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Britney: I Have a Nice Ass, Just Look!

12/4/2006 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Briney Gets Cheeky -- Click to WatchIn case the world hasn't seen enough of Britney Spears' private parts, the pop star went out of her way to show off her junk again -- but this time, it was definitely intentional.

After arriving in a skintight dress (that barely covered her nether region) for her 25th birthday party, Britney and a few pals settled in at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills -- right next to a giant glass window. Before she even sat down, Britney played to the salivating shutterbugs -- shaking her booty, and even bending over to give the crowd one hell of a view.

Britney returned to the window several times during the party, dancing, waving and making every effort to guarantee that the crowd noticed her butt.


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I think it has been her b-day for what 2 weeks now... go home and stay home.

2882 days ago


Dear Britney,

I bet your family is REAL PROUD of you. Your mom obviously did a great job raising you.

By the way, your body looks used up.

If you want to show off and be respected, go get a f***ing stroller for 2 babies and BE A MOTHER!!!

2882 days ago


Britt better not show up on T.V. cryin about the photogs. not leaveing her alone again! I know there was somewhere else to have her little dinnerparty at then it front of a bigg ass window for the world to see! She loves all the attention she's getting she's eating up every minute!

2882 days ago


From the pics I saw of her last week, the last thing she needs to be doing is showing that crap again. Go home to you kids & get in therapy ASAP.

2882 days ago


Why in the world doesn't she just pose for Playboy and get paid for showing her world to the world?

2882 days ago


She's an exhibitionist, like Paris Hilton, and the other losers she hangs around with. Her career is going down the toilet by the day. I hope she loses the kids and I believe she will.

2882 days ago


Didn't Britney once say (soon after Sean Prston was born) that she wanted her son to know what a hot mama he had? Anyone who has a kid over 11, especially a son, knows that the last thing in the world the kid wants to know is that his mom is hot or that his friends think his mom is hot. It's just too gross beyond words for a kid. I feel so sorry for her two boys.

2882 days ago


Please, Just STOP!!!!!

2882 days ago


You guys have a cell-phone camera to shoot this?? Its my first time to TMZ, and thanks to your terrible videos my last.

2882 days ago


This just proves that all the coochie flashes last week were planned photo ops.....
She has lost it. I don't care if it is her frickin b-day....I don't want to see her ass or her coochie.

Does anyone care? Let's hear some new music.

2882 days ago


Britney is a loser and a bad Mom. She has no talent so she's pulling all this for attention. Guess what, at 25 she's over the hill for the dirty old guys who enjoyed her gyrations before. Now they could care less. At least K-Fed has some natural talent as a dancer and can carry a tune neither which can be said of Britney. Her appeal was she came across as an innocent young thing who didn't know she was sexy. Guess what...that's so done you could stick a fork in her. And stop blaming Kev for Britney's downfall. She was on her way out waaaay before he came in the picture. He wasn't even around when Britney was seen smoking and boozing it up; screwing up her concerts by singing off key and messing up the dance moves plus being a no-show, cursing and complaining about how she hates the fans; and marrying her old buddy from Lousiana for a day or two. Nope, Britney is out and no amount of exposing herself is gonna bring her back. If the Spears family needs money that badly they need to start getting the younger sister a boob job and some dance lessons or the Mom needs to write a book about how being a pushy stage mother can turn your no-talent kids into Hollywood stars. Britney's sick need for attention proves her mother never loved her and just used her for money and now the abused becomes the abuser because Britney is ruining her son's lives.

2882 days ago


Wow you guys need to calm down. I think everyone is entitled to have fun on their b-days. I bet everyone that has left a comment has been out for the birthday grow up!!!!

2881 days ago

J Shizzle    

I love how some people use the excuse as it's "her birthday" to run around with her ass hanging out? What was the excuse for all the Vag shots last week?
what was it national vagina awareness week?

2881 days ago

J Doe    

she desperatly seeks love from the wrong men to compensate the attention her alcaholic daddy didnt give her

2881 days ago


She's such a loser... Jokes on you Britney! Why doesn't Britney do something totally shocking and be a "good" mother. Which would require you to actually be a full-time mother and not pawning your kids off on hired help or your mother.

2881 days ago
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