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Danny DeVito -- Hammered on "The View"?

11/29/2006 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Danny DeVito says he and George Clooney had a long night out last night -- and by the look of things on "The View" this morning, it caught up with him.

DeVito, appearing as a guest on the show to plug his latest comedy, "Deck the Halls," told the View gals that he might not have gotten to sleep just yet ... before the 10 AM taping.

Then, cursing his seventh limoncello (a lemon liqueur) from the night before, DeVito went on an extended, Three Stooges-esque rant against President Bush, much of which was bleeped out by network censors. He also talked about making full use of the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House when he and wife Rhea Perlman stayed there.

Joy and Rosie laughed at DeVito's antics. Elisabeth seemed tolerably amused, despite the political slant. Barbara, however, was very much not so, glaring icily at the "limonized" DeVito.

DeVito's rep Stan Rosenfield tells TMZ that his client had asked for Barbara Walters' phone number today, and that he would say "what needed to be said privately" to her. Rosenfield also confirmed that DeVito and Clooney were out last night together, and that "they had a good time."


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What an idiot, not only does he show us how stupid he is by hanging out with such a clueless loser like Clooney, but on top of that, to act like such a loser on TV, I think he needs to be Dixie Chicked

2793 days ago

John Kelly    

Bash your head in instead of Bush. I love the GOP's loyalty to Moe, or is it larry. Get over it, the house and senate have turned and the office of the president is next. How about you dont use this forum to push your views onto others. DeVito was a little drunk, no more so than old Cheney when he shot his friend while hunting. Beat it geek

2793 days ago


WE the public intrude on the personal sides of celebrities. IF we find them offensive WE don't have to watch or read about them. I was not offended by his behavior, what I find offensive is the WAR IN IRAQ and the fact our media tries to side track this WAR with the reporting of celebrities mishaps appearing in the public eye.

2793 days ago


Man Dan's the MAN! Yeah yeah, he was drunk as hell. But he was just as fun and cool as could be! Everyone seems to be in a very critical mood these days, first Richards, now this. But here you won't see Danny running to AAA begging for forgiveness on national television. Half of us can only dream of being that comfortable in our skin and lovin' life that much--let alone on the View of all places.

2793 days ago

karen martin    

come on he could have been acting! besides who cares he was funny! rosie being mad at kelly ripa for not wanting that kids hand on her mouth is ok"? i think they should replace rosie.i dont like her anymore,and not because she gay! she now thinks shes better then everyone else!

2793 days ago

Connect da dots    

Danny the Drunk speaks about the time President Clinton let him sleep in Lincoln's Bedroom (by the way it is a piece of American history not to be disgraced) and Danny the Drunk talk's about how he shagged his short, ugly wife in every corner of it and on every piece of furniture. This seemed to excite Rosie(God knows why???) That was the problem with Bill... He'd let anybody disgrace the White House including Danny the Drunk, the communist chinese, himself and any other MF'er that would give him oral sex or some coin. Devito is a sad, sorry, little drunken midget. "The View " did America a favor by putting him on. He exposed the truth not about Bush but about Clinton. Rosie and Barbara this back fired on you. Next time; don't let your short, babbling and drunken friends come on the air because you only expose your own inner evils. Good Job To the View!!!!

2793 days ago


He gets paid a lot of money to be in half-rate, d-list Christmas movies. He isn't getting paid to abuse a public platform with his idiotic political views.

2793 days ago


Censoring is for incidents like this. Bleeping out curse words was not enough.
I feel The View failed Danny and his family. Barbara states allowing Danny’s disrespecting behavior was all in good fun. Wrong! In being in Good Fun was for The View show rating. All the shows hosts have been in the business for a life time and should have taken aggressive steps to cut Danny’s interview and avoid this embarrassment. An example would have been to stop the interview. Allowing Danny to disrespect the President and White House was just plain wrong. I lost respect for The View TV show.

Michelle, Detroit MI

2793 days ago


Who cares? It made for good tv. I wish more celebrities would show up smashed.

2793 days ago


Devito, Your an IDIOT! You, Clooney, Rosie and all the rest of your buddies in Hollywood!

2793 days ago

Lenn K    

Well at least Rosie didn't say he put down gays or something like that. You know she hears things differently.

2793 days ago


Danny was funny and being an actor. The View women had fun with Danny and he made everyone laugh. He went a little too far with the Lincoln Bedroom story and that is what made Barbara change the subject. But, his interview was entertaining to say the least. The View is very entertaining with the addition of Rosie. She adds a lot of spunk and fun to the show.

2793 days ago

kris baker    

Way to go Danny. Don't dispair. So what if you came on the show a little tipsy. At least you did something legal and a had a designated driver. I would party with you anytime.

2793 days ago


I agree with you Deep in the Heart, no holiday D. Devito movies for this family. He owes the entire viewing audience a huge apology, as do the ladies of the view. This was truly disgusting morning TV. As a former DD fan, I saw absoloutely nothing adorable or endearing about this formerly funny man. I bet Rhea is letting him have it at this very moment, and I don't mean sex. She is probably the only one who has the power to make him go to AA, he needs it. Sad, Sad, Sad that this is what he does with his success.

2792 days ago


Barbara Walters should stay off the "View". Her career belongs to journalism. Danny is just out having fun, brought alot of laughs, and still is a great actor.Really shows the Hollywood "fame", and depression side of every celeb. It would be hard being one. Still love Danny, great guy. Wish him the best.

2792 days ago
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