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TomKat Wedding:

Mission Accomplished!

11/19/2006 6:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's official! Katie Holmes is now Mrs. Tom Cruise! The stars tied the knot at a spectacular star-studded wedding ceremony Saturday afternoon at Odescalchi Castle in Rome. The couple, who got engaged in June of 2005 (just two months after publicly announcing their relationship), was dressed from head to toe in Giorgio Armani. Baby Suri was also clad in designer wear.

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Just a few of the 14,000 locals managed to catch a brief glimpse of some of the famous guests on their way into the castle, but the entire town got quite a treat when the sky was light up with red, white and green fireworks at the end of the evening. Even though there has been significant doubt cast upon the authenticity of their relationship from day one, we would like to take a moment to congratulate the happy newlyweds. Cheers!


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They're not smiling like they used to.... And does this look like a prom picture to anyone else???

2890 days ago

Evelyn Orsini    

I am more irritated with the media for giving those 2 egos the forum to show off their excesses. One could not watch any television last weekend without nausea-
inducing scenes. The media has obviously forgotten the fact that TC is a hasbeen and creates no interest, only disgust in the U.S. The rest of the world will soon follow.

2890 days ago


Why does anyone care about how much was spent and if they are married or not when there is real people suffering in this world and they would not even give them a thought unless they were in the way of the limo and they could not get through.

2890 days ago


By the way, David Micaviage stands at 5'5 and he is described as a bully by scientology critics..reminds you of Midget fool...he is also noted to suffer from severe depression , he is rarely seen and pictures of him are usually alone and made to look like he is this interview......NAPOLEONIC COMPLEX!!!.. ...

No Wonder the best man was rumored to be Connor, turns out to be David Miscaviage, who did not pose in the pictures ahhaha..Really is it so bad being shorter, I would think not, but Tom Midget Fool and Miscaviage make a big deal out of it. The brides maid consisted of the Katie sceintologist handler ...Jessica...what happened to her best friend whom she used to giggle with about her crush on Tom cruise,,,, what happened during those 16 days she dissapeared..Scarlett Johannson did tell how she went to meet about MI:3 but ended ushered into a dinner by high ranking scientologists.......Katie Katie....with all the slobbering in public she should be more forthcoming about how they met as well...what happened in those 16 days when Katie comes back and fires her manager, publicist etc.................I should think they would want to share the miracle of those 16 days. Anyway L Ron was born march 11th , I think the scientologists not knowing that pregnancy lasts10 months instead of 9, chose the wrong date for the artificial insemination and Suri came out a month late. ( Its really interesting to note that these ppl are highly uneducated in any other discipline but the words of L Ron..miscaviage quit high school. Tom and Katie both only went to High school level...which should not be bad itself, but since then their learning skills have been assaulted by Hollywood or showbiz 'shallowness' and then purely L RON//////.CRITICAL thinking is not their FORTE)

I theorize that , the reason for the wedding being in Italy , is because the Government is very much against scientology and has handed out several jail sentences to the Non Wogs...The wedding and swarming of this group is to basically show Italy they are not going anywhere. alive and kicking with lots of money to spare...why the heck would you even proselytize at a wedding by having a scientologist at each table.

2890 days ago


Those who wonder why Holmes and Cruise behave so stupidly , read this very good article. It s the best one I have come across, because the writer really wanted to beleive in L Ron.He worked hard only to realize at the end of the road the sheer stupidity involved in beleiving in this madman. If you wonder why Nicole or Penelope do not break their silence, its becasue every word they uttered was probaly document ed to the church by Cruise..enough to break you and ruin your career. I hope the holmes family have a strategy because it seems they are just sitting by while their daughter commits psychological suicide. Tom Cruise I beleive is a naive man who fell victim to a very clever and manipulative man ..Miscaviage....Its a little too late or him since they need his money so desperately , however Katie's family should really intervene....kidnap and send her to detox..Mr Holmes should be looking into how to get his daughter out of this cult....The Holmes family showing up for the wedding does not suprise me...if they cut of ties or disagree, Katie will just get deeeper and deeper , an opportunity fior sceintologists to wrap her up they pretty much have to grin and bear it while they find a way, if they really want to find a way to help her.............I am stil wondering why someone form her background would get into this ..considering the family support etc..was the break up with Kline so bad that scientology seemed so alluring. Seems they got her at a vulnerable moment in didnt take long to get her hooked.

2890 days ago


just go away ,so sick of hearing the word tomcat ,just shoot me PLEASE !!!!!!!

2890 days ago

Jamie Lynn    


2890 days ago
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