Ripa Rips Aiken a New One: Don't Hush Me, Dork!

11/20/2006 10:28 AM PST

Ripa Rips Aiken a New One: Don't Hush Me, Dork!

Snippy Clay Aiken co-hosted Friday's "Live With Regis and Kelly," and Miss Ripa was clearly unhappy with the moptop Idol contestant's attitude. The road got rocky when they played a clip of Kelly impersonating Aiken on Halloween a few years ago ... from there on, Clay got into the mud.

Ripa claims that Aiken was hostile toward her and feels that he wasn't "respectful in any way." Tensions ran high throughout the taping, but Clay pissed off the talk diva when he put his hands over her mouth to try to keep her from talking while interviewing "Dancing With The Stars" winners Cheryl Burke and Emmit Smith.

Ms. Ripa was not amused, and let Clay know that he had crossed a line by touching her million-dollar cakehole. "Oh that's a no-no... I don't know where your hands have been." She has a point.

Regis was shocked by the idea of Kelly and Clay not hitting it off: "In my wildest dreams would I ever think that one day you would have a feud with Clay Aiken."

"Live" wasn't the only show where Mr. Aiken made an appearance. Clay guested on "The Tyra Banks Show," set to air this Wednesday. Again, there was some face caressing -- but on this occasion it was welcomed.