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Lohan's Mom: Lindsay Goes to AA

12/1/2006 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Lohan clan, sans Lindsay, appeared live on Ryan Seacrest's radio show on 102.7 KIIS FM this morning to promote Ali Lohan's (Lindsay's 13-year-old sister) holiday album. Conversation quickly turned to Lindsay and reports of her partying.
Lohan audio

Mom Dina chose not to comment on reports of Paris hitting Lindsay, however, she did reveal that Lindsay has been attending AA meetings. She claims that a lot of Lindsay's friends are members and "It's a positive thing" for La Lohan.

While we agree that AA meetings are probably a good idea for the hard-partying starlet, we'd like to remind Dina what the second A in AA stands for: Anonymous!

Calls to Lindsay's reps were not immediately returned. Listen to the audio and see if you think Dina was out of line.


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I would just like to say what the hell is Animom talking about, no one is born an alcaholic and i think that it was really rude of you to say that her mommy looks younger and better, Lindsay Lohan is a Beautiful, talented young woman and i think that all of you people that don't think much about Lindsay need to open your eyes and realise that at least shes trying to make things right.

2881 days ago


I hope she gets a good sponsor to help her with the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions of AA. Her mother and her publicist should read the steps as well. I guess she forgot the second "A" in AA stands for Anonomys

2880 days ago

Dennis C.    

I was Lindsay's age when I started attending meetings. It isn't easy being that young, but the program literature addresses those of us who start drinking young and end up in the rooms. Drugs today tend to speed up the process but a lot of us are just more comfortable in a.a. than in n.a. or another 12 step program. I'm not sure Paris should be her sponsor because no matter how good or bad someone's sobriety is, you should probably have a year at least before you take on sponsees, and likewise I'm not sure how great her dad's sobriety is in the klinker, though he seems decent enough. He obviously loves her a lot and they have a very sorted history, but when guys get sober inside, you can't always trust it. I mean sure they can get Kool and the Gang Kool Aid even on lockdown but there are obviously a lot less temptations. I mean nothing against it, I've met plenty of guys who started their time with a bid and did fine outside, but we'll just have to wait and see. He's a very talented artist and I'd love to see him do a graphic novel. I'm a little concerned he might have raped Lindsay when she was younger, there is an obvious sick attraction there, probably on both sides, but drugs and alcohol can lead to some life damaging moments. She needs a few 24's before she can see clearly, so it is probably better for both of them that the law has torn them apart. I don't think he could clearly see that she might love him but not be able to be around him now anyway, and I'm sure Dina would have quite a bit to say on the subject. Lindsay obviously has a lot of co dependence issues, tied up with her dad and probably her bulimia is related and stems from molestation issues as well. I still think Michael Lohan deserves a fair shake though, all that said. We're sick people getting better not bad people getting good. He loves her a lot, even if that love was once expressed in very unhealthy ways due to substance abuse, anger management issues and codependency.

I agree that Lindsay's anonymity is the real issue here, but I think it was inadvertent and she broke it herself and that her mom was more doing her best to manage the situation, and as she's not in the program herself probably doesn't fully understand the implications. But Lindsay was heartbroken and emotional at the news of Robert Altman and she made the comments, probably off the cuff about the reference to the fourth step. But come on, for anyone in the program, if you could imagine trying to get sober in that kind of spotlight. I broke my own and plenty of people's anonymity before I understood the implications and besides a lot of people have different takes on the subject. Some feel it shouldn't ever be broken, others feel it is OK inside the rooms and still others feel it is OK to break their own whenever they feel like it but never someone elses. But Lindsay had already broken her own, probably inadvertently and then the press was making up all these stories and then her mom says this, so I think it needs to be put in context. Does that mean her mom isn't a gold digging, opportunist whore? No, does it mean she is? Of course not, it has nothing to do with it but people who for their own reasons want to call her that, whether because they don't like her personally or her type, the mom manager, or because of their own issues are taking advantage of the situation to let off a little steam. Oh well.

As for the traditions, yes, anonymity is the basis of our spiritual foundation. But anonymity functions differently at the level of press, radio and TV then it does for the individual meeting. True, the step book states we should always try and maintain anonymity at the level of press, radio and film, but then it goes on to give examples of where it is appropriate to break that anonymity. Think about what a role model Britney, Paris and Lindsay are to millions of young girls. I think those of you saying that alcohol is illegal and that she shouldn't have ever been served to begin with and it is all her mom's fault are living in a deranged fantasy 1950's world, something out of one of Lindsay's Disney pictures. In reality there are millions of young girls faced with the stigma of eating disorders, molestation, and alcoholism and drug addiction, who often find they aren't taken seriously if they say they have a problem. They get the same shit you're serving here, you're too young to have a problem. SO they find themselves between a rock and a hard place, people who could help them say they are just looking for attention and don't take them seriously, and they still have to deal with the peer pressures, family issues and life problems that led them to the bottle, or their drug of choice, or other unhealthy behavior in the first place.

Michael Lohan's laughed at cartoon depiction, with all its drama was actually telling on a level most people ignored. The devil, who is being judged by god, is holding an Irish cross in

2880 days ago

Dennis C.    

2880 days ago


Lindsey is unable to complete a sentence ( while writing) in her native language without the basic knowlege of spelling and grammer. How embarassing. Dina must not care as long as Lindsey is about to market herselt.

Please explain to me why she is paid the salary that she is paid??????

2878 days ago


In the most recent is quoted that Dina ...Lindsay's mom, has flown out to L..A. / Hollywood to keep a "closer eye" on her "train wreck in progress" daughter !! By the looks of things (according to tabloid), Dina, has been keeping any eye on Linds by going out "drinking" with a "best buddy"...and HOW is this helpful to / for Lindsay (Dina "watches" as Lindsay downs her shots of vodka???????? ) Think her mom needs to go to AA herself! When Lindsay was on Oprah a few weeks back (promoting her "Bobby" movie); Linds made it abundantly clear that she hates the (wild) "party girl" image which has become Lindsay's "trademark" to speak! Linds says she does NOT understand WHY all this bad press is being said about her. Lindsay said to Oprah...."I'm young...20 years old...what is wrong with wanting to go out and go dancing with my friends?" It is not her "24/7" dancing that is the CONCERN here. It is Lindsay's other vices (heavy drinking & lethal drug overdose) which she indulges in "while dancing" !! Most recently Linds' Nov 12th OD of cocaine, vicodin and dilaudid (Sp??) ! Also all the "stashes" of prescription drugs discovered in her room while the doctor was there trying to revive Linds ! Another thing is that (according to quotes from Lindsay's inner circle of family & friends) is that they are afraid to confront Linds about getting help...REHAB, etc ! Linds' close family / friends fear that Lindsay will no longer speak to them if they "urge" her about getting professional (REHAB) help !!! So, they watch (helplessly from the sidelines) as Linds just keeps spiralling downward and "derailing" from her "train wreck life" ! So what is more important....."forcing intervention into REHAB" for Lindsay....and knowing that Linds may be so angry she will cut out (or cut out ties entirely from her close friends / family ) least Linds would have a real "fighting chance" if she could get into a strict rehab routine and get herself / her life on the "right track" and, once again, become the incredibly talented star...she is so gifted/talented when she is "sober"! OR there is the other option: Her friends too afraid that Lindsay would not speak to them ever again if they staged invervention(s) ! I would think that it would be better (if her family / friends) did NOT stand back and just allow her to self destruct just because Linds' may "cut them out of her life". If her friends / family TRULY cared/loved her...wouldn't it be better that Lindsay got better (and never spoke to "friends/family" again) least her "family/friends" .... after Linds got the help she so desperately needs than for her close inner circle just watched (helplessly from the sidelines) allowing Linds to continue spiralling downwards (till it is way too late!) ...and end up dead from her hard partying, drinking, and "lethal drugs cocktails" If her (Linds) close inner circle of family / friends do CARE...wouldn't they prefer to have LINDSAY ALIVE, (recovered) and THRIVING once again...even if it meant Linds no longer spoke to them?? I honestly think that this would be least Lindsay would stand a chance to "clean up her act / reputation" AND be ALIVE. Weighing the "two options" ...think that it would be difficult on Linds' loved ones if Lindsay, indeed, DID "cut them out of her life...but at least...Lindsay would have a LIFE left to live. The "potential consequence" that may (or may not occur) that Linds cut those "closest to her" would be so painful for them...but at least her loved ones would still have her ALIVE !! What do you all think ??????

2876 days ago


I am not only concerned about Lindsay and her mother, I am concerned by some of the comments I just read. The person who asked how Lindsay could be an alcoholic when she is underage shows just how ignorant people could be about alcoholism. This disease does not have limitations. As an alcoholic in recovery, who found AA at the age of 16, I am grateful no one ever told me I could not be an alcoholic because of my age. Drugs are illegal for all age groups, yet people are still drug addicts. Open your eyes, it could be your son or daughter too.

As some people mentioned, Lindsay, her mother, and the press should not be discussing such a private matter, for the good of her sobriety and all those who are members of AA. We are anonymous at the level of PRESS, RADIO, AND FILM. Shame on Lindsay's mother and the press for not respecting the privacy of those who care about the anonymity of this program. Another tradition states that "The only requirement for membership is a DESIRE to stop drinking" therefore Lindsay should not be "hanging around" AA because her friends are doing so, its not a trend, its a lifesaver for people who need it. Lindsay either needs to get honest with herself or stop attatching her name to an amazing program.

If she is an alcoholic, I wish her the best. Lindsay, there is a solution. She should not, however be patted on the back for doing the right thing. She should just do it. Furthermore, I will save a seat for her mother!

2874 days ago


It is sad that this woman apparently doesn't see how sick her daughter is and sad that the media will not respect the anonymity of those in need of help... anything for a buck I guess

2871 days ago


I hope Ali Lohan turns out OK...

2856 days ago

Jake Stevens    

Ms. Lohan has obviously not hit enough bottoms. By all reports and observations of Ms. Lohan's behavior, thinking and spiritual void she is trying to keep finding a new common denominator Bottom. Apparently the bottoms previously hit were obviously not low enough nor provided the necessary neurological friendship that becoming and being chemically altered provided.

To have seemingly been attending AA meetings for some twelve (12) months and out of all of that time not had a drink (or a drunk? there is a distinct difference) within a week(?), it would more than appear that she is not exceeding at being a successful alcoholic. She is however a successful drunk. Therefore it would be highly recommend to Ms. Lohan that she request that her misery be refunded immediately. She needs her misery more than she needs to get rid of it.

Ms. Lohan is simply a proof source that we all have a purpose in life and being here. Ms. Lohan's purpose is being a Bad Example.

2836 days ago


As it was said before, She needs to put first things first. As long as her friends, her career and her mothers wishes come first sobriety will be very difficult. And if she truly is an Alcoholic, in time all those things will be gone anyway.

2831 days ago
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