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Brit's Gift: Paris' Big F**K You to Billboard

12/3/2006 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently, Paris Hilton has some sort of standards: she won't belittle her friends on Monday night's Billboard Music Awards. The heiress is following in the footsteps of new BFF Britney and has pulled the plug on hosting the show.

Paris Hilton
"It is my understanding that some satirical references ridiculed some of her peers," Hilton's spokesman, Elliot Mintz, says in the New York Post. "Paris did not want to say anything that could appear hurtful or embarrassing about people she knows."

Perhaps she's turning over a new leaf? Or maybe it was just her birthday gift to Brit, who turned 25 yesterday. The two were spotted partying at the Laugh Factory. With panties, we hope.

Taylor Hicks Trashes "Idol"

"American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks needs to learn to watch his mouth. Hicks recently slipped and said the reality show was "fizzling out" and pooh-poohed being crowned last year's winner. Now he's doing some damage control before the new season starts, and before Simon Cowell blacklists him forever. E! Online reports that the grey-haired crooner has apologized, saying, "Those words were taken completely out of context. I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to be on 'American Idol.'"


Madonna to Malawian Judge: Bring It On

There seems to be more baby blues on the horizon for Madonna, according to IMDB. A Malawian judge declared that Madge's adoption of baby David could be challenged by a coalition of human rights groups. But the superstar's lawyer says she has "no problem" with the ruling and will just "sit back and wait" to see who wins the fight.

Party Favors: Britney's First Ex Writes Tell-All Book ... Mel Gibson Set to Release "The Most Violent Movie" Ever ... Bloomberg Doesn't Like Tracy Morgan's Antics

Looks like K-Fed's not the only ex looking to make a buck. Britney Spears' first hubby, Jason Alexander, is writing a tell-all book about his time – all 55 hours of it -- with the pop princess ... FOX News is calling Mel Gibson's new movie, "Apocalypto," the "most violent movie Disney has ever released. If you've wondered what it would be like to see heads and hearts removed without anesthesia, then this is the movie for you" ... New York's Mayor Bloomberg didn't want to share the stage at the Rockefeller Center Christmas-tree lighting with "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan, who has been arrested twice for allegedly driving drunk.

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No Avatar

J Doe    


2884 days ago

J Doe    

first !

2884 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

shes mad because her cd sucks,and taylor is right,americian idol is old news,they will do it again because they make big money from people voting on a 866 number,time to drop americian idol

2884 days ago


It's amazing to me how when people are blessed enought to experience good fortune, then they get all arrogant and cocky. They forget where they came from. Taylor no one would know your name or even care if it weren't for American Idol. You ought to sing it's praises till the day you die!!!

2884 days ago

Lenn K    

For some reason Taylor thinks he's better than Idol.

2884 days ago


Paris, seriously, go away.
Taylor, you will go nowhere in this business. Get a job.

2884 days ago


Hmm wonder if this is why Britney backed out of Billboard as well. After the K-Fed AMA thing that left her furious, maybe they were asking too much of her and/or wanted her to bash Kevin herself. Though, I do find it amazing that Paris would give up a chance for publicity. Wow. Isabella / The Gossip Girls

2884 days ago


Regarding Taylor Hicks: it's not "damage control" to set the record straight after a glorified tabloid (NY Post) twists your words, and all the supposedly "legitimate" press runs the story without checking the facts.

The same thing happened to former Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings after he made a satirical post about the show on his blog. The Post made it sound like he slammed the show and Alex Trebek, when he had done no such thing.

2884 days ago

The whole family ought to go back to their double-wide in Looziana    

Who cares if Paris Hilton even shows up to anything anymore. For all of you who worship the ground she walks on, she is a no-talent skank who wouldn't give "the poor people" a bite to eat if they were starving! She thinks she is better than all of you! Let her fade away and we can deal with real issues like poverty, homelessness, and issues that effect all of us, not some rich, holier than thou bitch like her.
And Taylor Hicks is just repeating what all INTELLIGENT people are thinking. If you actually worship the altar of "Idol" you need to get a life! It is a KARAOKE SHOW! After it is over, one or two have enough talent to make it somewhere else. The rest realize they have no talent.

2884 days ago


Ah yes another media outlet that reports before checking the facts. CLASSY!!
In regards to the Taylor Hicks issue, in an interview with Relix Magazine,Taylor never said he would never watch the show again, rather that he had NEVER BEFORE watched the show prior to participating this year. On the issue of "fizzling out", out of context to putting it mildly. He was referring to the fact that the bubble that he has lived in the last 6 months was fading and that a new American Idol was soon to be crowned. He has never been anything but respectful towards AI and all that is has offered him.

Fact Check Folks!!

2884 days ago


Taylor couldn't carry Kelly Clarkson's makeup bag.
Soon his cd will be in the bargain bin.

2884 days ago


#10: Flowergirl: Thank you for posting what Taylor actually said. (The media twists EVERYTHING!) Although I'm not a fan of Taylor, I think he's a good person and cannot imagine him saying such stupid things. Even if he believed them, it would be stupid. Everything you quoted from the real interview makes A LOT more sense.

To everyone out there: you never know when YOU could end up in the spotlight and someone could twist your words. I'm sure we've all had it happen OUT of the spotlight. So, do unto others and give them a chance to respond.

2884 days ago


I have never quite been able to understand why Paris hasn't had rhinoplasty on that disfigured 'hook-nose' of her's. It really is not becoming considering that she insists on being photographed constantly and we all keep having to bear looking at that ugly appendage! Hey Paris, in case you don't already know, the top Beverly Hills nose guy is Dr. Raj Kanodia, M.D., F.A.C.S. He does the best nose jobs in town. You should consider giving him a call (like real soon), he could do absolute wonders for that ugly snout of yours...

2884 days ago


How many damn columns are going to repeat a "slam" against Taylor that is total BS. The words were taken completely out of context from a legitimate article in Relix Magazine, and have been passed on from site to site without anyone bothering to check the facts. It's blatantly poor journalism, and you have to wonder what or who is behind the shoddy reporting.

For the hundreth time this week - the facts are that Taylor never said anything in the least bit derogatory about American Idol. He is always acknowledging that he owes Idol a debt of gratitude for the exposure it gave him, and he repeatedly compliments the show for its family values.

On the other hand, it is time for a new season of Idol to begin. A new winner will be chosen. It is time for Taylor to move on in his career. His new album being released on Dec. 12th is sure to be a winner. Taylor busted his butt on the American Idol tour, gaining new fans all over the country. He then spent 6 weeks in the studio recording his album. At the same time he managed to do interviews for the entertainment "news" shows. He was featured in a segment on Dateline. He sang the National Anthem at the Nascar championship. He performed at the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting. He perfomed his first single this past Friday on Leno (Tonight Show). He's performing on GMA on Tuesday, and will be on The Early Show, Megan Mullaly Show, Regis & Kelly, The View, and Christmas in Washington over the next two weeks. He is committed to being a good musician.

Taylor Hicks has been a real American Idol, and this article and all the rest of them that have referred to him as being ungrateful to the show are just crap. He's one of the "good guys!" Check your facts.

2884 days ago

Gay Aiken (F. YOU)    

Taylor Hicks's is in over his head... It's obvious he's out of his league and his damange control team must be a bunch of idiots.. "out of context" or "celebrity complex" ??

2884 days ago
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