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Richards -- "I'm Really Busted Up"

11/20/2006 10:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Richards publicly apologized for his racist tirade in an appearance on "The Late Show," but acknowledged that such sentiment had the potential to "come[s] through and fire[s] out of me." He tried to find an awkward parallel between his ugly rant and conflict that has arisen between blacks and whites since Hurricane Katrina.

Looking sallow, drawn, and speaking in halting fragments, Richards explained via satellite from Los Angeles to David Letterman and friend Jerry Seinfeld in New York, that he had lost his temper after some members of the audience interrupted his act and that he "took it badly," unleashing the racist invective that TMZ first aired this morning. He apologized to the people who took "the brunt" of his abuse, saying he was "really busted up," but then went on a strange tangent on race relations, saying he was "concerned about hate and rage" and about a "great deal of disturbance between blacks and whites" after Hurricane Katrina.

Richards did not say whether any other factors contributed to his actions, adding only that he would be doing "personal work" in the aftermath of the incident.

Audience members in the Ed Sullivan Theater, who were watching Richards on a screen, began laughing at Richards at first, thinking that the interview was a comedy skit, until Seinfeld admonished them, saying, "Stop laughing. It's not funny."


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Racism is unacceptable no matter who you are. I can't believe how profoundly ignorant most or America seems to be. There are actually people admitting to backing Michael in his unnecessary and extremely childish temper tantrum. He reminded me of one of the kids in my class when they can't get their way. So what someone didn't like your joke, unfortunately he chose that line of work which opens him up to ridicule. That doesn't make it right but it is expected in that line of work. All comics go through hagglers on stage, there's always some idiot that thinks they are funnier than the person with the mic. However, his choice wasn't to make a your momma joke or to make fun of the guys outfit, he went straight to race. That was completely unnecessary and uncalled for. As for all the racist who agree with him, just remember your skin color only gets you so far it's your character that gets you everywhere. White don't make you right and black don't make you wrong, it's the content of the character. Every race has some idiots sprinkled through it and some prodigies. For those who want to get technical learn your history the original scholars of the world came out of Africa, which means they were people with dark skin. Rome wouldn't be where it was historically if it hadn't been for those African scholars in Kush. I was even kind enough to add the link to the encyclopedia that tells of that history. I pray for all the racist....god help you if there is a life or death situation and a person of another ethnic group is your only saving grace, I am quiet sure race wouldn't matter then.

2895 days ago

white woman    

#509 Your Quote: "I guess having a small penis is very frustrating being that the caucasion woman is partial to the negro penis. "

Yeah right! I'd be with a woman or celibate before I had anyone brown touch me. By the way, learn how to's caucasian. Typical of your group's stupidity.

2895 days ago

white woman    

#477 Your anger just shows how inferior you feel to us whities. You know we will always be superior to you.

2895 days ago


God is love---Let us all love---The first man and woman were from Africa. This has been proven by scientists worldwide---So, enough of the outright hateful and hurtful racist comments on this Web page---We are all related, like it or not. Let's try to get along, people and make some reasonable arguements/comments on this comment page. I am considered caucasian, and I feel very sorry for the righteous African people of this world who've had to endure so much unjust hatred from ignorant people.

2895 days ago


#513 you are right, I did spell the word caucasian wrong. You see, I am a strong man, who is not afraid to admit I made a mistake and learn from them. You refer to stupidity as being an attribute of my group but your failure as a human being is evident in your post. I feel sorry for you because I know you probably cant help the way you see things. Your mother, father or grandparents didnt teach you to love God and to put him first.I am not a COWARD because I know I have the strength to tell you exactly what Ive posted to your face. You are a coward because your hatred of my race makes you a coward. I dont hate your race, I just dont trust your race. Your forefathers have poisoned your soul and you if dont come to grips with your hatred, you be in hell with your parents and their parents along with Hitler and Billions of other caucasians who are already there........
live and love life........ nocturnal.

2895 days ago


Listen people, it's about time a celebrity white guy said it the way it is. There are comedians like Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence who call white people crackers and honkeys all the time. Those black guys in the audience were disrupting his show and making a mockery of him and he did what he did to piss them off in return. The tape never showed what they were saying to Richards. Just because they paid to see the show doesn't give them the right to ruin the show that the other people paid good money to see. s for my opinion on this.. giddy up kramer

2895 days ago


Nobody's Black
Nobody's White
We are all Gay
We are all Jewish

that covers it all

2895 days ago


It's been a long long time since hearing on Saturday night a mock news announcement counter sexual discrimination guidelines "Jane, you ignorant s*u*."
If conscience drives comedians driven to anger to comical apologies, so be it I guess.

2895 days ago


272. Also, thank you so much "LiLMissIMPERFECT" for being level-headed in this RIDICULOUS discussion.

I do think that all people at least some small prejudices against people who are different from them, but I don't think this necessarily means that everyone is racist and that everyone who is kind and tries to reach out to people different from oneself is being dishonest.

I actually really like when stand-up comics make fun of people being easily offended, when it's done lightheartedly and with a sense of general compassion for others. That being said, when offensive comments are made out of hurt and anger and spite, like in Richards' case, I find it really disturbing. I do feel bad for Richards, because I perform improv comedy and cannot imagine people interrupting me and walking out on a show like that, but I can't say he didn't deserve it. He should not have said the things he said.


Thank you for your comment, Mary Cait. I do agree with what you said. There probably was a better way to handle the situation instead of what actually took place. Richards should have tried to control what was going on instead of making it escalate in to something ugly as it did. He made a mistake, and a bad choice; which I'm sure he does honestly regret.

This should be a lesson to all of us, really. You can't fight fire with fire because someone is bound to get burned. And, unfortunately for him, Richards is realizing that fact. What he said can not be justified to any extent, but I feel the reason he did say those things was out of anger and frustration. And, not out of pure racism. At least, I don't think that's his agenda.

2895 days ago


As I read through all these posts, one thing comes to mind. It's quite obvious that every black person here that posted has a 3rd grade education. Every last one of you has failed to use the proper spelling and correct grammar that even a 3rd grader would use. I am astonished that you even have the mental capacity to surf the web and click buttons.

Put down the crack pipes, blunts, and 40 ounce Schlitz Malt Liquor bottles. Stop watching "Yo' MTV Raps" and turn on the History Channel or Discovery Channel and learn something. Go back to school folks, because it is never too late.

Now for the black idiot who keeps posting using all CAP'S, listen up you ignorant fucktard. You see the CAPS LOCK button on the left side of your keyboard? OK, click it one time to turn it off. You do not need to type in all cap's to get your point across. Please refrain from acting like a typical nigger for fuck sakes.

2895 days ago

Ric Aldrich    

Hey Richards you racist piece of shit your career is over. I just saw the 2 kids that you attacked on the Today show. You are a gutless motherfucker with balls the size of raisins the Today show invited you to join them on the show and you declined!!??? Not only are you a gutless motherfucker you’re a stupid motherfucker that was your only chance to save what little career you had left. What possible reason could you have for not going on the Today show…could it be that your apology is bullshit? Are you going to accept Gloria Alred’s challenge to go before a mediator? No reason to do that you blew your chance to save your floundering career by not going on the Today Show.

2895 days ago


Cowards get no love. The time is here now. Racist white people throw rocks and hide. Micheal Richardson let his feelings loose in anger now he wants to say he is sorry.I believe he is sorry but I know he has a dark side to his character.
Every racist on this message board is a coward. I just seen a post where this idiot is commenting on proper spelling and grammer, and used this as a fuel to talk about his feelings about minorities.Are you serious? So many people have died because of racism, and all you have talk about is proper spelling. Racism does not win, history has proven this. You guys say you hate minorities and dont realize that your ancestors lost the war. Your people have failed themselves considerably and are going to keep failing themselves as long as this hatred continues. Cowards cannot win wars because if you fight with racist heart then you have no heart. You guys are cheering on Micheal Richardson and dont realize that he will probably end up physically hurt or killed over this incident. He now has to watch his back every time he walks out the house. He doesnt need to be sorry, he should to be scared for his life. You racist people are hiding behind your computers, he cant hide because he put himself out there. To you racist: Stop it please, you guys have no power anymore. You could not even look me in my eye because you are afraid of me no matter how you look at it. The power that we have as minorities will continue to strengthen as your hatred will allow you to fail as humans.The fact is, the more hatred you guys spew out the more powerful we become as a people. Stop being cowards, it has not helped you in the past.
You do not have to be afraid of me because I am not afraid of you.
Stand up and be a man or woman.Cowards....
live and love life...... nocturnal...

2894 days ago



2894 days ago

Donny G    

Get over it. It's okay for Kanye West to talk smack about George Bush
not caring about black people. Michael lost it........big deal.

2894 days ago


It is funny to me how many people out there actually condone what was said and done. I guess you accepted his half-assed apology as well. You are showing your true colors of the bigots you are. Yes all comedians make all sorts of jokes about race, sex, religion, national origin, but that was no joke. I'm glad they didn't lose it and come down and whoop his ass, now the can sue him in court and take what lil money he has left, cause really without Seinfeld, who is he anyway?

2894 days ago
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