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Kramer Uses the "Black Friends" Defense

11/27/2006 12:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a desperate effort to salvage what's left of his poisoned reputation, a "shattered" Michael Richards told Reverend Jesse Jackson that he "loves" black people, adding that some of his "best friends were African-Americans."
Kramer says sorry

Interviewed on Jackson's "Keep Hope Alive" radio show on Sunday, the former "Seinfeld" star again claimed that he harbors no racist feelings toward black people, and blamed his racist diatribe on months of pent up rage that, "has no color."

Richards explained that he should have recognized his problem, when his frustration with hecklers started affecting his comedy routine. "It's a rough and tumble environment," Richards claimed, "I've been noticing how aggressive my work had been getting."

Jackson was convinced that the problem had deeper roots, telling Richards, "You used the word nigger, and then the lynching scene ... have you been here before?" Richards responded, "No, no, no, no, no. That's why I'm shattered by it. The way it just came through me like a freight train."

According to Richards' publicist, Howard Rubenstein, the disgraced actor has already begun psychiatric counseling in Los Angeles to learn how to manage his anger and understand why he made the racist remarks.


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We, are not amused.    

#78 A history teacher

WTF...are you Ralph Bunche,

2884 days ago


TMZ - thanks for sharing this. It really upsets me that all these closet racist commenters feel the need to target this story as a way to silence all those whom are upset by this incident. I doubt any of these people are writing comments on the many other stories (and non-stories) that are getting a lot of media attention. Here's a tip to you jackasses: go read some other stories if you're tired of this one. There's PLENTY out there for you to track.

2884 days ago


To #64.... My expeience is that the guys who make comments like you typically are average size at best. Sorry, but I have been there and done that, and the "myth" about blacks ain't true. But hey, as long as you are cute, then we have something to talk about.

Now here is a guy you can only dream of being....

Oh and did you notice, he's rich! ;)

2884 days ago


Shannon certainly did strike a nerve. You can't help but think that it created #69's Internet fraud poster no. 1000. Why doesn't that person exist? The response comes from a shallow weak-minded person who has to justify their existence by stating an alleged attractive appearance and impressive resume. You can't help but think insecurity. Otherwise, there would be quiet confidence and dignified comments from someone who has nothing to prove.

2884 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

My Favorite Television Show is Good Times:

On todays episode Florida was concerned that Thelma may be getting married to an older gentelmen (Played by Lou Gosset Jr) because she was pregnant.

James talked to the older man, and explained how upset he would be should anything happen to his only daughter. Florida had a long talk with Thelma and ended up convincing her not to marry this man, because of his status in the ghetto.

Just then as everything began to culminate, J.J and Micheal came in the door. They had been sent away to watch Bookman (Ol Buffallo Butt) fix the delapidated elevator.

J.J called Thelma a "Mongoose Face" for not marrying the older guy, since his ghetto status was to (juniors) liking.

But thanks to the words of wisdom from Florida and James, the older man was told to leave, and Then J.J did the thing that looks someone dunking a basketball. With his hand up over his head.

It was really awsome...

2884 days ago

Go Away    

Wow... that was painful to read (capslock). Especially when you're calling everyone "dummies" on here and you can't even spell "knowledge" right. "sociates"? Wtf is that? Dumb fuck.

2884 days ago

Steve Smith    

If you are white and arent considered a "racist" in todays liberal society, you should really open your eyes. This Kramer rant is par for the course with blacks. Take, take, take, whine, whine, whine!! Nobody owes you anything. If you don't want people looking at your skin color, stop looking at ours and pointing fingers. Our forefathers must be rolling over in there graves!

2884 days ago

The Cloak    

Kramer was right. After an exhaustive investigation I can conclude he was the victim of a setup and i blogged the 10 reasons that he was right!

2884 days ago



2884 days ago


America is really in the toilet. Most of you prove it...beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Illiterate, ugly human beings. (You know who you are...or maybe you don't--that would be the PROBLEM).

2884 days ago


He opened his mouth he spewed out those words. It's done ,over! Shut your mouth Richards the more you apologize the more desperate and pathetic you sound.

2884 days ago


To shannon:

I would never announce my boyfriends name on TMZ... And have you and the rest of the TMZ KKK Bloggers google him or look for his name on school websites? Like anyone is really above that. You obviously expressed interest in it.

Besides, I am not so insecure to need to validate myself to a Trash like yourself. I wouldnt link you to his articles online-why would I when you probably cant comprehend economics? I know the truth, he knows the truth, all my friends know it, and I dont feel as if I have to prove it to any trash. and if you refuse to believe it, I wouldnt expect anything else. You choose to be on the ignorant path no links or journal articles are ever going to get you in another direction.

A grad student yet mocking other students on TMZ... or are you really a grad student?
"Why arent YOU studying for finals today" What, did you forget about your own?
Whether you are a grad student or not doesnt really make me inclined to ask you to prove it. Trash mongers like you dont really make me want to investigate your shitty lives. I wouldnt really ask about your bf either because my gut tells me youre either single or being used by a fat ugly white pin-dick slob that wears pink polo shirts and listens to Bowling for Soup.

You make your own doom. Have fun living a C**t existence

2884 days ago


I suck. Nobody needs to apologize to me since I am the lowest form of AFRO you can come in contact with...Al Sharpton comes in second.

Let's hear it for the white boys.

Yay Michael are America's hero.

2884 days ago

Looking down    

Unbelievable! Is this really the common American intellect? Not trying to draw any nasty differences, but at least the blacks who post here speak with a relevant degree of intellect and education - completely opposite of the whites claiming blacks are this or that...And because of those particular whites intellectual handicap I must clarify that I draw a distinction between them and normal, undamaged whites.
I am a black man. I saw the video. Michael screwed up. But he screwed himself, and he screwed himself good. THAT IS THE REASON FOR HIS APOLOGIES. Consider the fact that he has more than likely used the term under discussion before in a private setting in the past. The possibility is almost absolute that he has; however he has never apologized publicly for them, has he? And why not? Because there was no need for him to, he said it with impunity. But now he slipped up and let it come out at the wrong time in the wrong place, and has offended people. His livelyhood-his life (see Thoreau) is in danger.
Now, let us attack the falacious arguement that because blacks use the term without consequence (which is not entirely true) whites should be allowed as well.
The problem lies with the intent as well as the desire to use such a term. One can see that the only reason that a person would want to use that term is to harm or offend without impunity. So next time you here that ridiculas arguement, you can scoff off the idea as pure stupidity and discover something ugly about the person who presents it.
As far as Michael's apology, my opinion is the same as it always has been about anybody presenting an apology: Once is enough if sincere. Of course many Americans (which I am) are media whores, and the media is only playing to your tastes. If Americans showed more integrity and class, the hecklers would not have heckled, Michael would not have offended, and this story would be less than tabloid horse crap.

2884 days ago

We, are not amused.    

#80 Jenny
Did you notice that he's the so gay he makes Jim Crow look manly?

2884 days ago
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