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Rips Aiken a New One:

Don't Hush Me, Dork!

11/20/2006 10:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snippy Clay Aiken co-hosted Friday's "Live With Regis and Kelly," and Miss Ripa was clearly unhappy with the moptop Idol contestant's attitude. The road got rocky when they played a clip of Kelly impersonating Aiken on Halloween a few years ago ... from there on, Clay got into the mud.

Ripa claims that Aiken was hostile toward her and feels that he wasn't "respectful in any way." Tensions ran high throughout the taping, but Clay pissed off the talk diva when he put his hands over her mouth to try to keep her from talking while interviewing "Dancing With The Stars" winners Cheryl Burke and Emmit Smith.

Ms. Ripa was not amused, and let Clay know that he had crossed a line by touching her million-dollar cakehole. "Oh that's a no-no... I don't know where your hands have been." She has a point.

Regis was shocked by the idea of Kelly and Clay not hitting it off: "In my wildest dreams would I ever think that one day you would have a feud with Clay Aiken."

"Live" wasn't the only show where Mr. Aiken made an appearance. Clay guested on "The Tyra Banks Show," set to air this Wednesday. Again, there was some face caressing -- but on this occasion it was welcomed.

Clay and Tyra: click to watch

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Faye Washington    

I am so tired off hearing everyone's concern whether or not Clay is gay or not. WHO CARES! Why can't we just appreciate the superb talent and good person we have all been blessed with, thanks to American Idol. Kelly is a beautiful girl(go ahead ask her) and has a real gift of gab, however, me thinks she gets a bit big for her britches! Clay was just being playful. I have seen Kelly do the very same thing to Regis when she thought he was about to spill the beans about something. Kelly, dear, get over it!

2861 days ago


I am not watching Live anymore because of Kelly. She is the most obnoxious person on tv. How the heck can regis put up with her. She has to have control all the time. When he stars talking she acts like she's really interested, but if you notice she doesn't even wait for him to finish his sentence, she has to touch his arm and butt right in.
If the producers were smart they would get rid of her, just like they got rid of Hope and Faith, what a waste that show was.

2861 days ago


It's about time somebody shut that little twit up!! I've never liked her and she never let Clay be a co-host!!! Regis has lost me as a viewer!! I adore him but she has to go!!! And Yes Im a Clay Aiken FAN!! And always will be!!! Ripa really needs to shut her big and annoying mouth!!

2861 days ago


Germs are everywhere, however I would not want someone to put there hand in my face that is rude. Clay would have never became famous if there wasn't a American Idol. Remember it is the fans that make you, on who you are, and where you stand with society. Sexuality should not be an issue with this. I am a Rn in er, there are so many straight actors that come through with gerbels, and candle sticks stuck in there asses, and they claim to be straight. who cares!!!!!!!!!! all men are freaks.......................

2861 days ago


If Kelly is so worried about germs, let her wear a buble suit. And stop kissing everyone that comes on the show, you little wench.

2861 days ago

Donna Gruber    

PersonallyI think the main issue here is Rosie ODonnells opinionated assumptions. I like Rosie most of the time but I really dont like someone who reads into and then publicly makes remarks like she is the one in charge. I dont happened to care for an adult putting there hand over my mouth either. A lot of folks dont wash their hands after using the bathroom or touching their faces etc. So if Rosie wants to assume Ripa was making some gay sexual innuendo about saying she doesnt know where Aikens hands were, let her think whatever. Its acceptable behavior (especially on a show) from a 4 year old and even then you mentioned to the child its not nice to do that, and not to do it again.

2861 days ago


kelly ripa is a true sweetheart! she is a down to earth person who can relate to most ppl. she is a wonderful mother and loves her husband and kids. everyone famous should be as truly a good person as she. clay aiken is a loser. he LOST american idol and thinks he is somebody now. he should keep his slimey hands off of her. he was very disrespectful. if it had been a guy hosting that show with him, he would NEVER have considered putting his hand over the persons face. way to go sticking up for yourself kelly... HOOOOOOORAY.. your show is great and you and regis and gelman and art have great chemistry, keep up the good work.

2861 days ago


I stopped watching Regis (whom I like) beause of Ripa. Personally I find her annoying and shes a chatterbox. I guess I just don't like her persona.

2861 days ago


Clay is a low class act, kelly was right. Rosie has a big mouth and it's about time the View gets rid of her. Everyone is tired of her constant agenda and reminding everyone of he open gayness. Should we all go around telling everyone we are opne non-gay. Rosie get off it, your not funny anymore and you are arrogant.

2861 days ago


Wait, Kelly's the DIVA? Please. Anyone who can raise three children and swing a career while a bagging a gorgeous husband along the way deserves all the kudos she can get.

Clay Aiken is the DIVA. And you don't put your hand over a talkshow host's mouth. He never would have done that to a male host. I would have had him removed from the stage.

2861 days ago


Hey Kelly I got something to put on and in your mouth,just a pinch between the
cheek and gum baby...............LOL,LOL........Thats funny right there I don't care who
you are

2861 days ago


Although I don't approve of Clays actions I think that was right on time. I like Kelly Ripa but she has become very ,very obnoxious .
She goes on and on and a co-host could barely get a word in. I hope she learned something from this. You're already paid Kelly....chill out!

2861 days ago


Putting your hand over someone's mouth to shut them up is extremely rude. It's about like saying to someone "shut up or I will shut you up". Kelly had every right to say what she said. And no Rosie it was not homophobic. Why do homosexuals think that the rest of us are spending our entire day thinking about how much we hate them? Newsflash Rosie. We really don't care what you do in your bedroom. If you didn't constantly bring it up it would be a non issue. JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!!
I have heard many people told not to touch something because someone else "does not know where your hand has been". It almost never has anything to do with sex.

2861 days ago

Abbey Harris    

Good going Clay. Obviously Kelly doesn't know how to "play the game". I cannot stand her.

2861 days ago


I am right and that's all there is to it, so leave me alone, let me enjoy my dorky husband with the ski nose and my kids who have to have a nanny when we go on vacations. I am the perfect wife and mother and you all should know that. I control the show, not Regis. Don't you just love the way I try to impersonate a model?? I am just so darn adorable, I have to look in the mirror whenever I get the chance. Do you notice how nice I pucker my cheeks when I sip on my coffee?? Is that perfect or what. I am just the best thing going and so many people are jealous of me. I am the cats meow. You all only wish you could look anorexic like me. Don't you just love all my shoes?? Keep drooling girls, I am perfect.

2861 days ago
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