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George Clooney & Britney: "I Don't Think So"

12/1/2006 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is the Sexiest Man Alive going to party with Brit? Don't worry ... he won't.

George Clooney, party pal of Danny DeVito, was spotted leaving his midtown hotel in NYC last night, when photogs asked if he'd be partying with Britney when he returned to Los Angeles.

Clooney's response: "I guess not, huh." The gray-haired hunk joked about his late night carousing with DeVito, saying, "Apparently, he can't drink with me, that's the problem."

We're disappointed. Gorgeous George would have been a vast improvement over Paris.


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tmz is fat    

that probably might have been the stupidest question ever asked to george clooney... why would they ask him such a retarded question? and why would tmz put it up like as if its something to talk about? lame!

2880 days ago


No George that aint the problem with Danny Da Vino--that "apparently he cant drink with me".....he apparently drank too much with you, and if you drank more than him that night than you both need to do like Linsday Lohans Mom said about her daughter "attend AA meetings" might reduce you and Da Vino's need to get so drunk to escape whatever inner struggles you both are going through which seems to come out to much as "blame the USA" for all your problems.. Get a grip, and it wouldnt surprise me if you in fact are partying now with pantyless Brittney...afterall she is in her vulnerable state right now, and a booze hound like you and your sidekick Da Vino are probably her next willing Big Adventures.

2880 days ago


what a stupid question.

2880 days ago


George Clooney is an admitted alcoholic, so anyone who goes partying with him should know better. It's is quite obvious that alchol has taken a big toll on his looks.

2880 days ago


That's just what George is missing....cooch-hanging Britney! If I was George I would stick toothpicks up my a**hole before giving that slob the time of day! He is way to cool and classy for her. Did you catch him on Letterman the other night? He is completely sarcastic and awesome when posed with any question. I think I would rather see him with K-Fag before that pig!

2880 days ago


where can i sent a fan letter to geoge clooney???

2880 days ago


ICKY! ICKY! ICKY! No way! George is NOT trailer trash like Britney & those 2 getting together would be a mess! Ya know how everyone was saying when Brit was with F-edex, "She can do so much better!!!" Well, we all know George can do soooooooooooo much better!

P.S. George likes girls who wear panties! It's more of a challenge! ;-)

2880 days ago


Alcoholic or not, George Clooney is still the finest white man around. He may be an alcoholic, but he's still got too much class to kick it with Britney. She's nothing but a mule. She can get herself all slicked up like a race horse, but she's just a mule in horse-harness and she's not fooling anybody!

2880 days ago


oh pleazzzz...what moron even posed that question? George wouldn't even let Britney lick his shoes...

2880 days ago


George is way too over exposed. Enough already. There are so many guys in HW better looking than him.

2879 days ago


I find it funny at how HE [george] can go out in public and say what a raving drunk/womanizer he is and all of society will except it !!?? ( the past he has said how many women he had slept with,in mags.,papers etc,). Then ,when a famouse WOMEN will say the SAME EXACT thing clooney said..(ex. The same amount of drinks and the same amt. of men).... She is the one that needs to go into rehab and SHE is the one thats a SLUT !!????... HMMMMM?. GEORGE CLOONEY is a big fat drunkin slut with a dirty dick EWWW!! DOUBLE SIDED BULLSH*T !!

2879 days ago


To all that is holy, please don't let one of my favorite pretend husbands go out with Britney.


2878 days ago


I Agree - a woman who described herself like Clooney would be considered a total alcoholic slut - hmmm - guess that's what he is! As for taking up with Brit - ha! ha! Forget about would he or wouldn't he- alcoholics by and large CAN'T PERFORM. So how many women has George really had anyway? Depends on how long his drinking's been a problem - and by his own admission, that's been quite a while. In any case, if he's your dream husband, trust me, alcoholism is something that affects judgements and personality. And George and the rest of Hollywood who like to portray the drinking lifestyle as cool or just a thing a macho guy does are ignoring the facts. You may become a drunk because of a chemical addiction but if you stay one and don't get help, your thought processes are affected. If Georgeis a nice guy, he'd better go to rehad or AA or do something about his drinking soon or his declining looks are just going to be part of the problem. But maybe that’s what he wants to do – self destruct. It has been said that alcoholism is just a form of slow suicide so who knows.

By the way is it my imagination or was he looking a tad yellow (ie liver problems/jaundiced) recently. Just want to know so I can adjust my tv accordingly.

2878 days ago

Georgia Peach    

#11Little Wings NYC - you are a complete idiot and you are not even in the same class as gorgeous George Clooney. He is a class act all the way, and you are a sleaze bag and an idiot who cannot form a coherent sentence if your life depended upon it. If all you can do is bash and use profanity to get your ignorant point across, then I suggest you shut the hell up!!!! No one really wants to hear your jealous rants. George Clooney ROCKS!!!!!!

2874 days ago

Georgia Peach    

George Clooney is NOT an alcoholic. Those of you who state that he is know absolutely NOTHING about the man. Sure, he can party with the best of them, but he is also a health guru when it comes to taking care of himself. As a matter of fact, he declined pain killers offered to him when he was seriously injured during the filming of Syriana. He had spinal fluid leaking into his brain, coming out of his nose, and was in excrutiating pain for over a year. Yet, due to the fact that his Aunt, Rosemary Clooney, was known to have been an addict, he declined any and all pain killers because he recognized that he very well may be more inclined to addictions.

He is a classy man, one who tries to make most of his movies ABOUT SOMETHING, which is refreshing in Hollywierd. Syriana and Good Night and Good Luck both prove that he is a man of substance.

Give him credit where it is due, and quit accusing him of being an ALCOHOLIC unless you know what the hell you are talking about. Some people that blog on this site cannot find ANYTHING good to say about ANYONE, no matter what. Jealousy is a horrible thing to live with. Some of you need to take a hard look at yourselves and your lives before throwing stones at someone like George.

2874 days ago

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