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Seinfeld on "Kramer" Tirade: "I Am Sick"

11/20/2006 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Seinfeld and Michael RichardsThe jerk store called. They ran out of Michael Richards.

Just hours after TMZ exposed "Kramer's" vile and racially-charged diatribe at a Hollywood comedy club, the actor's former "Seinfeld" co-stars are weighing in.

In a statement released by Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian said, "I am sick over this. I'm sure Michael is also sick over this horrible, horrible mistake. It is so extremely offensive. I feel terrible for all the people who have been hurt."


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Wow. Thanks for ruining seinfeld! What a piece of garbage. This guy does not deserve to make it any further in your carreer! You can try to defend him saying he was being heckled but we all know it is a copout. Say no to social division! Whats next, making fun of the handicapped?

2860 days ago

Jay Stephen    

Just one question... How many blacks were on Seinfeld?

2860 days ago

robbie artis    

After all the grief and heartache from slavery to jimcrow we still cannot be accepted by the whites in this nation as equal. After all our great accomplishments records our athletes break and records we set as a people no one respects us as a nation of people of color that are extradinary and therefore we are somebody. We did help build this america and lost lives doing it. We did invent things of importance for our nation but we do not get credit for it in the white school books. I am tired of the sneaky whites that proclaim equality but behind our backs hate my race of people. If I had a choice I would still love being a proud black afro-american who had ancestors from Africa.

2860 days ago

Veena Saigal    

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Your comments: Very very disappointing.It clearly shows that kramer is a
racist.Apologizing is not going to help.Actions of some sort will
make a difference.He should educate himself and work at it for the
rest of his life.

2859 days ago


Michael Richards may have crossed a line but he has apologized..... let it go. If you heckel a comedian you are fair game to be yelled at by the comedian....what about the behavior of the 2 men, we don't know exactly what they said....and now they have hired an attorney and feel they need to paid by Michael Richards because he hurt their feelings!!!!!!!!!!! People have said offensive & racist comments to me... does that mean I have the right to sue?

2859 days ago


To all those who where hurt by Michael's comments I am truly sorry. I also have a comment to make. For years we have tried to overcome our difference and it is with great sadness to see that things will never change. People will state things while in an emotional state and not mean what they say. Others will hear those words and laugh others will cry (boo-hoo). Get over it and move on with your lives. I am sure that every white person has been either told they are a racist or even looked at in a manner expressing the same thought. Do you hear use crying racism? NO! Grow up people, life is short. Stop wasting your time trying to crucify the world when you are no better than the rest...

2859 days ago


We all think, say and at times even act on what our beliefs are of other people, this is reality. It isn.t until our own toes get stepped on that we pull out the infamous race card. Get over it people and learn to laugh a little at yourselves, you'll all be much more happier.

2859 days ago

Robert Smith    

I don't think any of you get it. The only reason that Jerry Seinfield tried to do damage control is bacause the 7th season of Seinfeld has just been released for Christmas and this will hurt sales. Also, it would make sense that viewership for Seinfeld in syndication will now decline and some TV stations will probably err on the side of caution by cancelling the show. The entire cast will be financially devistated by this. Jerry is probably ready to kill him!

And another thing... Everyone is looking at this as a socially important event instead of what it was... a very severe emotional breakdown in public. The words used were intended to hurt. The man needs help.

The way the public will cast their opinions on the man will be with their wallets. His career is finished.

2859 days ago


For everyone who is defending Kramer (I was one of his biggest fans)
... 'you just don't use those kinds of words unless you felt
comfortable using them.' He used them. Everything we are seeing now
is not about what he 'believes', but about what he now 'regrets.'
There is no such things as 'degrees of racism.' This is a conscious act ... period. I am a minority. I for one get sick of my friends who tell off color jokes,
then say things like "but you are different." I tell them, I wouldn't
be different if you didn't know me. If we had just met, would you have
said those same things to me? It embarrasses them, but hopefully they
have learned. In this way maybe I made a difference (in their mind). In Kramer's
case, we are all judging him waay too much right now (maybe even
myself). What makes this situation difficult for me to accept is (1)
the fact that he used the 'n' word, (2) the number of times he used
the 'n' word and (3) the length of the tirade (this wasn;t a slip and
a quick apology) Judge for yourselves, but those of you who
are defending him without even a sincere apology for what he 'said'
(to others) vs what has has 'done' (to himself), are saying something
about yourselves ... (sorry) what he said on letterman was not
sincere (it was fear for what he did to his own income potential)

*** For all you people who are using Kramer as some reinforcement that racism is okay .. you are unreal. Why would you categorize an entire group of people as 'anything?' Do you really judge people as 'good' or 'bad' before you even meet them? Maybe it makes things easier (in your mind), but you should try and talk to people before you judge them. It helps you make smarter decisions in life.

2859 days ago


Losing your temper is not hate. Besides, is it against the law to hate anyways? I mean really? Does it make a bad person to hate someone that is heckling you when you are trying to do your job??? I'd hate someone if they were heckling me when i was attempting to do my job, regardless of their race.
Why isn't anyone commenting on the black guy calling Kramer a cracker????
Isn't that equally as "hateful" and bigoted?
My advice to blacks, whites and the many many others; GROW UP!!!!
If you act like a dumbass, someone may just call you out on it!!

2859 days ago


i think the very first comment posted here is pretty fucking accurate to this situation. In fact, he could have gone even more so off the deep end with this and i still wouldnt give shit what he said to whom. So many years of Seinfeld

2859 days ago


I am trying to figure out in the annals of comedic history if a "black comedian" ever had a racist tirade similar to the Kramer incident from Jamie Foxx , Chris Rock , Chris Tucker, Arsenio Hall , Eddie Murphy , David Chappel, Any of the Kings of Comedy , any of the Queens of Comedy, or even Richard Pryor. I have never heard a tirade like that from any of them. I would like anyone to come up with a time where any of them made a tirade such as Kramers and I'm sure all of them have been heckled in thier career. Def Comedy jam was pretty harsh at time but it was neve hateful in that way.

Thurgood Marshall must to turning in his grave after this because the Supreme Court came to the conclusion that the school systems around the country are not equal some 60 years ago. Apparently there is still much inequality here and now in 2006

2859 days ago

Rob McC    

It is very sad and discouraging to see the amount of rationalization, justification and outright support that Michael Richard's has received from people posting to this site. To say anything other then that his outburst was a vicious and racially motivated attack is to simply ignore the plain evidence of the video and Richard's reactions afterwards. He is oh so sad when he found out that someone had taped and posted his rant and his career might be jeopardized. Did he seek out the individuals he had savaged at the show to apologize? I don't think so. Sad to see that America still has a long ways to go to finally lay down it's racist roots.

2859 days ago


Wheres the Black "leaders" on this one? Oh thats right, Jesse, Al, Andrew, Bill have all been found guilty of :

Adultery, Babies out of wedlock, Drugging/Raping women, Bashing Koreans

The leadership in the Black Society is wholly lacking in fundamental values that are constantly being preached to be instilled into Black Youth, when they dont practice them themselves. And yes there are White indiscretions as well in their leadership....but please, we're not all blind nor stupid---12% of the population accounting for 65% of the crime is not cause for labeling one prejudiced...its a fact of life and its caused by inept leaders who are not leading..their leadership style is to keep status quo so they remain in place as leaders to nowhere. For if Black Society did move ahead, there would be no need for those Leaders..they arent elected nor placed into office, they simply have created a position for themselves and remained there.

They have been taking the Black throngs in a circle around the same places and issues ever since the real leader MLK was gunned down by the FBI.

MLK was going someplace and making progress...these phonies in place ever since have simply taken Black Society around and around the same places...with little change since 1967, I mean real change, not the citings of the few who have in fact risen above and succeeded in business and the professional world---mainly due to affirtimative action and grants....but the general population of Blacks is stuck in the mire because these so called leaders are more interested in their own promotion than their People's.

Anyone care to debate the point without name calling? Read Juan Williams book first though, so you are armed with the right information on the topic, not simply a personal opinion founded on anger, spite, ignorance,or retribution.

Richards was were the hecklers...Richards was more wrong until today when the hecklers surfaced for they are all way wrong

2859 days ago

Politcally Incorrect    

if Richards' had used the word nigga instead of nigger...this whole thing wouldn't have happened- give me a break.

2859 days ago
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