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K-Fed's Court-Approved Blackmail

11/20/2006 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney & KFedBritney Spears is in for a rough ride in her divorce from creepy Kevin Federline. She's about to learn an ugly lesson about celebrity divorces.

Make no mistake about it -- Federline has no interest in getting custody of the couple's two children. Sure, he's asking for custody, but it's all a thinly veiled attempt to extort money from Spears.

The word in Hollywood is that Britney loved partying before she had kids. My only encounter with Spears -- maybe two years before she got married -- was at a gym where she seemed completely oblivious to her celebrity -- chewing gum, dancing and clearly up for a good time, whenever. People I know who know her well say she was a sweet but wild girl.

Enter Federline. He partied with Britney and knows things she probably doesn't want public. And that would probably make her the same as anyone in a relationship. The difference is that Britney's secrets would get huge media play, and Kevin knows it.

So here's where he stands. Thanks to Laura Wasser, Britney's legal eagle who drafted an air-tight prenup, K-Fed will get less than $250,000 (a one-time spousal support payment), around $2.5 million (his share of the Malibu house) and that's pretty much it. So how does Fed Ex really cash in on Britney's fortune? He tells her that there are things the judge may want to know about her past that could bear on her mothering skills. But, of course, for a price, he'll go away.

Federline has been an absentee dad from the get go. He's shown no interest in parenting his kids. On the other hand, people who are around Britney all the time tell me she's an amazing mother. Trust me, we did more stories about the car seat than you can count. But she's with these kids 24/7 and does a really good job.

So the time will come soon when bad Dad will start threatening. And Britney will probably give Kevin more than he deserves to pimp his ride into the sunset. The only solace is that Federline will blow through his settlement quickly and I'm guessing he won't sell enough CDs to buy a Happy Meal. Maybe that's justice.

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She is a pretty good mom she does spend a lot of time with her kids, just because she goes out and have a little bit of FUN doesn't make her a bad mother
every body needs to have a good time every now and then especilly when you have two kids under the age of 18 mos. Im a mother of 3 and I even need to get out some time and let my hair down, I think it's good for you. so what she had a little to much to drink and was hanging out with the biggest trap of all time.

2888 days ago

Mike many of you have actually seen Britney being a Mom? Just for the record, the pics that the Papparazzi took DO NOT COUNT.. Before you go jawing about someone whom you DON'T PERSONALLY KNOW, you might want to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Britney, like most humans, are flawed creatures; yes, she has made many mistakes, but the BIGGEST was her marriage to, people, did God make you judges? You might want to look at yourselves first, then at Britney second.

2886 days ago


Singing Hooker....I like that....maybe she needs to have a chat with Mariah Carey...the Original Singing Hooker. It all but ruined her career, but with a little tastefulness, Mariah got back on track.

2886 days ago


She showed the word her privit stuff for goodness sake

2882 days ago


I read that Brittany doesn't even go home at night OR the next morning. Could be the old Federline would do a better job with those kids. Someone needs to step in and do something. Those babies don't have a voice that can be heard.

2877 days ago

Ebba Lindahl    

I read so many comments that say: BRITNEY what are you thinking federline is looking soo good right know!
I really don't understand how these people think it's not always how you look it's your personality. AND please people give her a break, she's been going through a really rough time the WHOLE world knows how her life is. The magazins always write about her.
I think it's interresting to read about her but I often don't belive what it says because I know what i see on pictures in magasins isn't what she's like. Because those pictures where token of pictures where tokenby people spyin on her. ALL PAPPARATZZIS: GET A LIFE, your just after the money you get for the photos, do you really hate your life so much that you have to spead your days spying on other peoples life. There was this magazin with 3 pages of Brad Pitt he was sitting on a chair asking the Papparatzzi in the bush how fun it was to photo a man sitting on a chair. I rest my case....

2877 days ago


Ktards a Leech, Brits a whore and a sh*tty mom, the writer of this article is a retarded woman who OBVIOUSLY holds an opinion, this is NOT news its a mother f***ing opinion article and the stupid c**t who wrote it needs to lose her job and go back to stripping.

2877 days ago

Debi Dandurand    

Grow up and fly right Brit.
I think the the best interest of the kids they would be better off with Brit's mom. I have two daughters that each have a child and they are not out partying all the time, they work full time, take care of their kids and have a night out once a month. I have always disliked Brit especially as a role modle to the young crowd she draws. Brit, you need to get your s**t together and put those kids needs before you. You no longer matter now that you have kids.

2877 days ago

Kim Hagerman    

It amazes me how many people, who don't know either one of these two, feel qualified to declare that one of them is absolutely right and the other one (in this case, sometimes both) is horrible.

Newsflash, in Judge Judy's words, "she picked him." He hasn't changed.

From my very limited point of view, it doesn't seem like either one of them is parent of the year, but neither one of them is gonna tie the kids to chairs or lock them in a closet either. Does K-Fed want the kids because he wants them or to get money out of Brit? Who knows? Either they'll settle it or a judge will decide and we'll all know all the sordid details of their lives.

Blackmail? Just what does Britney like to do, but doesn't want us to know? You can't blackmail someone who isn't trying to hide things. If Britney has done things that are embarrassing, so be it. Take the hit and be done with it. If it's so horrible she doesn't want it out, how hypocritical is that? I did XY and Z, but don't tell anyone.

Hey, you lie down with a dog you're gonna get fleas. Britney's lucky she can afford to buy her way out of her bad choice.

2877 days ago


If every parent who ever went out and partied after their kids were sound asleep at home was branded unfit, then there would be a lot less people in this world raising their kids.

Just because Britney Spears is a public figure, it doesn't give you people to criticize her parenting skills...walk a mile in her shoes and then speak the same. We'll see.

Britney, you're a champ. So far so good. Just keep your panties on in public and everything will be OK!

2877 days ago


I'm a young mother, i'm 23 y/o i have a 1 almost 2 y/o daughter. I need A BREAK here and there and like to go out and have need friends and you need MOMMY time and you NEED NEED NEED play time or you'll lose your mind.
i am a VERY good mother, i work for the state, i work everyday EVEN WEEKENDS and HOLIDAYS and i when i get vacation time, i spend the days with my kid and when she goes to bed, i get responsible babysitter *sometimes even my fiance`* to stay at home with her and i get to go out with my gf's and have a stress FREE time to myself to relax have a good time, dont get me wrong i dont go out EVERY freaking night, but when i get a week off or so i soak it up trust would too i can tell half of you dont have a kid let alone two... it can be stressful esp for her going thru a public split right now for all of your to judge her... SHAME on you.

2876 days ago


Britney is a Star! Let her deal with this in her own way...if you were in the same situation as she is as in DIVORCE and a loser Ex tryin to take your kids just for the money! you would most likely go out & party with your FRIENDS! and if you dont think that you would do that then you need to instead of judging people try's hella fun!
AS for the people sayin that she is a bad mother. b/c she goes out and leaves her kids while they are sleeping...well do u want her to wake them up and take them with her...NO STUPID! im more than sure her mother told her to leave them with her and let her be a grandmaand for Brit to go out and cope with her feelings and thoughts out and to have a good tiime!...a bad mother is when they have an abortion or beats their kids...not going out and have fun with a few friends and showing off her amazing new body! SHOOT i wish that i will look that after i have 2 kids...most of you idiots are jsut jealous bc she looks great and has been a start since she was little...time to get over it

Brit, if you read this...



2876 days ago


Britney calls herself a Mother? From what I've seen and read, neither one of the "parents" of those poor, neglected children deserve custody of them. It makes me want to vomit when I hear them say they love their children. Just a couple of kids who will be raised by someone other than their parents.

2876 days ago


People Please!!!!!
Do You think for one minute that stroller walks with the babies sells papers?Everyone commenting is basing their comments on the tabloids because lets face it no one knows Kev or Britnany on a personal level. Your basing your opinion on candid shots from paparazzi and tabloid. I'm a mother of 4 and married and my husband and I go out every once in a while to a club, does that make us a bad parents? Trying to decide who will make the better parent is not our decision to make.The last time I checked there was only one perfect being.

2875 days ago


People knew who britney was in the past, and they know who britney is now. Just becase she is famous you people are making her look like a bad mom going out every night,, Well this is AMerica, and alot of moms do it every day as well, and they go home at night back to their kids, so britney is no different than us, she puts her pants on like we do..

2872 days ago
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