.

This is not important.

2805 days ago


I think the hat was the perfect thing to wear to such a freak-show.

2805 days ago

george vieto    

Good luck TomKat you will need it. Start spreading the news.

2805 days ago


I was very happy for Tom and Katie until I read that the marriage is not legal. And if you look closely at the picture of her looking out the window with Suri, she looks worried, as she does in a lot of her pictures when she isn't aware the press is watching. Tom could have had a civil ceremony right after the Scientology event but evidently didn't. How sad...Until the marriage is legal, Katie is not protected. So I agree, this is one big stunt from Mr. Cruise to again control everything. No wonder some of the stars weren't upset when they weren't invited. Tom, you are a jerk!

2805 days ago

Warsaw Missouri    

I dont really think anyone cares about Tom and Katie getting married to begin with. I only clicked the link because it is fricking hilarious that someone else is making headlines. I think its crap that she converted to scientology or what the heck ever it is. May god strick them both dead.

2805 days ago

Grandma of Four    

Well.....there may be something else to "steal their thunder"! Check out the pictures of KATE arrving at the castle on
where she is very clearly HOLDING baby Suri in the backseat of the car/van! God forbid that car/van was in any sort of traffic situation on the....WHAT????...29 mile drive to the castle! That sweet little baby would have been a missile straight past Tom's mother and out the front window! WHAT was KATE thinking??????

Check it out!

2805 days ago


Oh well Katies now beleives in LRH ..So if you believe in your religion , I guess you would be more than happy to be married under those laws and shun the judeo christian societal rules ..of course until the Divorce when the poorer spouse become money hungry..With all the publicity they have courted, I sincerely hope they have a gracious divorce when the time comes.or else they will become a laughing stock....I dont know just trying to come up with som e kind of plausible excuse.

I think they had hope that the catholic church will marry them for katies family' sake .. but alas, it didnt happen.

I think they are simply trying to salvage Toms career. Tom has enough power to add big stars in his movie..knowign that if we dont watch him, others will go watch Meryl Streep and Redford...Not a dime of my money will go to scientology so I will opt out till it shows up on TV...Never watched any cruise movies anyway...Always saw them on TV.

2805 days ago


One of these days, when Katie is older, wiser, more warped by life and from being married to Tom she is going to regret, so very deeply that she did not push him OFF the Eiffel Tower on the day he proposed.

2805 days ago


What thunder is there to steal? Looking like a tool in that wack hat? Please!

2805 days ago
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