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Bitch-Slapped by PETA

11/29/2006 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole RichieIt seems Nicole Richie fired her stylist a little too late ... she just landed at the top of PETA's Annual Worst-Dressed List.

The animal rights group showed no mercy as they dug their their claws into fur-loving Richie by saying, "This pelt-wearing party girl is all animal skin and bones. She's an incredible shrinking woman with the heart to match." Meow!

PETA put Hollywood wonder twin Ashley Olsen in the #2 spot: "Wearing fur does add 20 pounds, but if Ashley wants to fill out her frame, we suggest using a fork instead." Ouch!

Christina Ricci landed at #3 for posing on a magazine cover wearing "fur from slaughtered reindeer." Fur-galicious Eva Longoria was named #4 because they wish "She'd be more sympathetic to the plight of rabbits, considering the way she screws around like one on Wisteria Lane." Well!

Notably absent from the list: Paris Hilton, who topped the list last year, and Beyoncé, who was ambushed by PETA at a restaurant last June for including fur in her fashion line.


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Jihad, war in Iraq, A Democrat controled House and Senate, high electric rates, high gas prices, higher groceries, my son's tuition went up, no end in sight, and someone cares that Ricci wears F***ing Reindeer!!!!!!

2850 days ago


ANYONE who supports or condones killing a defenseless animal is pathetic! Why would anyone want to wear a dead carcass? If they were wearing human skins there would be world anarcy. Why is it different with an animal? They breathe, bleed and love just as humans....and those who dispute that are morons and need to look deep into their souls. This is why our world is the way it is....people don't have hearts or souls anymore.....SAD....TRULY SAD!

2850 days ago


at to MOTHER, the reindeer cared you idiot!

2850 days ago


PETA is a terrorist organization and should have their tax exempt status taken away. They are a threat.

2850 days ago

We, are not amused.    

"...democratic controlled house and senate..."
That's a hoot!

2850 days ago


Yea PETA!!! Anyone who wears fur in this day and age is just stupid. Most designers have switched to faux fur, it's beautiful and about 1/10th the price. For those of you who say PETA should mind their own business, you need to watch (preferably on a 62" HD T.V.) a fox being skinned alive as I have. Then tell me it's not cruel. Or perhaps you'd prefer to see where fur from China comes from. Usually dogs and cats. Once you've seen a dog clubbed over and over and over until it finally gasps it's last breath you'd never consider wearing fur of any sort. Unless that is you don't have a soul.

2850 days ago


Animals skinned for fur come from two places—fur ranches and trapping the animals in the wild. On fur ranches, animals lead miserable lives confined in small, filthy cages. They are cruelly killed by being gassed, suffocated, or by electrocution. They are electrocuted anally or through the mouth so that the blood doesn’t ruin the “clothes.”

Trapping animals in the wild for fur is not any more humane. There are many traps used to trap animals. One common trap is the steel-jaw leghold trap. This trap closes with bone-crushing force onto an animal. The animals often try to chew their own limbs off to escape. The traps also catch our companion animals such as dogs and cats. These traps are dangerous to children.

Fur belongs to the wild animals wearing it, not humans.

2850 days ago


The ironic thing is people only THINK they look good in fur, they don't. They look ridiculous, gaudy and cruel. People are staring in disgust..

2850 days ago


I think Nicole looks stunning in that coat, PETA people are just jealous because they can't afford such outfits.

All fur coats come from rach-raised animals these days.,so why the excitement. It's no different than eating chickens,fish, beef, you name it. And few people are willing to give up their steaks, sorry you animal freaks.

2850 days ago


I LOVE animals - they taste delicious!

2850 days ago


# 25 Deirdra. I have read some garbage on the internet but you have topped everything til now. I feel sorry for you as you are probably a brain dead,stupid moron. Go and educate yourself on a subject before you make anymore ignorant comments. By the way it ranch and not rach !!!

2849 days ago


PETA is the biggest joke ever. I say all you hollywood folks should get some guts and start a trend of wearing leather and fur, especially if that is what YOU WANT TO DO!. And say screw you Pam & PETA. And why don't you ever hear stories about PETA going after rockers who wear leather or rappers who wear leather and fur? Are they afraid of them, or is it that those people could care less what this group of nuts thinks?

2849 days ago


I love fur, I will be the first to admit it!! If you can afford it, go for it!! And Nicole has great style!

2849 days ago


Girls who wear fur look like whores. When I see one I throw red paint all over it.
Yes Nicole has great style, she's a fu$king skeleton. It figures that the same person who thinks she looks good would also wear fur. Dumb bitches
P.S. whats a rach-raised animal?

2849 days ago



Spare me the crap you wimp! If I have enough money I'll buy fur. It's funny how so many people have been mind-washed to believe crap about animals been skinned alive. Do you really believe it happens that way?

As you may not know, skinning an animal while it's alive invites a lot of trouble because the animal will attack you so typically the animal is killed before the fur is harvested. Or do you think that the animal is skinned alive and left bare? Please get your head out of your ass and don't spew propaganda.

2849 days ago
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