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A Kennedy Gets Into Britney's Pants

12/1/2006 5:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mystery of Britney Spears' missing panties has been solved -- Jamie Kennedy found them!
Jamie Kennedy
Kennedy showed up at the Arby's Action Sports Awards last night wearing a pair of panties on his face and holding a sign that read: "I Found Britney's Panties." Hehehe.


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Hea #13, I would have bought that excuse when she was 19 or 20 but she is almost 25. You can't use the "Acting Ot" excuse anymore when you are that age, the brain is fully developed! This SH*T is just too FUNNY to watch, hear and read. AH, how the mighty fall, and entertain us at the same time. To think, some of us (yes I know not all) used to what to be "Just Like Brit".

I can't remember when a "star" made such a fool of herself!

All I can say is "Go out Brit, show us your croch, smack some more gum, and ignore your styleist, we are all having a BALL!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and don't forget to bring Greasy Bear and Paris the Slut along, they are as fun to watch and make fun of as you (well almost)!

2885 days ago


Listen, morons, "stylist" does not have an e, nor does "truly."

2885 days ago


Great, now we can just locate Parisite's and Lilo's undies we'll be in good shape!

And yes Alexis, there are a lot of semi-literates on here, but at least comment on the post at hand if you're going to bother writing something.

2885 days ago

That really sucks    

l Log onto THE HUN'S YELLOW PAGES then scroll down. You will then see BRITNEY SPEARS PANTYLESS UPSKIRT ON THIS ONE. Click on this site.

2885 days ago


LMAO! He found them in Paris Hilton's a**hole!

2885 days ago

tony w.    

ewwwwwwwwwww! That's a visual I did NOT need whatever! lol

2885 days ago


Looks like Fed X might have a good case for custody of his two boys. If Britney had a brain in her head she would read this article and start behaving like a caring mother instead of a partying whore:

Britney Spears should probably put some underwear on — or at least avoid being photographed without it — and stop her alleged all-night partying if she wants custody of her two young sons.

That's the advice of divorce lawyers who say that an inappropriate photo, like the ones taken this week of Brit going commando as she left a dance club with Paris Hilton, doesn't mean she's an unfit mother. But it certainly gives soon-to-be-ex hubby Kevin Federline some ammo in his battle for their children.

"Her behavior is potentially creating an issue that shouldn't otherwise exist," said matrimonial attorney Dylan Mitchell of the Blank Rome law firm in New York. "She could give Mr. Federline some leverage. If she continues like that, he could turn around and say, she's never home and other people are parenting the children."

2885 days ago


Brit, do you not understand that you are now making Fed-Ex look good?????

2884 days ago


Britney needs to stop acting like a teenager sometimes. That kind of thing would have worked in 1999 or 2000 when she had several pop hits and toured constantly. But she has 2 kids and she needs to stay out of the spotlight and the clubs sometimes. I know she's recording her album right now, but she needs to check on her kids more often. Why does she feel that she has to hang with Paris Hilton? I don't think she wanted to be married anyway. Most people at 25 tend to grow up, mature, move on, take more adult responsibilites and control of their lives. I have friends in their mid 30s that I can't reach because they're tied up with their kids and demanding careers. Britney seems to be stuck in the same rut. I wonder if she's embarassed at the pictures exposed of her with no underwear or panties. No, I'm not telling Britney how to live her life--she can do what she wants. But she needs to make better choices and decisions.

2884 days ago


some of you people are so dumb, you gotta know that those panties are not really hers, he bought 'em, they're his, and it pisses me off that these a**hole stories bring out the worst in people, like the comments on women's hygeine. I am the first to be disgusted with BS, she is nasty, she is showing her true self and is absolutely not a model mom, take those kids away and give 'em to Shar, she'd bring them up awhole lot better.

Thanks Britney, you're a real a**hole!!!!

2884 days ago



2884 days ago


If I were Brit Id make him swallow them!

2884 days ago

So Sick Of...    

What we have here people is a rich girl with no morals, an ugly as all hell crotch with sh*t juice coming out of it and she can't seem to stay at home and take care of her children. I bet that 2 month old is waking up every 2-3 hours for feeding at his age!

She is a piece of sh*t mother. End of story!!!

2884 days ago


The sh*t of Brit stinks just a bit,
But not as bad as what Fed had,
He poked and stroked that smelly gash,
Her well licked panties then throw in trash.

Mr. Ibelong N. Hardfellow

2883 days ago


Jamie Kennedy ROCKS! Don't hate Jamie, if Britney puts it out there she deserves what she gets.

2883 days ago
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