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Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

11/20/2006 8:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry SeinfeldWith pal Jerry Seinfeld already Letterman's scheduled guest on Monday's "The Late Show," Michael Richards appeared via satellite to apologize for the shocking incident at the Laugh Factory on Friday night. TMZ obtained the horrifying video of Richards in a bigoted tirade against a heckler.

According to a source, Richards was close to tears during the apology.

Our cameras caught Seinfeld leaving the Ed Sullivan Theatre after taping his Letterman appearance. He told us, "It's all on the show tonight."

Seinfeld's reps confirmed to TMZ that "Michael appeared via satellite and apologized."


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Why can't we all just get along?

2839 days ago


I listened to the video...while appalled, I am not surprised. His comments were revolting, disgusting, shocking, and they sickened me. For him to say what he did, it was already in a place where he did not have to reach far to get.
I wonder what he would have said if the hecklers were white!!!!
Apologizing publicly is done only to save damage done to his nowhere to go career. Who will find him funny now?
Every time someone looks at Seinfield, they will think about those comments...and that will take all of the humor from him.

2839 days ago

White and Offended    

I just watched the video and I was offended, However living in the DC area I hear this language all the time. The only reason everyone is offended is because he is White. If this was a black comedian it would be OK. I call that bullsh*t and a double standard. If CNN and everyone else is going to make a big deal about this they should also make a big dean about Martin Lawrence and others using the same words.

2839 days ago

skeptical at best    

Leave it to someone named "Laqeesha" to say he needs a beatdown LOL

Wow!!! Did you really just say that? I don't see the humor in that comment at all, nor do I understand how anyone can in anyway blame the other people. I guess I forgot that I live in the US, where the tendency is to not take responsibility. I'm sorry there is no way that criticism of what I do leads to racial slurs. That's not logical, period.

2839 days ago


alice, you're a f***ing bitch how about that?

2839 days ago


If his career wasn't over before, it sure is now. What a kick watching the B, C and even A-list celebs meltdown one right after another. Am I alone in thinking that interest in Celebrities today in more akin to seeing oddities like the bearded lady at the traveling circus. Most, if not all are a bunch of overpaid, self righteous one man/woman freak shows.

2839 days ago


Leave it to some crazy ass fool to spread more hate in this country, just what we need after good ol boys in the white house have put the nail in the coffin on that one. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE jump on the band wagon, cmon now HATE HATE HATE HATE

2839 days ago


Only a small portion of the video was shown, and that was the end. I do not condone racist remarks of ANY KIND; however, what the video failed to show was Michael Richards being heckled contiuosly. Yes, he is a professional and should be used to that, but he was called a "Cracker" and "White Boy" amongst other ridiculous remarks. Richard's should be fined for this, but so should those guys also. It is sad when we do not hold every one who uses racial remarks accountable, for when that happens, it says that some racial comments are considered acceptable, or not as bad. It is all bad and should never happen. If every one who made a racist comment in that video is not held accountable, then that is a serious injustice to all.

2839 days ago

Haleh B    

I am often awed as how Hollywooders use various ways to promote themselves especially when their careers seem to be at a dead end. This is a sad example of how screwed Hollywood really can be. Anything goes...from being drunk and intoxicated to obviously insanely ignorant. And this is what we call entertainment! I wonder if this was a brilliant idea by his publicist! It really is sad.

2839 days ago


I am a black male who enjoyed his show, and I am deeply saddened to find that "Kramer" could have those thoughts in his heart. I don't think I could ever watch the show again.

I am also saddened to know that some white people cannot see the difference in Black commedians playfully criticizing white culture and this use of a pergorative! "Cracker" was said without the context of centuries of torture, abuse, and exploitation. Blacks never lynched white people enmass.

It is deeply saddening to know that white people still do not recognize that difference. To compare, calling a woman the B word would include the context of physical abuse (and threat there of) women have suffered since the beginning of time; something quite different from calling a man a jerk, right?

Blacks are hurt by the fact that many whites just refuse to or are incapable of understanding this.

2839 days ago


There is a cliche` that says'sticks & stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me"...I have long disagreed w/this. Words do hurt, they can hurt, they can hurt worse than a stick or stone, they pierce the heart, and remain in the mind's memory bank.
What is more sad is the comments of insensitive, predjudice people that still maintain the Southern, ignorant, mentality of those racists individuals that perpetrated crimes against Blacks years ago, and still remain.

2839 days ago


Insulting, poor judgment and revealing of who he really was all the time since then. His mask went down. It is so sad and I don't feel sorry for another career that has just been destroyed.

2839 days ago


Aren't double standards fun? It's racist for a white person to call a black person a "nigger" but it's perfectly acceptable for a black person to call a white person "cracker".

If you took offense by what you heard, guess what. You're part of the problem. They're only words people. They only have power if you GIVE them power. Get over it.

2839 days ago


Oh Please ... I tend to agree w/ Evil Ruler - he HAD to apologize and SHOULD have !! He is disgusting and I am a SWF !!!!!!!

2839 days ago


Well this is how you handle a nightmare PR situation. Go in front of a camera ASAP, show some true tearful remorse, and accept the consequences of your actions. Don't try running off to rehab, issuing a press release through your publicist, or go into hiding.

2839 days ago
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