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TomKat Wedding:

Mission Accomplished!

11/19/2006 6:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's official! Katie Holmes is now Mrs. Tom Cruise! The stars tied the knot at a spectacular star-studded wedding ceremony Saturday afternoon at Odescalchi Castle in Rome. The couple, who got engaged in June of 2005 (just two months after publicly announcing their relationship), was dressed from head to toe in Giorgio Armani. Baby Suri was also clad in designer wear.

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Just a few of the 14,000 locals managed to catch a brief glimpse of some of the famous guests on their way into the castle, but the entire town got quite a treat when the sky was light up with red, white and green fireworks at the end of the evening. Even though there has been significant doubt cast upon the authenticity of their relationship from day one, we would like to take a moment to congratulate the happy newlyweds. Cheers!


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I enjoy your posts wise old owl. Those who complain are more than likely $cientologists.

2859 days ago


It was a hollywood production, that's all. How deplorable and rude for the couple not to even wave to, or acknowledge the towns people. who waited in the rain for just a glimpse of them. Adding insult to injury, the town had waived its $50,000 fee for use of the castle.

2859 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post #18 Butch : Not you again. Coming down off your crack high and all pisst off again. YOU are the one that no one else wants to hear from. YOU have nothing to contrubute to these boards except your lack of intelligence, your stero type name calling, and your " rage issues " May I suggest Infantile thinking .com or Idiot .com. That may be more your speed. I know I speak for others as well when I tell you ............" Please go away "

Post # 21 TomKat = Sham : Thank god that someone here today has some grey matter up there. I appreciate the heads up.

2859 days ago


With all of their money........I still pity them. I have never seen a wedding photo look more strained. They do not look happy. Where's the joy???
Good luck anyway....for the sake of the child.

2859 days ago

coco puff    

Didn't they discover Cruz at a hotdog stand?

2859 days ago

Mary Worth    

The guest list was nothing to write home about!

2859 days ago


After all of this brew haha, my only wish is that this marriage lasts.

2859 days ago

Voice of Reason    

She looks so pure and innocent, who'd have thought she was just another hollywood attention whore. And Tom Cruise... wow, didn't anyone tell him to shower before his wedding? He looks downright greasy.... JUST FRIGGIN' GROSS!

2859 days ago

Voice of Reason    

I can't help but feel the marriage is a sham. I can see the pre-nup now, it even specifies date and reason for the divorce.

2859 days ago


You are all ignorant! people who have nothing to say just bad comments, why dont you all get a life and focus on the real idiots who deserve to have bad comments because of the way we know they really are,,,!!!!! Tom and Katie are good people who dont give a F*** about you all,, you are all depressed cause you wish you had the kind of life they do and the good they do,,...SO STOP WITH THE RUDE COMMENTS AND JUST SAY GOOD FOR THEM!!!!

2859 days ago

coco puff    

Thank you Sandy, you hit the nail right on the head. But, this is TMZ and 99% of the comments about anything are hateful and negative. These haters post here everyday and spew their venom. They are a pathetic bunch of losers and I only read the comments for a laugh.

2859 days ago


A circus is right...reminiscent of Liza Minnelli's or Star Jones' wedding. He obviously has "issues". I hope Katie and Baby Suri have a good life beyond the things money can buy.

2859 days ago


OMG!!! Can these two have their marriage spotlight, another baby and their battled divorce over for now so we don't have to see hhese two sicentology freaks anymore?????

2859 days ago


Dear Sandy:

I bet you are quite a fan.

Movie stars need fans like you to support them, watch their movies and make them rich

Toms fanbase is dwindling ever since he became unedited......sad that ppl cant like what his sister considers the real TOM

If the world had known this TOm years back he would not have the money to put up this sham and would not be in scientology.

So sorry to have to disagree with you but TOM and KATE need us to watch their movies to help them keep their jobs. Hence the Publcity campiagn over the last few months

However I sincerely hope that y'all boycot the sceintology movies, even if Meryl streep happens to be in it.,.,including all UA projects......

Its your money , make a smart descision to keep it out of the hands of scientologists.

Rock ON Wise one!!!

2859 days ago


I just wish that Katie would have combed her hair on her wedding day! I have seen her hair look SOOO much better! Anyway, Congrats to the obviously happy couple :>)

2859 days ago
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