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Perez Hilton Sued For $7.5 Million

11/30/2006 9:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Perez HiltonA Hollywood photo agency is suing snarky gossip blogger Perez Hilton aka Mario Lavandeira, for copyright infringement. The agency claims Perez used their images on his website "without permission from the agency, thereby violating federal law."

The tabloid agency is seeking over $7.5 million dollars in damages from Perez for what they say is a loss of profits and injury to their reputation. The photo agency believes their pics have played a large part in the success and profitability of, which reportedly charges between $9,000 and $16,000 a week for ad space. It costs plenty to appear next to Britney's crotch!

Perez tells TMZ, "I have yet to be personally served with this lawsuit. My lawyers and I will address the situation when we have the opportunity to review the materials."

The self-proclaimed "Gossip Gangsta," who calls a local L.A. coffee shop his "office," is currently scheduled to appear on the upcoming "Big in '06 Awards" on VH1, and on MTV's New Year's Eve special.



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My god,
The perez supporters on this post are complete idiots. If it were YOUR sh*t he was using w/o permission or payment, I'm pretty damned sure you'd have a different opinion.

2851 days ago


I love Perez. All blogs reprint pictures and stories without permission. You see it daily, so really it's not different, except Perez is making money with his site.

Get a little going for yourself and kaboom, everyone wants in on the action.

2851 days ago


Regardless of whether you like Perez or not, the difference between a blog that you or I would do and the type of blog that Perez does is that he sells space on his site to advertise and is therefore making a PROFIT. Therefore any pictures that he uses that he hasn't taken himself should not be used without permission from the owner of the pics or without paying the owner a pre-agreed price for the pics.

The issue here is very similar to that of not paying for music that is downloaded, and the agencies suing Perez have a very strong case. How would YOU feel if you spent a lot of time and effort to take some pictures or make some music and someone else used these pictures or tunes, without your permission or paying you first, and they made a profit from it? Pretty pissed off, right?

Perez knows that what he is doing is wrong but doesn't want to admit it, and now he'll have to pay the price for it. He could have saved himself a lot of money and hassle if he had just paid for the pictures like anyone else... his blog isn't worth much without the pictures, is it now!

2851 days ago

Perez is Overrated    

I've visited his blog a few times. Nothing spectacular, IMO. He comes off as an arrogant asshat riding on other's (photo agencies, celebs, successful gossip blogs) coattails. His writing is horrible and rarely funny, yet he thinks he's a pioneer and innovator.

I'd buy a round for whoever brought this lawsuit against him. Someone needs to deflate his oversized head.

2851 days ago


Am I the only one who remembers when Perez used to make fun of celebrities, instead of hang around them and kiss their asses?

He sold out a LONG time ago. But then again, for 10 grand per ad per week, I probably would too...

2851 days ago


AWWWW the leeches are angry someone is actually leeching of of them! HA HA

2851 days ago


i just saw perez's video on , i want to win the grand prize so I can buy everyone beautiful hats that say "Perez for Prez"

2851 days ago


Team Perez, Bitchez!!

2851 days ago

sexy hollywood kid    

Good, F*** that stuid bitch perez hilton, that poor peice of sh*t should go back into the ground where he came from, i hate him, and he sucks . . . he is as small as his dick is. Im so happy they are taking him to court, i hope they win all 7.5 million dollars and shut him down. TMZ ROCKS, i love you guys

2850 days ago


He's hot.

2850 days ago



"In the United States, anything visible ("in plain view") from a public area can be legally photographed. This includes buildings and facilities, people, signage, notices and images. It is not uncommon for security personnel to use intimidation or other tactics to attempt to stop the photographer from photographing their facilities (trying to prevent, e.g., industrial espionage); however, there is no legal precedent to prevent the photographer so long as the image being photographed is in plain view from a public area."


2850 days ago


Lots of Britney's Crotch HQ pics:

2846 days ago


Under copyright law, anyone is allowed to use newsworthy photos for satirical purposes...Perez is doing nothing illegal.

2834 days ago


Honestly folks, Perez doesn't scoop anything, he goes for info that is already out there or "rumored" and then acts like he discovered something. If he gets a hit, then he looks like a saviour or the next messiah. The supposedly suspected people that are supposed to be gay is a list that has been going around for quite some time. Lance, Neil, TR, everyone knew before Perez said anything, you could read it on these men's faces (literally, without Perez drawing that dribble on it). I mean when he said "Russell Simons" I'm like, who told you that his ex-wife, Kimora. Like she wouldn't lie!!!!! He doesn't have sources, cause he doesn't have friends. Eventually, Paris will turn on him too without him having to do a thing. Karma is a b@%$^ Tara Reid knows that.

2833 days ago
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