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Soap Ropes Transsexual/Lesbian Plotline

12/1/2006 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This week, "All My Children" launched the first male-to-female transgendered storyline in daytime TV. Actor Jeffrey Carlson plays a British gender-switching rock star with the unlikely name of Zarf, who is having a flirtation with Erica's Kane's (Susan Lucci's) lesbian daughter, Bianca (Eden Riegel). Zarf bears a striking resemblance to "Project Runway" finalist, Austin Scarlett.

It had been hoped that the storyline would give "AMC" a lift from a serious ratings plunge. Rather than play it with any seriousness, producers have chosen to portray the character as a ridiculous, wild-eyed cartoon homosexual, who is snickered at by nearly everyone in the show. Tacky.

According to longtime blogger Kathy Carano, "AMC needs a kick in the ass and they're hoping Zarf will do just that, but AMC's recent track record of ruining potentially great storylines weighs heavily on a lot of fans."

The soap's been struggling for plots to prop up ratings; they even undid Erica's groundbreaking 1973 abortion and ventured into the absurd by coming up with her long lost son, who'd been "transplanted into another woman at the time of the abortion."

Oh, the humanity.


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The actor who plays Zarf is a friend of mine. He is a brilliant actor and classically trained. Don't blame him for the storyline. Of course, he took the job! $$

2882 days ago


Erica Kane is evil.

2882 days ago


‘All My Children’ USED to be socially relevant and told stories with dignity. Anyone remember the first lesbians on soaps, Lynn Carson and Devon? How about Cindy Chandler's AIDS story? Then, there was Mark Dalton's cocaine addiction; the white supremacy story involving Terrance Frye; the nursing home story; Michael (Laurel's brother), the gay high school teacher. These stories were written with realism and all the actors involved were wonderful. The show is currently written like a cartoon and this "Zarf" story will be no different. I agree with the other poster........ let Janet From Another Planet put the show out of its misery!!

2882 days ago


I know Bianca is a popular character, but I can’t stand her! She’s such a know-it-all and acts like she’s some big authority. Does anyone know why she acts all nice to the people that stole her baby for months, but then is a bitch to others? huh????? She’s just annoying. She should start a lesbian affair with Dixie. Everyone knows Dixie is bi.

Are they ever gonna bring back Nina & Cliff? They were the flagship supercouple for many years. I'd watch more if they were on.

2882 days ago


I quit watching it many many years ago. I got so sick of the b.s. they tried to come up with and it wasn't entertaining at all, boring. Erica has been married so many times and I guess they think that's gonna keep everyone interested? Not.

2882 days ago

Karen Kaufman    

I also agree with the 5th poster. I am so sick of JR. Jonathan and Zach are given nothing to do. Wasn't Colby born two years ago? Zarf needs a name change and a story line that doesn't make him look like an idiot.
It used to be interesting when they had Palmer and Opal and Janet and all of those adults that had a personality. I'll bet the average writer on that soap is 30 years old. Big mistake. They need to get rid of all of those skinny little twits working at that cosmetic company. It's so stupid and boring I can't even remember the name of the company.

2882 days ago


I agree with #5, All My Children has been in a downward spiral for quite some time. I am BORED with it and think that even resurrecting Dixie couldn't jump start this stinker! Now I have heard they are going back to a serial killer on the loose story line. That is tired, old and played out! I think Babe needs to go, we know she is a slut and they keep rehashing the same story line over and over again. Can't she just drive off a cliff with Josh? Annie, Erin, Danielle and Colby are all dead weight. Give Zach and Jonathan something to do, they are really good actors that seem to be spinning their wheels. Jackson either needs to dump Erica or get a pair, that crappy story line is going nowhere fast. This show is tits up and taking on water! Either there needs to be a major revision or else put the poor thing out of it's misery!

2881 days ago


What the hell does TRANSGENDER and HOMOSEXUALITY mean? Don't get me wrong I know exactly what they mean, but, I am a GAY woman and I cannot believe some of the SH*T you guys are writing! Pull the pacificer out and wake up!!

2881 days ago


#14 -- Okay... the actor is a friend of yours? So? I have nothing negative to say about him. I was excited when I heard they were going to do something new, but the first scene I saw with Zarf was repulsive. I found the character icky and not someone I had ANY interest in knowing at all.

I agree with everyone who said they are sick of watching Babe & JR fight over and over again. I disagree with whomever said "Colby" was a bad actress. She's supposed to be a brat and does it well. I just can't stand the character.

AMC got one thing right -- taking David off the show. I have NEVER been so sick of one character in my life. For years we had to watch him do the same things over and over and over.

I thought Thorsten Kaye wanted to leave so bad & would be gone. Has he ever made a joke or laughed? I loved him as "Patrick Thornhart" on OLTL but Zach is so depressing.

I loved Lily & Jonathan together and they just ended that storyline with nothing at all. Leven Rambin (LIly) is amazing. I hope they don't let her fade. She was one of the reasons I watched.

AMC seems to take hold of one storyline and just keep retelling it over and over. There is no MOVEMENT in the plot. I'm sick of Adam's indignation over things he's got no business being angry at, etc. etc. Same old same old.

AMC: I've watched your show a really long time and you'd do me a huge favor if you keep doing what you're doing because it's one last addiction I can quit. The show really SUX. And this is from a very "loyal" fan.

2881 days ago


As a fan for 37 years I know I am not the demographic the PTB are looking for but guess what, us 40, 50 and 60 year olds make up most of their most loyal fans. The younger ones come and go. We don't want any more teenage bimbos every summer. They are rediculous. If they must, at least make them somewhat intelligent. We want our core characters. The recent slaughter of the cast (who granted make up so much of the salaries) to give us characters who we don't care about is the wrong way to go about getting ratings. Look at General Hospital, the ratings soared after bringing back Laura for Luke. Get back some of the great characters and the ratings will climb. I have about had it with this show and am ready to throw in the towel. The storylines just keep getting overdone, stupid and give you nothing to care about.

2880 days ago


i have watched all my children for a long time--26-27 is trash!!!either ship up or ship out.time to fire erica.slut! slut slut slut slut-she to old for playing around with any other men.get rid of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2880 days ago


All My Children used to be an Excellent show. Good writers, good cast, good Everything. I don't know who is writing for them now, but they've gone Way down hill as far as I'm concerned. Zarf and Bianca? This is an insult to good actors' and to long time viewer's intelligence. They just throw anyone or anything in. No rhyme or reason. They seem to be making it up as they go along and IMHO-it's no good.

They are trying So Hard to be cool with asinine story lines that go no where..and leave me not caring what happens. They have some really good actors twiddling their thumb, or stranded in ridiculous story lines. I am long time viewer and I sincerely hope they get better writers, producers....whatever it takes. Also, the artsy-craftsy camera angles aren't new and innovative-they are just a PITA, look grainy and unattractive and they make me dizzy-lol.

I think that AMC hit an all time low in trying Too Hard to be different. Bring back interesting, relevant stories with humor and passion and people we can care about. Right now, they seem like they are operating from some kind of special Twilight Zone that only the writers think is cool. For now-Bye "All My Children".

2879 days ago

sandy howell    

I like the new story line. Bianca wants everyone to accept her as a lesbian, but is not willing to accept Zarf/Zoe. Plus it gets trifling listening to her advise everyone else about their lives. Kendall needs to shut her pie hole and take care of her marriage to Zack and leave Ryan alone. I think the Ryan/ Annie storyline is great. It's down to earth and not hard to believe. And most of all....please give Tad and Dixie their daughter Kate back. They are my favorite couple of all.

2850 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

#14 Chicago, I like Jeffrey Carlson. He is brillant actor and any actor would take such a part, however, he will not be part of AMC permanently. His preference is acting on and off Broadway and in othe areas.
May I ask you if Jeffrey Carlson is gay in real life?
If not, I do not think this role will stereotype him since he has taken on alternative lifestyle roles before AMC.

2849 days ago


Hello All. Big AMC fan. Me and the Mrs. watch or tape daily --- have even had a week or two pending due to work, etc.

I basically agree with most posters. The writers need a pink slip - Jack needs a pair, Josh needs a clue and Babe needs to be be-yatch slapped. Lilly needs to stay current to the story. Might want to focus on the casino, Erika's TV show or the new club Confusion.

NOTE TO AMC MARKETING DEPARTMENT... Time for a new plan. How about, using the internet like American Idol or say any of the other "polsters" out there. Can we agree that maybe American Idol kept a list of who voted and how by cell phone number? That would have given them a nice list to mail out to when an album comes out.

Think maybe the voting was an indication of "how many" and "whose" album would sell. Possibily broken down to the area of the country for a potential tour?

HEY AMC, START A CONTEST/CAMPAIGN WHERE YOU ASK THE OPINION OF THE VIEWERS. Either by character, specific or general storyline. Kinda what would you like to see. Maybe vote on the 2 sweeps period finale episodes? Anything along the way? Write us a story line and win a trip to see AMC being filmed? Write your own character (all submission become property, etc.), anything.

You can fish for info once, quarterly and then develop down the road. When this show was solid, it could have competed with any primetime TV show. The core needs to be revitalized. Core of the fans, core of the plot of the show.

There are creative statisticians and marketing folks out there who can come up with something that will not look cheesy and appeal to your demographic(s).

Doesn't AOL do this? Aren't we doing it now? THINK OUTSIDE THE TUBE.

This show is not dead, just neglected. The fans obviosly will not tolerate this. Yes ABC, I will consult for you. AOL, if they want me, please do give them my e-mail address.

Killing off of Simone, huge error. Just please don't tell me that Jamie is the new Tad and speaking of Tad, time for him to lose that 70's pornstar hairdo.

2849 days ago
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