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Seinfeld on "Kramer" Tirade: "I Am Sick"

11/20/2006 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Seinfeld and Michael RichardsThe jerk store called. They ran out of Michael Richards.

Just hours after TMZ exposed "Kramer's" vile and racially-charged diatribe at a Hollywood comedy club, the actor's former "Seinfeld" co-stars are weighing in.

In a statement released by Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian said, "I am sick over this. I'm sure Michael is also sick over this horrible, horrible mistake. It is so extremely offensive. I feel terrible for all the people who have been hurt."


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Some of you are complete idiots. PC is saying mentally challenged instead of retarded. Asking people to refrain from saying the "N" bomb has nothing to do with being PC.

If I call a woman the "B" word, that is attempting to demoralize her as a woman not mistakenly referring to her as something that was socially acceptable in previous history.

The "N" bomb has never been an acceptable term used by a white person when addressing someone of color. It has always been hateful.

Richards was not trying to push PC boundaries, he was being hateful.

2863 days ago

Tom Stockbridge    

The remarks Michael Richards made should be condemned. Though many people struggle with racist feelings and ideas privately, racism is wrong and it should never be defended or encouraged. The idiot poster who wrote, "Tell it like it is", doesn't have the guts to use his real name because he knows that racism is something to be ashamed of. It doesn't take guts to spew anonymous hate on a computer screen. Richards owes all concerned an apology, and he has probably seen his last job in Hollywood. Racism is part of human DNA, but that doesn't make it right and it doesn't mean that racism should be tolerated when society should aim for a higher standard. Posters who defend open racism are cowardly and ignorant and they generally lack the intelligence and compassion to try to do any better.

2863 days ago


I am a black well educated female, and I sometimes feel as though black and white people some things to far. Everytime something goes for the black man he always wants to holler out that is was the "white man" fault. I think if you knock your own self down that you should n't blame someone else for your actions. To all my black people EVERYTHING IS NOT THE WHITE MAN'S FAULT!!! I didn't hear what he said because I was not going to waste my time listening but according to some of the comments I have read, the blacks in the audience started but that does not give him the right to say the harsh words. But, KARMA is a bad thing, so those black people probably deserved some of those words but it should have been a limit. I am not an Uncle Tom or anything nor I am turning my back on blacks folks, but I fed up with us always pulling the race card for insignifcant things. We all need to take responsibility for our own actions. Now, let me get off of my soap box. Thank you and have a good day.

2863 days ago

thumpy montoya    

If you're mad at Kramer for this, be mad because of what was said, not because a white man says it. Racism comes exclusively from the ignorant, not from an ethnic group. Also, we only saw half of what happened there; it would be interesting to know what provoked all that. Maybe someone who was there could shed some light...
Doesn't Carlos Mencia say this type of thing all the time anyway?

2863 days ago

Miss Bourgiw    

Well at least we now know where we stand. His racist tirade doesn't surprise me in the least.

2863 days ago


Blacks are cowards at heart! This is why they travel and attack in gangs!

2863 days ago

Jay Billion    

it wasn't hate, it was telling these jerks off. Go for it Cosmo!

Joe, Lilly, and the rest

Thank you for proving racism is alive. If you ever questioned it, the answer is YES! You are a racist.

2863 days ago

Mad Balls    

Seinfeld , Hes' a Jew isn't he ? The Jews in LA almost put me in prison for something that couldn't be proved . I agree with Mel ...If I'd been a Jew that trial would have never got to court .Who cares if I did it , thats' not the point , because i'm black I had to endure that turture . Not quite as much turture as that bitch Nichole endured but enough .

2863 days ago

paris is dumb    

Yeah, I gotta say these pots are more disturbing than anything. Like # 24 "Screw these racist Jews." Are you kidding me? What kind of dumb f*** person says that? You just did the same exact thing Kramer did, generalized a whole 'race' (Judiasm is a religion, not that many people seem to know that) of poeple, because Richards is Jewish. You're no better than him. There are so many ignorant posts on here its sick.

We live in a world of sick, sick people.

2863 days ago


# 26 If you feel that way why don't you, approach a black man one on one and say that to his face. stupid Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

2863 days ago


You're right homie. All whites should get "beat downs" from the brutha's.

I'm phat wit dat my man!!!

2863 days ago


wow. so much ignorance in plain sight on this message board. it's almost blinding. here's the deal people. celebrities aren't all nice, pretty, genuine, good-hearted folk. some of them are dicks, and apparently michael richards is a supremely bigoted dick.

this incident is not a "mistake" as jerry seinfeld has sheepishly termed it. a mistake is when you forget to turn the oven off or you lock your keys in your car, not when you spend three minutes of stage time attacking an audience member with racial slurs and referencing this country's horrid history of lynchings and hate crimes. i would say that michael richards career is officially over, and good riddance. i hope that he saved some seinfeld money.

and for those asking about the audience's provocations let me say that i have worked as a stand-up for years. heckling is part of the gig. the professionals know how to handle it. this is despicable, unacceptable behavior for a performer or for any person pure and simple. so please people when his publicist comes out in two days time to say that richards was drunk/high/bulimic or whatever bogus excuse his handlers concoct to justify this tantrum just keep in mind that rehab can't save a person from being a total dick.

2863 days ago


Blacks attack in gangs, lmao, it's usually blacks getting attacked by gangs of whites. How could you make such an idiotic statement, history speaks for it's self.

2863 days ago


Blacks attack in gangs, lmao, it's usually blacks getting attacked by gangs of whites. How could you make such an idiotic statement, history speaks for it's self.

2863 days ago

Reggie I    

Whom ever was right or wrong for disturbing the show by talking during his act, all I can say is whatever happen to being a PROFESSIONAL NO MATTER WHAT. That is what one gets paid for right? If he can't grin and bear at hecklers during his comdey act, which happens to many guys and women in this field well his should look for a new line of work, because even if you give the hecklers some sh*t back like most comics do you do it with HUMOR not HATE. For the record I heard from someone who was there, there were four guys two black and two white which all four were talking but one of the white men said he wasn't funny then Boom he only sees the brothers that have paid to see him?? Whats up America we need to kill this across the board on EVERY side, we need to be bigger and better than this or we're all gonna fall off in the eyes of the REAL JUDGE when it's all said and done. Just my entitled opinion

2863 days ago
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