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Leave it to Beaver

11/29/2006 3:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' party life has spiraled out of control over the last few weeks since she dumped K-Fed, and we have the photos to prove it. From all-nighters with Paris to her pantyless pic parade -- we've got the shots.

Seems like Brit wants to keep your jaw on the floor ... meanwhile, feast your eyes on these.


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I was standing next to Britney in Las Vegas. She stinks to high heaven of B.O. It was go gross, my friend actual said out loud, "What's that horrible smell". Obviously Britney knows she sticks because she gave my friend this dagger stare. I was a huge fan until now. Take a bath girl for god sakes. I'll never look at her again without wondering, does she bother to bathe?

2883 days ago


In that hat Brit kinda looks like a young Sally Jesse Raphael.

2883 days ago


Geez,.. People Get over it already. I'm sure alot of people including Good Parents don't wear underwear. It just so happens no one cares. As for Brit! I say You go girl. Wear whatever you want or don't want! I think she is still the Hottest Babe on the planet and K-fed can take his ass back to whatever rock he crawled from under. As far as lossing custody for not wearing underwear Ya'll Are Nuts!!

2883 days ago


I don't know about anyone else who comments on this but I dont hold any hopes that Britney Spears reads this..I would hope she would se she could see what a ridiculous person she is coming across as.

I have NEVER been a fan of Britney Spears, I actually like singers who posses vocal talent. The thing that gets me is why I don't stop hearing about her, thats what brigs me here..what the hell are people thinking? what is so special about this girl anyways?? Nothing..I can't even call her a woman with the sort of behaviour I am seeing posted all over the place..I wonder how she thinks her kids will feel when they see this crap everywhere about their mother flashing the world and hanging out with people like Paris Hilton who could not have less class if she were brought up in the worst of ghetto's.

It's pathetic. It's no one's fault but her own that she married someone of the likes of KEVIN and now that she's finally grown a braincel and figured out she made a mess does not give her the right to act like a crazy cracked out person all over the public eye...get some class, be a grown least for the sake of her kids if not for some well needed self respect.

2883 days ago


It's not just the underwear, get real! It everything she's done over the past two weeks. Once you have kids you have to make the choice between party girl or mother. She has chosen to be a party girl. So give up the mother part. Let someone more qualified handle the kids. They'll be better off in the long run. And I agree, where is CPS in all of this? Losers should not be allowed to raise babies. I wish someone had taken me and my sister away from my mom. My sister might still be alive. My mom was a self proclaimed “party girl”, and CPS stood by and did nothing.

2883 days ago


I don't understand how she is still getting good publicity from magazines such as US, Star, etc...She doesn't look that good, yeah, she lost the weight, big deal, with her money, she could still be looking 10x better, yeah, she dumped K-Fed, but who'se to say he's a bad dad....look at what she's doing. If she any better? Those poor baby boys! Kevin may be trash, but so is she, she always has been and always will be and I hope to God that she doesn't make a come back. I don't want my little girl looking up to someone like that! One of the few people in Hollywood that is worth looking up to is Reese Witherspoon, but she's not "interesting" enough for the American public. So sad!

2883 days ago


OMG, I've had kids for over one whole year...let me outta here. She's not a mother, she's an egg donor.

2883 days ago

north woods    


2883 days ago


Of course, the pictures are fake, she's really at home spending quality time with her two boys. She's not really a no talent skanky mother, it's all a bad dream. LOL!


2883 days ago


Brit keeps saying that she has been pregnant for a year and a half and now she wants to have fun. There are other ways to have fun besides drinking and partying all night long. If she wanted to be free to hang out she should have been on the pill and not have gotten "knocked up" back to back. But with all the pics with her legs wide open and no panties on, it is easy to see how she got pregnant. Brit you are a mother for goodness sakes, act like one. She is really stupid cause all this partying and photos are going to come back and bite her in the ass when she goes to court to determine custody of her two children. By the way who's keeping those kids?

2883 days ago


Britney, Paris put her stuff on a video for all the world to see, don't be so stupid as to follow in her footsteps...............she is a bad influence on you......get away from had a husband.............good or bad.......he gave you two sons who will some day see and hear all about this public display............I am sure thats not what you want......I no your young and crazy to party but please keep your shirt and pants on.....atleast in public anyway.....

2883 days ago


That thing down there looks like a turkey's neck. She's lost weight but that thing down there, well it looks rather...plump!

2883 days ago

Judi Morgan    

Wow. These comments are more visious than the ones left regarding Michael Richards' racist rant. How sad.

2883 days ago

Judi Morgan    

opps i mean vicious. sorry

2883 days ago


where can you see the uncensored pictures? I'm interested in knowing whats under there

2883 days ago
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