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Not Too Ugly For TV

12/3/2006 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some of the most hideous-looking stars in prime time are hiding a shocking secret.

Turns out, they're really not that repulsive after all. In fact, the girl who plays "Ugly Betty" is downright stunning in real life.

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Thanks for acknowledging how truly beautiful America Ferrara (Betty) is! I'm so tired of waif actresses who look unhealthy. There's nothing attractive about bones popping out all over your body.

2825 days ago

george vieto    

Iris Avila looks like Suzette Charles by comparison to these ugly characters who have faces only their mother would love.

2824 days ago

Miss Quote    

I love me some Stranger' With Candy.

2824 days ago

brian scott miller    

Call me crazy, butt I'd F@$! Jerri Blank in a Heart beat!!!!

2824 days ago

the truth    

Let me just say one thing! ARE YOU PEOPLE BLIND? Do you bother stepping out to see other people? Do you have Coke bottle bottoms for your glasses lens? Are you losers who stay at home watching t.v.? ANYONE who thinks that the girl who plays ugly betty is "stunning" is either stunningly blind or needs to lay off the alcohol fast! This girl is not only fat, she's ugly and will be lucky if she gets another show if hopefully, ugly betty gets cancelled! Do yourselves a favor blind ones: STOP GIVING FALSE HOPE TO FATSOS LIKE AMERICA FATRARA. She has the shape that has the automakers running for the best engineers to create a new and BIGGER cabin inside.

2824 days ago


America Ferrara is a very beautifuly, attractive, intelligent woman who portrays a "character" in a show called "Ugly Betty." Just because she isn't a stick thin "girl" (i.e., Paris, Nicole, Misha and the like) doesn't mean she is not a "stunning" woman. You people are so narrow-minded it's ridiculous.

2824 days ago


America Ferrara is actual nice looking out of her Ugly Betty hair and make-up. Everyone knows that Amy Sedaris looks nothing like her character 'Jerry' in real life. Both girls are great comedians. It's the Holidays everyone, so go buy yourselves a sense of humor! It the best gift you'll get this year.

2824 days ago


Heaven forbid that anyone in Hollywood hire an actress with stellar talent who's is lacking a bit in the Tinseltown looks department!!!!!!!

2824 days ago


Only in Hollywood would they hire size 6 actress and put her in size 4 clothes to make her loot "fat" or better yet with a plethera of talented actresses above a size 2 hire a size 0 actress and tell her to pack on the pounds for a role.

2824 days ago


If the writers of "Ugly Betty" think this celebrity portrays someone who is "ugly", boy, are these generation of writers (and viewers) really screwed up! There are soooooo many really ugly, homly and average-looking people, celebrity and not, who have been raised to think that they're handsome or beautiful. The streets are over-crowded with homly slobs and uglies who think they're hot, attractive, well-dressed and beautiful! Get over yourselves; you're really no big deal at all and eventually you're going to die like the rest of us not-so-beautiful types.


2824 days ago


America is pretty .... being pretty has nothing to do with the size you are ... thinking that because someone is fat they aren't pretty is flat out being a narrow-minded person. Deal with your insecurities and stop hating on beautiful full figured people.

2822 days ago

Yea, ok.    

This is for "the truth" up there with that long-winded rant showing off how dumb they really are. First of all you're ridiculous. She's not fat, she's not really even "full-figured"...she's more or less NORMAL. Second of all, you're extremely narrow-minded and have tricked yourself into believing that having bones popping out every which way is normal and you're dead wrong. Jackass.

2822 days ago


#4.....all i have to say is that i dont think i have ever read a more close minded and shallow post in my life...screw you

2822 days ago


These people dont look all that much different from their "ugly"characters,except they wear different kind of clothing,so if people are calling their characters ugly, they must be calling them ugly too

2821 days ago


I think the person who wrote those horrible comments did so in order to cause anger in tthe other readers. They obviously aren't that gutsy..if they were they would've written their real name.

2821 days ago
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