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TomKat -- The Honeymoon's Over!

12/1/2006 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom and Katie are quite over ... their honeymoon, that is. The Cruise's fairy tale post-nuptial cruise in the Republic of Maldives was ruined by endless thundershowers.

The newlyweds and baby Suri made their getaway from the rain-soaked paradise and jetted back to sunny Beverly Hills -- on Tom's private plane, of course.

Apparently, he borrowed John Travolta's outfit from "Saturday Night Fever."


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that child looks about 10 -13 months old, she's bigger than my grandson wo's nearly 2

2857 days ago


don't men's jackets button on left?

2857 days ago


she looks like a walker to me

2857 days ago


TMZ IS SOOOO LATE ON THIS:,,4-2006560412,00.html

Beckham and Katie out on town with Suri

2857 days ago


Miapocca- I went to your link-what does YTMND mean? Very interesting, glad to hear Anthony has free legal help.

2856 days ago


"Angie" they always have their baby with them? You douchebag. Lets count the HUNDREDS of times they go to soccer games, fly to DC to go to a football game, and lest we forget her WEEK LONG trip to Paris sans the kid and she was only about 4 months old. DISGUSTING

2856 days ago


To "A" your a douche too. Britney Spears hasn't left her sons side for two years so shut your cake hole

2856 days ago


Hasn't left her son's side? You mean they were there when the whore was flashing her beaver to the world? Funny, I didn't notice them in any of the pics of Britney and her skanky friends out drunk all night. What a mother, a regular June Cleaver.

2856 days ago


I think baby Suri looks 8 months old. As a mother of four kids ... I know more than one of mine were walking well before they turned 8 months old. It makes sense if Suri is even starting to pull up and walk around things that they would put shoes on her. I am not a fan of scientology at all, but I do think people have given this couple too hard of a time. They have a right to their privacy when they want it. I think the baby looks like Tom and Katie. She is a beautiful baby. Many of you are thinking she looks older because she has so much hair. I bet if we could see pictures of Tom and Katie as babies we would see that she looks like a mixture of the two of them. She has Tom's eyes no doubt about that!

A person must be crazy to believe that Tom is gay ... or wonder why he has ever been popular. WATCH SOME OF HIS MOVIES!!!! ....Top Gun ... or The Last Samuri - you can';t say he's not talented and really believe it! If you do tell yourself you don't think he is talented you have a jealousy problem or you are phychotic.

I know Tom seems to be a control freak at times... and I wish he would give up the scientology nonsense- but he is an awesome actor. I wish them years of happiness!!

STOP calling him MIDGET ( you insecure Tom haters) he just LIKES tall women!
He is 5' 10" ... that is hardly a midget!

Can't wait to see your next baby Tom & Katie!!!

2855 days ago


That kid is too big to be born when they said she was. I don't know who they think they are trying to con but this only makes Tom look desperate for everyone to think he's not gay. Katie is so tall he could be the baby! LOL!

2855 days ago


No one cares about Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes or their child. Their marriage is nothing more than a publicity stunt created by Mr. Cruise himself. It is such a shame that Katie drank the Jim Jones Kool-Aid. I hope this marriage does something for her career, as I am sure it IS the reason she married him .... they are both GLIB!!

2855 days ago


It is hard to believe that some people are so mean spirited; the comments are full of hatred. Shame on you!!
Miapocca, do you have a job? do some charity work, it will be good for your soul and will keep you occupied doing something positive. I bet you are physically sick, just like your mind. The reason why you don't like Tom is because he is against psychiatry and you obviously need it.

2855 days ago


Mintie I think you need audited. Or perhaps a touch assist? Those pesky body thetans are getting the best of you. Tom is a midget freak whacked-out washed-up $cientologist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2855 days ago

karen donovan    

oh, give them a is Hollywood and we just can't relate to what they do and why................the baby is adorable.............and maybe it will work.......if they are lucky as Pierce Brosnan and Keely.......

2854 days ago


I do not believe for one second that Tom is 5'10??? I think I remember reading that he more like 5'7.....

2854 days ago
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