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Seinfeld on "Kramer" Tirade: "I Am Sick"

11/20/2006 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Seinfeld and Michael RichardsThe jerk store called. They ran out of Michael Richards.

Just hours after TMZ exposed "Kramer's" vile and racially-charged diatribe at a Hollywood comedy club, the actor's former "Seinfeld" co-stars are weighing in.

In a statement released by Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian said, "I am sick over this. I'm sure Michael is also sick over this horrible, horrible mistake. It is so extremely offensive. I feel terrible for all the people who have been hurt."


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I think the comment was out of line. If it was said to a black, white, hispanic or anyone else. People should learn to think before they speak . So many people think that they can say whatever, whenever and then apologize and everything is okay. Well, it's not... People are already divided because of stupid issues, so why make more division. Race is not the factor. If you feel that his remarks are okay, then you need to check yourself, because you are just as ignorant and the person that actually says the words. Maybe he was upset, maybe he did have a bad day, but so does everyone from time to time. So, having a bad day allows you to act like a butthole. Not a all.. When we start to realize that people are people regardless of the color of the skin... Life will be great....

2801 days ago


Why dont niggers go back to africa if they hate it here so much. Why dont mexicans go back to mexico if they hate it here so much and love mexico so much? Why dont atheist go to hell if they hate america so much? Why does america always have to change for stupid people but stupid people can never change to american standards

2801 days ago


I do not agree with what he did but, like no one has ever made racial comments before. Everyone has a little prejudice in them.Anyone who says they don't , are f#@%^ liars.

2801 days ago


I feel real sorry for the Richards, unfortunately that was from the heart. How in the world can you tell someone that 50yrs ago you would have a pitchfork up their butt. How can you bring someone back to a period in American History that no black or white person really wants to remember. That was a period of torture, lynchings of men, women and children without cause and just plain unexcusable murder. He has some serious issues. And don't give me some excuse for his behavior. Drugs, Meds or Alcohol cannot cover for what is already in your heart.
He need counseling.........:(

2801 days ago


you black people need to get over it heck a black comedian can call you a nigger kramer is a comedian ease up

2801 days ago


this is to every race.educate your children and this can stop.let them now that certain words, such as "nigger",were onced used to degrade the people of african decent.i deal with every race of HUMANS on a daily basis at my job,and every race has there bad from st.louis mo and 80%of the african americans here are good people,its that 20%that i dont get.they have no respect at all.there loud pushy,rude and just plain sorry your a decendent of a once opressed race,but its 2006 not 1806.its these thugs and gangbangers that still make "nigger"a degrading word.richards wasnt right to say what he did but i bet he was dealing with a 20%er.

2801 days ago


I agree 100% with Natalie. Why is everyone turning this into blacksagainst whites?? There is no need to argue and point fingers ateachother, shouting prejudices. I'm sick of people coming on heresaying black people are uneducated and ignorant. A person of any racecan possess those qualities. I also happen to have friends of allraces getting university educations. Those stereotypes do notcategorize people of an entire race, just certain individuals. Whathe did was wrong. Comedians should know how to deal with hecklers ina humorous way instead of turning to racism. Yes people make mistakes,but he went too far. It is not ok for a white person to call a blackman a nigger just like its not alright to call a white person acracker.

2801 days ago


oh yes, when Jimmy the Greek made the racial comment "You black Monkeys", Yes. He messed up royaly but forgotten. But what Richards said will never be forgotten. Just like 9/11. We wouldn't want Bin Laden to remotely say anything that would remind us of that horrific day then when he finally comes to himself to go ask his fellow friend to make an apology from his house.

2801 days ago


That son of a bitch can't take the heat get out the kitchen. He's a racist fuck!!!!!!

2801 days ago


Just because he was in the Army does not give him and excuse for what he said. Again another excuse to hid behind the truth. I live by the truth. It will MAKE you FREE. Just come to grips with the fact that he messed up. End of the story. I have come to grips with it. "Now lets do something about it", meaning him. Or you if it applies. If you know you have thoughts that are not right and you like them then get counseling. Thats what it is there for. Anger management, having bad thoughts about adults and children, dealing with marriage, divorce, YOURSELF. For crying out loud if you cant afford counseling you can always pick up a book on whatever needs you have. His actions went uncheck for far too long and now it pop its head out of the closet. Hope we all check ourselves to become a better American. And yes it takes "TIME"

2801 days ago

Brett Gordon    

Ho-hum... The "N" word offends, but being called "Motherf***ers" over and over again is perfectly OK... Another classic example of American hypocrisy and selective racial sensitivity... anyone for Seinfeld?

2801 days ago

Ms. CoCo    

I am a loooong time watcher of the show. I am truly hurt by the comments. Not only because they came from an actor I admired but because they were made by anyone at all. If I was being heckled I would get mad but anger does not turn you into a racist. From the heart and soul of a very disappointed fan... Michael Richards can kiss my black ass.!!!!!!!

2801 days ago


It is my opinion that Michael Richards may have made a mistake but, he was big enough to say it and say he was sorry, then just let it be. The problem is that no matter what you say, blacks will always hold a grudge and use the race card for their benefit. We can never be sorry enough for slavery and blacks will never be free enough unless they are getting what they want. If the shoe was on the other foot and a black comedian made racist remarks to a white man, nothing would ever be said about it. Look at all the black comedians on BET's comic view. They are forever persecuting whites at their shows. They exclusivly pick out the whites in the audience and make comments reguarding being white. Do blacks want to get along with whites? Years ago they didn't want segregation, now it seems they do. Will they ever be satisfied? I guess as long as whites keep feeling guilty for slavery than we will always be at the mercy of the black man and the race card.

2801 days ago


What Micheal said was incredibly racist. What Micheal said was incredibly hateful. Unfortunately everyone focuses on the former which perpetuates the latter. The former is not a problem. Racism in and of itself is not bad for anyone, but hate is terrible. When the Irish came to this country they were faced with ethnic prejudice and hate. The ethnic prejudice was tolerated by all, and the hate dissappeared. Today we as a society still cling to the idea that racism is intolerable.(and when i say society I refer to white society. ) But Racism is just as good as scientific law, making it impossible to avoid. This causes frustration and resentment which in turn breeds hate. Saying asians tend to get better grades than whites is Racism. Saying that Niggers aren't held accountable for thier own actions is Hate. Saying that I am a white man, and he is a black man is Racism. Saying that a Nigger would be hard pressed to spell It's own name let alone win a spelling bee is Hate. BUT... saying that my sister is a fucking bitch and my piece of shit mom never did a god damn thing for me is Hate too, but you don't care cause it has nothing to do with racism, and that is the problem with society today.

2801 days ago


if i was in that building, i would of fucking cracked that fag, and every single person that was laughing too. shit i wanna scrap u fakas talking shit on here too. fucking pathetic, talking shit on the interet, why wont u idiots say all that shit to a black person's face? cuz u scared shitless. thats why. i aint black, but ill fucking beef all u fakas talking shit.

2801 days ago
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