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K-Fed's Court-Approved Blackmail

11/20/2006 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney & KFedBritney Spears is in for a rough ride in her divorce from creepy Kevin Federline. She's about to learn an ugly lesson about celebrity divorces.

Make no mistake about it -- Federline has no interest in getting custody of the couple's two children. Sure, he's asking for custody, but it's all a thinly veiled attempt to extort money from Spears.

The word in Hollywood is that Britney loved partying before she had kids. My only encounter with Spears -- maybe two years before she got married -- was at a gym where she seemed completely oblivious to her celebrity -- chewing gum, dancing and clearly up for a good time, whenever. People I know who know her well say she was a sweet but wild girl.

Enter Federline. He partied with Britney and knows things she probably doesn't want public. And that would probably make her the same as anyone in a relationship. The difference is that Britney's secrets would get huge media play, and Kevin knows it.

So here's where he stands. Thanks to Laura Wasser, Britney's legal eagle who drafted an air-tight prenup, K-Fed will get less than $250,000 (a one-time spousal support payment), around $2.5 million (his share of the Malibu house) and that's pretty much it. So how does Fed Ex really cash in on Britney's fortune? He tells her that there are things the judge may want to know about her past that could bear on her mothering skills. But, of course, for a price, he'll go away.

Federline has been an absentee dad from the get go. He's shown no interest in parenting his kids. On the other hand, people who are around Britney all the time tell me she's an amazing mother. Trust me, we did more stories about the car seat than you can count. But she's with these kids 24/7 and does a really good job.

So the time will come soon when bad Dad will start threatening. And Britney will probably give Kevin more than he deserves to pimp his ride into the sunset. The only solace is that Federline will blow through his settlement quickly and I'm guessing he won't sell enough CDs to buy a Happy Meal. Maybe that's justice.

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Britney........why are you hanging out with skankzilla Paris Hilton??? I though you were going to try to get your life together and concentrate on a comeback?? Partying with skankzilla is not a good PR move.

2862 days ago


You people are crazy...we do no really know anything about her! All we know is the bad stuff! So what if she wanted to party one night...I would to considering all the stuff she is going through. Give her a break. I bet she is a damn good mother, everybody makes mistakes! The reason no one know about yours is because no one is following you around with cameras 24/7, that is ridiculous. LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!! Nobody says a good mother can not go out and have fun, the point is she was doing this on her own time. Her children were probably at home in very good hands! It would be different if her kids were with her. You people are probably jealous that either A: You dont have the money to have someone watch your kids for a night when you go to Vegas, or B:You want to be just like her. Get over it and leave her alone!

2862 days ago


those children should be taken from her immediately. Some MOM, I feel so bad for those kids! She is just a stupid young airheaded white trash girl who thinks she can do no wrong. I hope those kids get taken away. Dumb parents like you should not be able to have kids, time to have DCF iNVESTIGATE! Everyone with a brain has lost respect inyou a while ago! You are disgusting and should never become a mom! A good mother is there for her kids and not out taking her pants off trying to get attention. Those kids are going to have such a sad life cause of what there mother does, I have 3 kids and have never made any stupid things like this! Stop gettting your tummy tucked and showing off drinking and partying and start being a mom! You popped out2 kids now raise them~ That should be your only responsibility~ Grow the f**k up! You need counceling girl! You are a mom now and should be more concerned about your kids then what u are doing! You make me wanna vomit!

2862 days ago


Brittney is going thru alot right now give her a break. It's hard to be a single mother in any setting. Before she spilt from KFed did you ever really see pics that were crazy no I didn't. She needs time to heal and get back to wants important. That's her kids she needs to get focused and get whatever out of her system!! And be a good mother. She has it in her so let it out!! As for KFed thank god he is gone he was just using her anyway she was stupid to think otherwise. Just look what he did to his X history has been known to repeat itself!!

2862 days ago


I really don't see why people seem so surprised by the pics or anything Brit does? Nor can I comprehend why people are so happy for her finally dropping her dead weight. As if she were too good for him? I mean come on? She has proved time and again that she is irresponsible trailor park trash, long before Kevin. Dis we forget about her 24-hour marriage, and her Intelligent explanation of why she did it? Kevin was just her final major example of who and what she is. have we forgotten HOW she acquired him????
While his GIRLFRIEND - Not Ex Girlfriend- was PREGNANT, with his NOT 1ST, but 2ND Child. HELLO! That in itself tells what type of person she is. It also speaks volumes about her mindset. Not to mention her grip on reality, to think he would be any more responsible with her! And then she has not one, but two kids by this man.

It's obvious that whatever behavior that prompted this divorce has been going on for awhile, yet she waits until IMMEDIATELY dropping baby-load #2 to file for divorce. Could she not have figured that out before getting pregnant a second time, and subjecting another child to a broken family arrangement??

Good Mother? Please.

Britney is wreckless. And on top of that she's not packing a lot of brainpower. I'm actually being nice, honestly she is an idiot. It's a good thing that she became a pop star, b/c had she not, she'd be living in a trailor park, or a rub down shack with 4 kids right now, with a drunk husband name Buck who betas her, and on Welfare!

Please miss me with the Britney Spears sympathies. It's a joke that's not even funny.

2862 days ago


LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! just because she is a mother doesn't mean she can't party! and it doesn't matter who she parties with either ! thats her business. Jesus the girl can't breath wihout paparzzi in her but! LOOK she just had two babies back to back she deserves to party ! fed-ex partied everday plus I have yet to see a tabloid with him carrying one of his children !!! B4 she has a nervous breakdown i suggest she party and get it out her system we all make bad choices in our life! I have and now Britney has to !!! FED-EX was the worst choice of her life.

2862 days ago



2862 days ago


Just because your a mom doesnt mean you cant have fun.

She has been through hell the last year or so, she deserves a night out and have fun it doesnt make you a bad mother. what is she supposed to do sit at home and be depressed that doesnt help the kids much either.

she is letting the worl know shes back and she will fight to get to the top again. several other celebrities can do the mom and the pop star thing why would britt be diffrent?

give her a chance!!!!

2862 days ago

Standing up for VITO    

All we know is what we see on the TV and read on web sites and in a magazine. Untill she sits down with you one on one you don't know what's really going on.
What gives you the right to call he a bad mother cause she went out for the night?? If going out for the night makes her a bad mother then everyother mother in america is a bad mother if they go out to right?? NO!!! Untill you walk a mile in her shoes don't judge!!

2862 days ago


who are we to judge her, she is still young, don't even say if you didn't have a 24 hour nanny and money like hers you wouldn't be out partying once in a while, her children are still in good hands when she is not around, give her a break, not all parents are perfect. and for kevin he is out for the money unfortunately, he was not marrying matriel especially after what happened with his ex should of gave her a clue, but hey we all make those"what the hell was i thinking" mistakes, so good luck britney

2862 days ago


I think that Brit has made some mistakes. However, I think that other moms have made similar if not worse mistakes ! A lot of women sleep with the newborn in be with them, they could smother their child but no one says a word ! The only reason why it's different is because Brit is famous ! Should she have married K-Fed ? Hell No ! But there are a lot of people who do things they shouldn't and get away with it ! I believe she's a good mother who cares about more than herself ! Yes, she's been seen out and about recently and no sight of the children; but she's been stuck in that house basically being a single mom for over a year ! K-Fed went out and partied while she got stuck with all the bills and responsibilty ! It's not fair ! If I were her, in this situation, I'd probably go out and party a lil bit too ! I think that everyone should SHUT UP and worry about their own lives and what they're doing wrong ! STOP concentrating on people like Brit and what they're doing wrong ! It's easy to point out where others are f*cking up, but I think that some of you should look inside and she that you're not angels either ! Get a life and stop worrying about Brit !

2862 days ago


I dont think Brit is that BAD of a mom , We all I'm sure have done things with our kids were not to proud of it's just she has paparazzi around to see her mishaps. And for ED>? to take some1's kids away because you went out thats not fair , are you not suppose to have a life or smoke a cig' because your a mom in a hard time right now? She is just tryin to have a lil fun , she to is still young and needs to enjoy some Brit time.......This hasn't been her best yr. She just might need a brake to find the true her again. cant judge some1 for who they hang~out with, just because they have a bad rep'
I say go for it Brit enjoy your young life just remember you are a mom and your kids need time with you to but enjoys ur nights

2862 days ago


Go get him Britney! As far as his share he really should'nt get anything! He brought nothing in! I no you will win in the end.

2862 days ago


What she should pay for is a hit man to put a cap in his wangster ass. Not kill him mind you just beat him until he's mentally retarded. (Not that he isn't already mind you) but worse of course!

2862 days ago
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