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A Couple of Numbskulls

11/29/2006 3:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris and Britney's love fest may be dying down, but Paris' love for designer Tarina Tarantino is never-ending. Paris was snapped at Hyde wearing a Tarantino skull bracelet, which retails for $70.

When it comes to accessories, Hilton has been a huge fan of the "more is more" movement, and Tarina Tarantino on Melrose Ave. is the perfect place to load up. One less item Paris was willing to wear: one of her stockings. She had one on, while Britney wore the other. You'd think they could afford to have a pair for each of them!

Perhaps Paris was helping Brit to keep at least a leg covered. Wow. She's a giver.


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This seems too planned on Parasite's part to ruin Britney. Was never much of a fan of hers before but even before she had kids, you didnt see this kind of press on her. Too bad. Alot of girls really looked up to her. Mine did and now she just says she's gross!

2824 days ago


Paris Hilton is RASCIST SLUT!! She's uses the N- word to refer to black people and I am no longer a fan...she's a SLUT to top it off and EVERYONE is TIRED of her and wish the B*TCH would just go away? I had no idea who she even was until the whole world saw that rediculous sex tape she made!! Paris who??- Oh Yea...that slut b*tch that was f*ckin' on tape!! F*ck Paris--waite-I'm sorry- the whole world already has!

2824 days ago

the wise old owl    

Now if only Brittany can get rid of that cancerous growth that is holding her up....she may recover. What a poor choice to deside to " bond with " Paris will sink her faster than an anchor. Hopefully the rumors are true and she is dumping her new " Best friend "

It's evident by the pictures, her sloppy appearance, and intoxicated displays of showing her pussy that she is totally wasted. OMG. She is a mother of 2 little boys.. Paris is just some lost whore who is doing " the world ". She is encouraging this bad behavior Not helping her .. Paris is an instigator and a bad influence. It's obvious Brittany is going out to drown her sorrows. Alcohol and Drugs isn't the answer. Only a temporary FIX.

Hey Brittany. Why not try calling Reese WItherspoon. Or some other responsible role model to hang out with. What the hell does she have in common with Paris anyway ? That was a really bad choice. But than again . Brittany hasn't been too good in the " judgement " catagory.

2824 days ago


Brit, WATCH OUT, Paris's plan is to f@*k K-Fed for publicity! Then her skanky ass will run around the planet screaming "Britney is just Jealous of me!".

GIRL, SHE IS B.A.D. NEWS. Dump her NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2824 days ago


Watching Brittany these last few weeks is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. So sad. It's too bad she won't listen to any of her advisors trying to give her good advice about her career. Sure, she may need to let off some steam, but out partying every night is not a good plan.

As a mother, I know how important being there is for your children, especially in the first three years of life. It's just beyond me how she can leave an eight week old at home, night after night. There have been comments on TMZ from some saying her kids should be taken away. Unfortunately there are no laws against leaving your children with a nanny. As long as they are fed and safe, they're "yours". It's really too bad, but with her money, no one can touch those kids. They are destined to grow up lonely and with sporadic mothering, uless Brit comes to her senses. She's really so young. In ten years, I think she will look back on this time of her life with true regret.

2824 days ago


What's wrong with an envening out with Paris?

2824 days ago


Brit wants to be just like Paris, a walking Twat!

2824 days ago

Puh der Baer    

She's a giver, alright. She give me nausea.

2824 days ago

We, are not amused.    

I can see it now...they come back from a night of partying and whoring around, they giggle and look into each others eyes, slowly they help each other get nekidd, leaving the one stocking on and their "stripper" clear acrlic heels. It lunch time at the "Y". Oh momma help me! I'm turning to stone...down there!
Oh, Brit!
Oh, Paris!!

2824 days ago


Ummm... What is Paris doing with her hand? It looks like it is playing with Britney's ???

2824 days ago


Okay.... I feel twisted in admitting it - but I actually like Paris Hilton. But if Paris were a real friend to Britney, she'd be looking out for Britney's kids too and tell her to go home to them once in a while. Then again, it could be that she's with her kids during the later in the day and goes out once their in bed or close to it.

Now it really seems to the public like it doesn't matter if the kids go to her or to their father because their lifestyle will be exactly the same.

I'm curious as to where her mother is in this? My mother would have staged an intervention already if she'd seen I was emotionally starving my babies.

2824 days ago


I agree with your comment Bec..........bad career move on Britney's part. She is acting just like that skank she is hanging around, who in their right mind would want to have a rep as a slut!

2824 days ago


Yestersday on Enews they were talking about how great Britt looked after her big makeover! I don't see what they are talking about, she looks horrible! That hair looks a mess, her clothes are trashy, and her skin dosen't look too great either!

2824 days ago


Ok is it me or does it look Brits boob is hanging out and Paris has her hand on it? Wow!!!

2824 days ago


Brit has on a rolling face. Maybe Paris just introduced her to the sweaty joy of X. She sure has a grip on Paris' hand.

2824 days ago
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