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Soap Ropes Transsexual/Lesbian Plotline

12/1/2006 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This week, "All My Children" launched the first male-to-female transgendered storyline in daytime TV. Actor Jeffrey Carlson plays a British gender-switching rock star with the unlikely name of Zarf, who is having a flirtation with Erica's Kane's (Susan Lucci's) lesbian daughter, Bianca (Eden Riegel). Zarf bears a striking resemblance to "Project Runway" finalist, Austin Scarlett.

It had been hoped that the storyline would give "AMC" a lift from a serious ratings plunge. Rather than play it with any seriousness, producers have chosen to portray the character as a ridiculous, wild-eyed cartoon homosexual, who is snickered at by nearly everyone in the show. Tacky.

According to longtime blogger Kathy Carano, "AMC needs a kick in the ass and they're hoping Zarf will do just that, but AMC's recent track record of ruining potentially great storylines weighs heavily on a lot of fans."

The soap's been struggling for plots to prop up ratings; they even undid Erica's groundbreaking 1973 abortion and ventured into the absurd by coming up with her long lost son, who'd been "transplanted into another woman at the time of the abortion."

Oh, the humanity.


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Ann Phillips    

I absolutely LOVE the actor playing Zarf/Zoe. While not fond of the story line I think he does a magnificent job with his character. I especially loved his "Marlena Dietrich" version of "Falling In Love Again." He really knows how to emote.

2795 days ago


Oh that was a chick? I haven't watched AMC in so long , but today I caught a little bit and was wondering W.T.H Bianca was doing kissing a dude.

I hate how they changed Erica's past. GH and OLTL both suck a lot lately too.

2880 days ago


Nothing a soap does these days shocks me! Soaps are turning into sitcoms their more humor then drama!

2880 days ago

We, are not amused.    

cue Rosie!

2880 days ago



2880 days ago

trudy friedman    

This show needs some real help, this tory won't do it. They need to break away from the Babe JR story, which is beyond dull and stop making Babe a heroine, she isn't, and it annoys the viewers. Write more story for Zach, he is the best actor and could be the most compelling character.Get rid of Annie, the character doesn't work. Give Jonathan a real story, this guy is really good and can play anything.Give him an adult romance.Bye Bye to Crystal and Babe and that horrible actress who plays Colby. Why this show can't find good young talent is beyond me As the World Turns doesn't have this problem and they film in New York as well.

2880 days ago


I agree with the 5th poster... All My Children used to be amazing until they started adding all these terrible actors and stupid story lines to get them attention! Zach is a wonderful actor as is Jonathan.... I agree they deserve more stories... and they should bring Greens back! and if they could I would encourage them to bring back Ethan, Michael, Vanessa and Leo! when they were on AMC was a GREAT show.. now it stinks... [and yet i still watch it]

2880 days ago


AMC has turned into a "no-action" redundant mess! JR ranting and raving while in pain, send Dixie back whereever she came from, Babe needs to get a life, Bianca kissing a man, Crystal having a baby, Josh goes from doctor to graphic artist............all is ridiculous! Does anybody ever go to work in Pine Valley?

2880 days ago


I like the new Bianca/Zarf story-line, we are going to need some humor soon when they start the serial killer story-line

2880 days ago


ZARF??? WTF kind of name is that??

2880 days ago



2880 days ago

patty bray    

It has become almost unwatchable. AMC has become so boring and stupid. How many ways do we have to watch Babe and Jr fight? And stupid, Colby. Who cares about her? What are you doing to poor Jack and Erica? How awful to break them up at Thanksgiving. And why? The show is wrecked now. It won't be long before we who have been watching for 25 years, will just stop. It is that bad. How many babies are going to be born to old women? And end up being the child of some other father, mother,person....For God's Sake, get it together or end the show.

2880 days ago


Can I please just tell you how glad, grateful and thrilled I am not to be watching AMC anymore. I was addicted to the show for years, and one day, by the Grace of God, I was able to quit! Now, I won't even watch any soap for 5 seconds, I consider them pretty poison.
Seriously, bad addiction.....

2880 days ago

Lenn K    

What's next man having sex with a horse? Oh wait that's on the Sundance Channel.

2880 days ago


Here's a story:

They bring back Janet Green, have her murder the entire cast with her crowbar, then she sets Pine Valley on fire.

Then maybe I'd watch.

2880 days ago
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